Student Clubs are essential to post secondary schools as they help provide students with a sense of community and belonging. Interested in forming a club on campus, well you have come to the right place.

In order to become a fully sanctioned club you must read the club manual, fill out the club application and bring the filled out application to the FSA offices. 

A Club must

  1. have a prospective or existing membership of no less than seven (7) Fleming College Students, including Executive Members. A club may be recognized as a club with less than the seven (7) required members, however no financial funding will be received from the Frost Student Association until the membership list has been resubmitted with the minimum requirements. 
  2. Statement of purpose & proposed plan of operations, including
    • A proposed budget for academic year
    • A list of elected officers & a proposed meeting schedule for academic year


Current Clubs 

  • Loggersports
  • Fleming College Catholics
  • GSA 
  • Delta Waterfowl

Past Clubs

  • Frost Campus International Students
  • Ecosystem Management Technology Fundraising Club
  • Fleming College Equestrian Club
  • Fleming College Catholics Club
  • Frost Speaker Union Club
  • Habitat for Humanity Frost Campus
  • S.O.L Skills for Outdoor Living Club
  • ASD Support Group