Board of Directors

The Frost Student Association (also known as the "FSA") Board of Directors are elected officials chosen to represent and advocate for the students at Fleming College Frost & Haliburton campus. 



  Madeline Williams |   President       F

Madeline Williams | President

  Monique Crichton |   Director of Student Life        

Monique Crichton | Director of Student Life   


     Diana Ballarano |   Director of Ecological Sustainability


Diana Ballarano | Director of Ecological Sustainability

  Amanda Moore  I Director of Athletics       

Amanda Moore I Director of Athletics



  Amanda Drake |  Vice  President

Amanda Drake | Vice President

Scott Robertson | Director of Communications


Bonnie Manintveld
Support Coordinator
705-324-9144 x 3053

Sherry Moore-Polley  
Office Manager
705-324-9144 x 3047

Candidate Information


Frost Student Association Candidate eligibility

·         18 years old

·         Bondable

·         Member of the Corporation (Student paying SA fees)

·         Not be under an undischarged bankruptcy

·         10 signatures from students

All candidates will be required attend a pre-campaign all candidates meeting with the Chief Returning Officer.

Positions to be filled


Vice President;

Director of Communications;

Director of Student Life;

Director of Ecological Sustainability;

Director of Athletics;

Director of Finance