Program Presidents

The role of the Program President is to promote individual programs and activities within their program of study. Program Presidents are the voice of the student body for the individual programs and they communicate ideas, comments and concerns to the Student Association Board of Directors. Every program shall have a maximum of two program presidents. Program presidents report directly to the Director of Student Life.

Interested in becoming a program president?

  • Approach your Program Co-coordinator and let them know that you’re interested in becoming the president for your program.

  • Fill out a Program President application form for the position

  • If there is more than two applications, a vote will be held (within that program) to determine the program president.

  • Contact with the results of the class election/decision

Benefits to being a Program President

  • Free photocopying, printing and fax services in the Frost Student Association offices during business hours for program related activities

  • Leadership opportunities

  • Portfolio building and professional experience

Individual Responsibilities

  • Organize at least one program event per semester

  • Money collected can be used for program clothing, equipment, dinners. Money cannot be used for alcohol!

  • Report ideas, comments and concerns to the Frost Student Association

  • Promote Frost Student Association services and events to members of their program

Examples of Successful Events

  • Organize guest speakers

  • Organize a graduation dinner/ceremony for the program

  • Course related documentary screening

  • Pool/Ping Pong Tournaments

  • Bowling Night / Axe Throwing

How to Organize a Program Pub Night

Designate a main contact person

It is recommended that a main contact for pre-pub night organizing, the duration of your pub night and post pub night follow-up be designated. This person would be responsible for booking and should be present at the pub night.

Pick tentative dates

Meet at the beginning of the semester to pick your dates. It is recommended that you pick multiple tentative dates because the lodge gets booked fast. Pub dates are booked in the FSA offices.

Decide Event Details

Will your pub night feature games? Will you have a band perform? Is there a fun theme? Will you have decorations? Will you have prizes? Will there be an activity?

Choose Musical Entertainment

All recorded music that is played in the Auk’s Lodge must be played through our licensed music provider. If you desire to create your own playlist, contact the FSA for more details. If you are having a live performance contact the FSA for details regarding sound system set-up. If you do not inform the FSA of your music choice a minimum of one week in advanced, and playlist will be chosen for you.

Meet with a FSA Representative

Schedule a meeting time with a FSA representative a minimum of two weeks before your event. At the meeting you will discuss the details of the event, advertising plan, and any questions you may have. The FSA representative will provide information, but will not organize the event for you.

Happy Planning and Have Fun!