March 21, 2018

Date:  March 21, 2018                                           Location: Boardroom


Call to Order: Board Meeting

Roll Call: Amanda Drake, Madeline, Amanda Moore, Monique, Sophia, Scott, Sam

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Monique motions to approve the agenda, Amanda Moore seconds, all in favour.

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Meeting minutes post-pone

Meeting Start: 5:01pm


Guests: Tania Clerac

Tania presents Steering Committee:

•          Brian Baker

•          Tania Clerac

•          Travis Doak

•          Brett Goodwin

•          Judith Limkilda

•          Rob Monicao

•          Trish O’Connor

•          Terry Williams


Tania is here to present Sustainability Plan

Tania: Make new sustainability plan

•          New goals and new targets

•          Created survey that was out to staff

•          Targeting different student groups and committees

•          Achieved silver star rating


•          Low carbon

•          Transportation methods

•          Carbon storage

•          Mitigation

•          Adaption

Other drivers on change:

•          Social components to keep in mind as well

For the actually College:

•          Green campus and community and courses

•          Each course has sustainability outcome

•          Try to engage the students

•          WWF program they have in place to promote and support clean practices

Eco Conference:

•          Campus sustainability project competition

Applied programs Fleming programs



  1. Existing Gaps
    1. Where should there be improvements?

                                                              i.      More involvement with the bike program, and other transportation programs for school to house, bikes were all taken and not returned. Hopefully around 10 bikes will be added. Put the sign in/out in the bio commons to charge students of not returning the bikes.

                                                            ii.      Education on recycling, getting a crew of students together

                                                          iii.      Putting recycling in the bathrooms

                                                          iv.      Sustainability get involved with shuttle bus system.

                                                             v.      Have a class for students to make their own compost waste disposal system.

                                                          vi.      Adding a lot more workshops and a wider variety of topics to engage all students.

                                                        vii.      Workshops based towards social sustainability.

                                                      viii.      Fleming Colleges ongoing projects being displayed around the school

                                                           ix.      Education on energy being produced more sustainably- more interactive

                                                             x.      Re-promoting the Free Market and encouraging donations

                                                           xi.      Warming up your food on a bike with a microwave

                                                        xii.      A handout or magnet to give the off-campus housing student so they know what to do with their garbage and recycling

  1. Success
    1. Strongest Areas of frost sustainability

                                                              i.      Garbage system

                                                            ii.      Grants for students

                                                          iii.      The initiatives that are at the school

  1. Future Focus






Constitution and Policies:

Amanda Drake: Talking with lawyer and his recommendation is to send constitution and policies to them instead of us editing them to make sure that everything is legal

Monique: Keep both copies to compare what they might have changes

Amanda: Policy recommendation was to revamp them because they are out dated, so this year it will actually be updated


Election update:

Amanda: Election closed at Frost campus, votes will be checked for doubles, triples and extras

Amanda: Should know who won by next week


Managers meeting:

Amanda Drake: went through handbook to make sure all their duties and job descriptions match the policies.

Amanda Drake: looking at putting the food bank but as an emergency option and not regular use


Legacy Reports:

Due March 31, 2018


Testing Centre:

Amanda Drake: Judith the current VP of academic, decided to make decisions to stop Exams and Mid-terms from being able to be run through the testing center and having to be through lab and class time.

Monique: Should expand center not get rid of it

Amanda Drake: Expanding would be way better

Amanda Moore: Is there anyone students could complain to?

Amanda Drake: Gather the information from the students either this year or in the summer to get the students ideas and opinions

Amanda Drake: The new VP coming in has great references and is really good.

Monique: Class time is too valuable to take away the testing center.

Amanda Moore: The flexibility [of the testing center] is a stress relief.



Who is the retreat with?

Amanda Drake: Incoming board and present board

·         2/4 bands are signed up for the Enderbender


Scott: Turtle Conservation- they still need to figure out if anyone can help with the 5K





Health and Safety:

Amanda Drake: It’s FSA responsibility to have an H&S representative. It’s hard to give someone that duty because they might ignore that part of the job. Possibly give to Bonnie and she would have to be trained in the H&S aspect. She would be doing monthly checks, doing first aid training and be the first aid person. Creating health and safety protocol. Purposing FSA pay for Bonnie to get training. Course in Oshawa in July 551.35, for millage 182= total of $742… Peterborough would be a little keeper because of gas.

Monique: Create a student job possibly?

Amanda Drake: Got students to volunteer their time and to look at the FSA space and they gave some feedback.

Monique: Since Bonnie will be here for years then it also may be good to have her in the position.

Amanda Drake: The green book would prefer for a full time staff to have the Health and Safety position.

Amanda Moore: Have the training done in the summer so Bonnie is ready for September

Scott: A lot of events cause a lot of business so summer will be better.


Monique motions to approve the summer course for Bonnies training for $741.75 total, Scott seconds the motions, all in favor.


Scott: Should have an eye wash station. Add a spot to put safety material in the case the Ministry comes in for an inspection.


Auk’s Lodge Summer Hours:

Amanda Drake: Staff is waiting for hours. Students still use the area and students pay the fee for the Auk’s lodge to be operating.

Amanda Drake: prefer to see the Auk’s lodge open at least 2 days a week

Monique: Prefers 3 [has the perspective of being a summer student]


Amanda Drake: have the hours 11-5. Going to get more information to bring to the board.


Motion to Adjourn: 6:17