January 31, 2018

Date:  January 31, 2018                                            Location: Boardroom


Call to Order: Board meeting

Roll Call: Amanda Drake, Amanda Moore, Madeline, Scott, Kyle, Diana, Monique,

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: n/a


Approval of Agenda: Monique motions to approve agenda, Madeline seconds, all in favour

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Madeline motions to approve January 11 minutes, Amanda Moore Seconds, all in favor. January 24 post-poned

Meeting Start: 5:00pm



Samantha Quinn – CRO

Scott Robertson – Communications



Sherry Moore-Polley

Bonnie Manintveld


Round table:


Madeline- President:

  • Has been doing general office work
  • Talking to a lot of students
  • Dealing with the shuttle bus and met with them, still in the works of trying to extend the hours
  • Met with Amy crows, survey for sexual violence- Ministry required survey to be sent out to all schools, will be sent on April 4, 2018
  • Meeting with Sarah Gilkes, bar manager, went over what her duties are going to be, Starting February 12, 2018
  • Has a meeting with Food Services February 13, 2018, gather information through survey monkey about food that is being given out. Organize something in discovery trail to advertise the survey being sent as student may not look at it if they are only sent an email
  • Meeting with Dean Brett for students concern, going to start meeting every few weeks
  • Met with Scott (new director)

Kyle- director of Finance:

  • Waiting for numbers to come through

Scott- Director of Communications:

  • Today started getting a feel for the website, fixed problems with the website.
  • Slowly going to adjust the website to make more user friendly

Amanda Moore- Director of Athletics:

  • Scott and Amanda had fun with compliment groups
  • Sam, Scott, Diana and Kyle will be helping set up for beer yoga
  • Trophy for hockey game is almost finished, going to Peterborough to pick it up
  • Fleming College is going to be paying for the full wage and next year for half of the new staff’s salary at Haliburton
  • Amanda-Giving the details about the new position to Sherry
  • Possibly raise Scott Walling position and give the new staff $15 an hour because it will be going up anyways in 2019


  • Changing “Cream club” back to “coffee club” (Students use a lot of cream)
  • Getting a lot of events- February and March
  • Program presidents have been starting to bring in event ideas
  • Sherry, Bonnie and Sarah will be rotating offices


  • Food bank is busy, a lot of international students have been signing up
  • Sherry thinks that some students have been abusing it
  • A lot of students apply and don’t use it but around 91 are signed up and 30-40 students have recently signed up, need to get control over the flow
  • Madeline: similar to last year
  • Amanda: could FSA work will the international student services to figure out the need
  • Amanda Drake: The more need for it the more will be donated to FSA for the students
  • Madeline: Promote good food box to the students before promoting the food bank
  • Sherry: Can’t have more than one person in the food bank at a time

Samantha- CRO:

  • Trying to get timeline sorted
  • When to do the polls? Probably before or after march break, most likely after
  • Made posters and is going to get them up ASAP
  • Madeline: Set up meetings and Townhalls so students could talk to FSA about the Board and FSA

Diana- Director of Sustainability:

  • Call Rob Monico about the coffee information
  • Data is in for the coffee recycling sorter

Monique- Director of Student Life:

  • Enderbender, been planning and going to make committee
  • Has let out the word to bands to tell them what the event is about
  • Waiting for budget for Kyle to see what numbers we have to work with
  • Quote with James Barker Band: $25,000
  • Bonnie: Becoming more popular-suggest to throw a number at them
  • Implement a brag board- have a glass case in the school, every so often have students submit pictures of anything involving their lives- fishing, farming hiking- have students vote on the best picture and then they can get a prize. Votes will be 1 per student. Many different categories. “Brag of the month”
  • The next month put the winning picture up for the whole month
  • Bonnie: limit to one person in the picture for liability reasons
  • $25 gift card to the persons choice
  • Look into getting a glass case- $60-$400. Glass case is more reliable as no one to be able to vandalize or take any pictures down
  • Bonnie: Get a TV and have the pictures on the screen
  • Amanda: Thinks the pictures would be more personable
  • Put it where the stair case to the FSA is
  • To vote get a ballot from the FSA
  • Snowfest: $7500 budget and $4300.52 was spent

Amanda Drake- Vice President:

  • Dirty bingo- Amanda Moore, Sam and Monique helping
  • Hiring packages where put together
  • A lot of meetings with international student
  • HR policies are updated




Annual General Meeting:

  • Need to make sure everyone will be there
  • Wednesday February 21, 2018 6pm
  • For students vote, changing fees
  • Referendums
  • Discuss with students how FSA is spending their money
  • Madeline will be the chair person
  • FSA is support and will be handing out food
  • Request that everyone prepares themselves to discuss anything with students about FSA
  • Asking student body about spectrum- if anything can be done better or changed
  • Discuss the Shuttle bus with the students and get their opinion
  • Get what the student body feels with the move from the Rec Plex to spectrum, last year it didn’t go well
  • Monique: Talking with the rec plex, bridges aren’t burnt, FSA will talk more, more time is needed to make an agreement with the Recreation Centre
  • Getting students vision and their opinions
  • No video, using the tape recorder

Shuttle Bus:

  • Many issues this week, International services came to FSA, they have late classes and they need the bus open late. Students said they would pay FSA
  • Shuttle bus is taking too long to respond to emails, took week and a half
  • Said they can’t do the late night runs because they can’t supply a driver
  • Amanda: reads there services and they are failing at many of their duties. Whatever is demanded they need to comply with FSA
  • Talked with lawyer, about them not being able to give the service efficiently
  • Sherry has been reaching out to companies to get quotes for buses
  • Amanda request permission from board to get quotes from other companies to supply the shuttle bus service
  • Amanda motions to approve going forward with the project, Monique second, all in favor.

Job Fair Support:

  • Marie Walden request FSA support for event to give out drinks and meet with employees, give drink tickets, show appreciation on behave of the students for them coming every year to hire Fleming students
  • Have a hot and cold table, hot water dispenser and coffee
  • Postponed budget 
  • Amanda motions to approve Madeline telling Marie that FSA will support, seconds, all in favor


Compliment crew:

  • Request $150 budget for getting more supplies
  • Amanda Drake: Flowers for Valentine’s day
  • Reach out to program presidents for candy grams
  • Amanda Moore Motions to approve $200 for the compliment crew, Monique seconds, all in favor


  • Estimated total $3,644.25 for 500 agendas
  • With the advertising discount its $1000 (that is included in the price above)
  • Amanda, doesn’t agree with having too many advertisements in the agendas
  • Bonnie is looking at what has been done in the past to try and reduce the price as much as possible
  • Between the services of the College and FSA the first 8 pages of the agenda will have all that information
  • Monique: would like to see the a completed agenda before she agrees with anything (the first 8 pages)
  •  Amanda: suggest students pay $2 per agenda
  • Get a visual done
  • Amanda indefinitely postponed

Coffee Club:

  • September to December it was $345.78 spent, income was $1060.
  • More users
  • International students are using a lot of cream and sugar
  • Amanda: How much do they want to buy their coffee and use their machines for free
  • Bonnie: Around $2000 a year, more grams are in there bags
  • FSA is not for profit although they are making a lot from the coffee club and there is a lot of room to grow
  • Bonnie: They could supply coffee for events, they clean the machines
  • Sherry: $2000 a year in coffee purchases alone?
  • Bonnie: Trial run for one year, with 2 thermals, it would be $2000
  • Amanda: It would be nice to watch the numbers level out, hard to see numbers when the strike happened
  • Fair-trade stops FSA (Aramark)
  • Monique: Likes that there would be different options of flavors, thinks investing in this would be a smart move
  • Amanda drake- Indefinitely postponed, Madeline seconds, all in favor


  • Director update


Motion to Adjourn: 6:17