Student Clubs are essential to post secondary schools as they help provide students with a sense of community and belonging. In order to become a fully sanctioned club you must read the club manual, fill out the club application, and bring the completed application to the FSA office. A club must:

  1. Have a prospective or existing membership of no less than seven (7) Fleming College Students, including Executive Members. A club may be recognized as a club with less than the seven (7) required members, however no financial funding will be received from the Frost Student Association until the membership list has been resubmitted with the minimum requirements.

  2. Have a statement of purpose & proposed plan of operations, including:

    • A proposed budget for the academic year.

    • A list of elected officers and a proposed meeting schedule for the academic year.

 Current Clubs 

  • Fleming College Outdoors Club: Do you love the outdoors and outdoor activities? Of course you do, you’re at Frost! Join the Fleming College Outdoors Club and receive access to trips, hear and events spanning the entire academic year!

  • International Students Club: This club represents the ethics and values of various cultural respects as this is the foundation of different cultures.

  • Le Club Francais de Fleming: This club is a friendly place for anyone who speaks French, is interested in learning the language or about Francophone culture to meet, practice skills and get to know others.

  • Magic the Gathering Club: Whether you are a veteran or newbie, come play Magic the Gathering with us!

  • South Africa Semester Abroad Fundraising Group: Each year a group of students from the Ecosystem Management Program are selected for the amazing opportunity to complete a semester abroad on the Pidwa Wilderness Reserve in South Africa. With your help, it will help us to fund our work, and stay on the reserve to help promote and participate in wildlife and habitat management.

Past Clubs

  • The Rockin’ Auks

  • Adventure Time at Frost Club

  • Frost Campus International Students

  • Ecosystem Management Technology Fundraising Club

  • Fleming College Equestrian Club

  • Fleming College Catholics Club

  • Frost Speaker Union Club

  • Habitat for Humanity Frost Campus

  • S.O.L Skills for Outdoor Living Club

  • ASD Support Group