March 28, 2018

Date:  March 28, 2018                                             Location: Boardroom


Call to Order: Board Meeting

Roll Call: Amanda Drake, Madeline, Amanda Moore, Monique, Sophia, Scott, Sam

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Monique motions to approve agenda, Madeline seconds, all in favour.

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Amanda Drake motions to approve February 28, 2018 meeting minutes, Madeline seconds, all in favour. Amanda Drake motions to approve March 21, 2018 meeting minutes, Scott seconds, all in favour.

Meeting Start: 5:08pm



Adam Alaimo

Shivam Parikh

Victoria Hynes




Retreat- Food and Itinerary:

Amanda Drake: Going to Halliburton, booked a villa for Thursday and Friday

Need to figure out who can drive, Madeline can drive and Amanda Moore can drive. Scott will be able to drive if he books off work.

Amanda: Go to grocery store for breakfast and lunches then go out for dinner.

Mileage will be covered

Get everyone up on Thursday night then figure out rides on the way back

Pine Stone resort


  • Pool, spa
  • Could explore Halliburton
  • Must bring extra money for extra needs


Open House:

Between 9:30-2:30

Amanda Moore can arrange Auk’s mascot

Amanda Drake wants and needs everybody to be there


Manager Meeting Update:

Amanda Drake: talked about events and communication during events

  • Want the operation of the Auk’s Lodge to be seamless
  • The managers need to learn how to communicate between each other and the board
  • Teamwork has been good


Legacy Reports Presentation:

Amanda Drake: All out going board members submit there legacy reports

Madeline: Legacy reports are based on what went wrong during the year, how can I approve, plans that didn’t follow through, recommendations

Amanda Drake: focus on the things you did

Amanda Moore: Sort and sweet notes

Monique: Preparing the next member in a written form

Amanda Drake: what you would have liked to know going into the position. Relation between Vice President and President with directors


Governance Presentation:



Leadership Banquet:

Madeline: having a leadership banquet

Madeline needs to know who is attending and needs to know dietary restrictions

RLS and all the boards are going (Sutherland and frost)


Frost 5K and Enderbender Volunteer Signup:

Amanda Drake: Amanda Moore needs volunteers

Amanda Drake: Enderbender starts on Friday with comedians Saturday goes into the Frost 5 K the evening goes into live music

Amanda Moore: Does anyone have their First Aid?  There will also be security guards

Monique: Kate Sirr and a local guy from Port Perry

Amanda D: Sticks and Stones are coming

Monique: Band from Snowfest might be coming in

Amanda Drake: Waiting to hear back from the comedian, also working on getting a hot air balloon

Amanda Moore: Annual event, students and people from the community are welcome, after the run yoga will be set up and venders will be in the auks. Agriculture guy coming in will be teaching people how to build a chicken coops. Sherry and Bonnie are going to help with registration. Need volunteers for someone to hand out shirts and water.


Scott: Have had a lot of schoolwork. But working on pub night posters with Noah

  • Giant janga, games night
  • Beach themed pub night
  • Sandcastle building contest
  • Been getting a lot of posters
  • Let people know they can get there taxes done for free on Monday’s


Improvement for CRO position:

  • Pre type all the papers and packages
  • Wasn’t an online document
  • Candidates packages put to online copy
  • Get a list of student emails of Frost and Halliburton and have the CRO be informed of communication with the package
  • Just using survey monkey for tallying votes- very affordable and easy to get data
  • Recommend no vacations during the CRO period-keep the CRO in the loop
  • Add details about the speech into the Candidate package
  • When asked about candidates and she didn’t know a lot
  • Information evenings to utilize funding better
  • Use pizza to bring people in for advertisement of the election




Annual Planning Policy:

Amanda Drake: Going over Policy 1: Annual Planning Cycle [which is the next year planned out month by month]


Walkie Talkies:

Amanda Drake: Use new ones and have 3 old ones as a back up

Madeline motions to approve a budget of $250 for walkie talkies, Monique seconds, all in favor.


Going to be audited again this year:

  • Going through to make sure they have all the meeting minutes.
  • Missing 3 meeting minutes
  • A lot of debt has been paid off so everything should go good


Motion to Adjourn: 6:02pm