January 3, 2018

Date:  January 3, 2018                                            Location: Boardroom


Call to Order: Board Meeting

Roll Call: Amanda Drake, Madeline, Amanda Moore, Kyle, Monique, Sophia, Bonnie

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Monique motions to approve agenda, Madeline seconds, all in favor

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Amanda Drake motions to approve December 12, 2018, meeting minutes, Amanda Moore approves, all in favor

Meeting Start: 3:35pm




Amanda Drake-Vice President:


Amanda Drake request that everyone give their timetables to her to review everyone’s schedule.

Amanda Drake didn’t receive 2 board members time sheet and they were paid anyways so from now on there will be no reminders and the members wont get paid for their hours.


Madeline brings up ancillary fees; need to talk about spectrum and the mental health care. Next week it will be brought up again and discussed.


Amada Drake talking about Snow fest- time is up and there has been lack of prep and organization, Bonnie is running into issue because she doesn’t have a clear description of the resources she needs to plan her part in the event well. There needs to be better communication between board members and everyone needs to stay on top of things.


Amanda Drakes event: Movie night, Stepbrothers is free and being played at 7, snacks that will be purchased for event but are going to be free for the students. She won’t need assistances from the board, Friday January 19th, 2018


Bonnie has made a sheet for the board members to fill out as she needs to be able to know what is going when there are events and needs to know what instructions to give the staff involved with any events, she printed forms for the members to fill out prior to events.


Amanda Moore and Diana’s event: wait for Boxing Day to purchase supplies, Bonnie and Amanda are going shopping Jan 4. Making picture back drop. Date of event is January 18th, 2018. No stamps need to be giving but wristbands will be given to 19+. Working on getting live music.


Monique- Director of Student Life:

Monique speaking about Snow fest: Every thing is almost complete the Outdoor Ed students have all the planning done and the final sheets for the details have been given. Monique sent the safety concerns and liability sheets to Amanda and Madeline. Monique and Kyle are going out and getting prizes- outdoor themed prizes. Bonnie said that there are hats and mitts in the auk’s lodge for add to the prizes. Request that Madeline or Amanda be there. Monique sent out a request to St. Johns to bring to ambulance to the event. Amanda suggest that Monique book table in discovery trail to advertise event, 60 people can sign up with groups of 4 which equals 15 groups.


Food Bank- Sherry requested 1-2pm board members help her move food bank supply from her car to office. There will be around 60 boxes. January 9 is when she is bring the food supplies.


Madeline- President:

Madeline speaking about Positive space training: Do training on Saturday or in the late evening. Madeline request everyone send their availability to book Positive space training. Madeline and Amanda Drake sat down in discovery trail- Strike Relief Fund, with one of the administers and answered questions about the strike.




Beer Yoga:

Amanda Moore talking: Student request, fun and relaxing time and would gather interest. 1-2 hours in the auk lodge, free admission, yoga mats from the field house or students can bring their own. Hire yoga instructor. You drink beer while doing yoga- not mandatory to drink beer.

Amanda drake motions to approve $100 budget for beer yoga, Monique seconds, all in favor.

Drop the price of beer but they aren’t promoting that they will be dropping the price.

Amanda Drake motions to approve the drop in select domestic beer prices to $5 a pint for beer yoga, Monique seconds, all in favour



Compliment group:

Amanda Drake request $100

Madeline motions to approve $150 for compliment group, Amanda drake seconds, all in favor

Going to make tiny care packages


Storage Room:

Bonnie says that the storage room is hard to navigate so putting in shelves will benefit everyone being organized, cleaner, prevention for health and safety risk.; temporary shelving units. First shelve she shows can hold 4000 pounds, stationary, more durable and secure. Rolling shelves are good for being able to more around, $334+taxes, commercial grade.

Monique doesn’t think that there is a point in paying more for the rolling shelves because things are moved a lot.

Kyle thinks that they should be stationary depending on where they are.

Amanda and Madeline thinks that they should start with getting 2 shelves that are stationary and then they can look into getting more after. Bonnie asks that Amanda Drake and Madeline help organize.

Monique doesn’t know if she will be here yet week of Jan 8. Suggest that when she is here to help Sherry move food bank boxes on Tuesday they also organize the selves.

Amanda Drake request $500 budget for shelving units, Madeline seconds, all in favor


Amanda Drake- Big buck and Air hockey haven’t been getting used or haven’t really been working. Wants to see how much they could sell it for, everyone agrees with selling them. The key is lost to open up the spot where the puck is for the air hockey table. Bonnie suggests not getting something that could break down and therefore potentially cost more money to fix it. Adding machines limits space

Amanda Drake said that the capacity would still stay the same.

Madeline wants the board to brainstorm and think of things to fill the space of the machines that get sold.

Pool tables were just re-done and the material is ruined again. Amanda Drake will put up sign stating to not jump the pool table balls and potentially start asking for student cards before they start playing to figure out who is ruining them. Bonnie is asked to get cost for how much it would be re-felt it- wouldn’t be fixed until next year.


Late night food budget:


The Late Night/Early Morning Food budget has been set at $600, Oatmeal in the morning, muffins and veggie trays at night, not going to Aramark.

Bonnie request that we negotiate for a standing order at Loblaws or Food Basics. Provide late night support throughout the first week back, in the morning then at night during midterms and exams. FSA will boil the water and students can make there own oatmeal from the packages that FSA is providing. During snow fest, January 16, Tuesday @ 7am, set up to give oatmeal, apples and bananas to students, orange and apple juice boxes. Set up in main foyer.

Bonnie suggests purchasing a huge boiler then it can be used for other occasions.


Monique motions to approve $1000 for late night food budget, Amanda Moore seconds, all in favor.


Motion to adjourn: 4:30