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History of the Woodland Times…

Eleven years after the opening of Fleming College in 1967, a student newspaper under the name “The Great Unnamed Newspaper” was created by Frost Campus Students. Over the years since it’s creation this student run newspaper changed titles to “The Frost Leader” and most recently “The Woodland Times”. In 2013, the last edition of The Woodland Times was published, and with that ended a multi-generational Frost Campus tradition. In 2019, the Frost Student Association with the help of students, faculty, and staff officially relaunched The Woodland Times to continue on this beloved tradition. In The Woodland Times you can find written works by students, editorial cartoons, poetry, photographs, upcoming events, and much more. The Woodland Times is published monthly and can be found around campus in the Auk’s Lodge Student Centre, and online on the Frost Student Association Website (right here!).


If you would like to make an “Auknonymous” submission to the Woodland Times, fill out the following form.

If you would like submit a photo you can send it via e-mail to Please indicate if you would like to receive photo credits or stay “Auknonymous”.

Enjoy the first edition of The Woodland Times Since 2013. Let us know what you love, what you hate, or what to add by e-mailing

October 2019

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November 2019

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