January 24, 2018

Date:  January 24, 2018                                          Location: Boardroom


Call to Order: Board Meeting

Roll Call: Amanada Drake, Madeline, Diana, Amanda Moore, Kyle, Monique, Sophia.

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Kyle motions to approve the agenda, Monique seconds, all in favour

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Amanda Moore motions to approve January 3, 2018 meeting minutes, Diana seconds, all in favour

Meeting Start: 6:31



Kristi Kerford

Red Keating




Ancillary fees for board discussion and potential approval- Kristi

  • In November 2017 Kristi reviewed the fees in detail, she here to show the board that there has been no change.
  • 2% increase of ancillary fees
  • Recommended 2% increase on athletics as well
  • The numbers being looked at now are the final numbers so FSA will have to make a decision and ensure everyone is in agreement with fees, then they will go to the Board of Governors to also approve the fees
  • At the Board of Governors meeting last year SAC and FSA were present at the meeting which allowed student leaders to see the fees getting approve.
  • Kristi wants FSA members to come again to watch the fees getting approved this year by the Board of Governors
  • Kristi is leaving the fee proposal with the FSA board to review and discuss their opinion, FSA board has until the end of February to approve or change any details in the ancillary fees
  • Maddy: added 10 dollars for fitness classes this year and wants to know if we can bring up the conversation again because the classes have not been successful
  • Kristi in response: Suggest Rob McAulay and FSA get in touch to discuss how the service is useful and figure out what they want to do with the fee. To figure out if there was value in the extra $10
  • FSA can give a recommendation for what to do with the student activity fee
  • The student center fee was paying off a loan and the loan will be paid off as of January, but change of ancillary fees won’t occur until September 2018 as they don’t change the fees half way through the year although the money will then be going to the maintenance of the Auk’s Lodge
  • Consider the changing of the Fitness facility ($40)- if FSA would like to change that fee they can
  • Transit- FSA has flexibility with changing the transit fees
  • Health insurance- FSA doesn’t have direct say in the changing of fee
  • Amanda Moore asks where the athletic fees are going- Kristi answers with: supporting the field house, intramural’s, classes etc.
  • Mental health fee- is imbedded in student activities fee, its not separate


Amanda Moore- Mental health is in student fees so do we have say?

Amanda Drake- It is FSA’s choice to where the fee is going

Kristi- FSA decided last year that the mental health fee needed to be increased so they added a fee to have the extra services



Kristi would like:

  • Approval of the fees she showed the FSA Board of Directors today
  • Begin conversation about FSA fees and what they are going to do with them


Halliburton and Frost Student fees are the same


Maddy: Will have to talk to Rob McAuley about athletics


Review of Mental Health ancillary fee spending- Red Keating:

  • All Kristi left out was the purpose of the fee
    • In January there was a “reporting time” built to help provide FSA with information on where the services are most used to help determine where fees should be going in the next year
  • The have hired a counsellor 24 hours a week for 9 months
  • Has worked just at Frost, that provided more service as now there was one counsellor for each of the campuses
  • The no-show rates were not too bad even given the strike last semester
  • The counsellor had 210 appointments booked, with no shows and cancellations 136 appointments took place
  • Having the extra counsellor provided service to 72 more students
  • With an extra counsellor, Lorain, the full time counsellor was able to double her time at the Haliburton campus
  • Lorain also had connection to the other campus threw video chat appointments with students at Haliburton
  • At Haliburton, this time last year only 12 student were seen by a counsellor but this year it reached 20 students
  • 91 appointments took place this year versus 49 last year. Number has almost doubled.
  • Over the 2 campuses, almost 80 extra students were seen by a counsellor this year
  • No waiting list anymore, students are either seen the same day they went to make the appointment or with in the week
  • Walk-in have been added- 2 hours a day are dedicated to walk-ins
  • Before there was a 2-3 week waiting list and now the student are seen much sooner
  • System was changed- job title of counsellors is now “Personal Wellness Counsellor” 
  • Support is across campus- if no counselor is available at one campus other campuses are able to provide video support for the appointment
  • The help is usually from Sutherland to Frost as they have more counselors
  • Maddy: The issue was having to wait so long so it is good that now the waiting list is gone
  • Amanda Moore: Each person gets an hour?
  • Red: What happens is you get an intake 30-45 minutes, the system is now changed to allow counsellors to assess the level of service the person needs. It changed from solving the short term problem to longer term help (referrals or going online to look for other connections)
  • Amanda Moore: Does a quick appointment change to a walk-in time?
  • Red: Yes the counselor will take the next person.
  • If the time goes over they let the front desk know that they might be late so they can let the next person know.
  • Amanda- Does Haliburton do a lot of virtual appointments?
  • Only goes once a week, start with online then meet in person when the counsellor drives to the campus. Flipping between video and face to face
  • Amanda Drake- Went to Haliburton and talked to students, they said that virtual was actually very effective.
  • Red: Population of around 60 student at Haliburton so it is an okay ratio for students to counsellor is decent.
  • The virtual system has been doing its job and helped lack of appointments problem by giving the students more availability
  • Also giving more support a mental health session was offered after the strike, other events besides counselling were offered as well
  • In the end, many things came together last semester.



Expense: Based on the 2015/2016 year for mental health services at Frost and Haliburton- $47500

Actuals to date (fall semester) - $22,000

Expected until the end of the academic year (May): $15,000

Estimated total for 17/18 year- $37,000

Big difference between estimated and what was spent

  • March 31- the money continues to fund until the end of May, there will still be $10,000 give or take. It will still be FSA money
  • It can be left in there to fund the 18/19 year
  • Kristi suggest putting it towards mental health
  • Should use what they collect (the $10,000) instead of holding and saving it
  • Or they could lower the fee if there keeps being a lot of money left over
  • What service could they give if the price is lowered
  • Kristi: curious as to what else does the FSA want to think about doing- with student services – not think of mental health as last chance health option, offer the service for prevention. By adding events or other services to help.

Kristi Kerford and Red Keating Leave.



  • Giving more money to Haliburton
  • The numbers went up because of the strike stress
  • The $10,000 is a big indicator of what to do with the fees
  • Use money to purchase sculptures from Haliburton students?
  • Cut the field house classes because they are very unsuccessful, talk to Rob McAulay about cutting out the classes
  • A lot of money and there was no increase in services
  • Either decrease money or put it towards something that students with use like a sensor room
  • They changed the model of the counsellor system so that is also something to look at as well

Amanda postponed any decision to be made at this meeting.


Coffee Proposal:

  • Coffee machine is leaking
  • Local company will supply but we have to buy there coffee
  • 2 thermals and be replaced as desired
  • Environmentally friendly, packages are biodegradable
  • For Amanda to make a decisions she want to see a break down of the comparison of prices from now to if we change companies
  • Buying another machine is around $150
  • Would it put FSA in competition with Earmark?
  • FSA owns the coffee machine now and if we switched the company would own the machine
  • Amanda wants cost breakdown, currently spent now, daily-weekly-monthly- projections versus how much has been made from both semesters. Compare outtake vs. intake.
  • Amanda Drake postponed, all in favor


FSA Budget Update:

  • Looked at raising buy 1.8%
  • Cost of living goes up buy 2%
  • Board needs to decide if they want to increase student activity fee
  • Woodland times revenue, need to know what FSA will be looking at for income and expenses
  • Vacation pay for board of directors, address the change that could potentially happen with the summer directors salary
  • For the sake of future boards and budgets, set a pay so that the next Board of Directors can receive that and then decided for the other future boards whether to change the budget or not
  • Mileage went up considerably, $1018, $18 from the 1.8% increase
  • Event and supplies, a lot more was spent
  • The auk lodge operations on a deficit, FSA pays for deficit using money out of the activity fee, which is still being operating and not spending enough money, therefore there will be more money and FSA won’t have to pay for deficit anymore.
  • There will be more money for events
  • All accounts are doing well, none are in the negatives
    • Although things still need to be paid



  • Position Hires


Round table:


Amanda Drake- Vice President:

  • Had busy week
  • A lot of appeals with students in relation to final marks
  • Meet with Jeff Leal- in regards to the Red Grant
  • Met with the city in relation to the City bus
  • Super bowl Sunday Feb 4th – Maddy has budget- Bud light is sponsoring the night
  • Bud light gave posters and Amanda Drake made posters to put up around the school, the bud Light posters should be put up
  • Dirty bingo February 14- the prizes are in but still ordering more
  • Changed the way it works, there will be none sex toys prizes too, prizes for pride, Amanda Moore wants to get stickers to give away
  • Amanda did 8 appeals today and still has more to do tomorrow. Students have right for assistance
  • Diana: How do appeals work?
  • Amanda: Maddy and Amanda were trained on appeals during the summer, it works by Amanda reading a document in regards to circumstances and all the steps the student needs to take. They are also given a rubric and if there is one category that they don’t fit into then they can’t apply. Appeal final grade, 3 days to respond, if they don’t respond student appeals to panel or if student does approve of the response they can appeal that. Appeal goes to panel, Dean decided if appeal should go to panel or not. Panel has 5 days to decide and meet with student. If student still doesn’t agree they can appeal to academic bored




·         Met with Jeff Leal, working on shuttle bus grant. Working with city for the grant as well but can’t take them both, although they can apply for both

·         Looking at community and working with Todd Brian from the city, help with the shuttle bus grant.

·         Todd Brian will by looking at system to see if there are ways FSA can approve on the grant. Working with FSA, using sherry information to build business case.

·         Still on ground works of the grant application

·         Maddy has been staying out of appeals so she can sit in on any of the panels that may occur

·         The shuttle bus has been cancelled many times during the week and Maddy wants the shuttle bus company to email Maddy directly when there are cancellations

·         Open up a later time for a shuttle bus run for international students as they have late classes, now they won’t have to rush out of class to catch bus

·         One box left of prizes, quota filled

·         Been emailed about panels and probably going to end up being busy with Panels

·         Keeping schedule open to assist everyone with anything they need


Kyle- Director of Finance:

  • Working with Sherry with budget stuff, looking at the books, everything in the Auk’s Lodge is good
  • Heard positive feedback about Snowfest


Monique- Director of Student Life:

  • Snow fest went good
  • 11 groups signed up but only 4 groups showed up
  • Everyone enjoyed themselves
  • Outdoor Education students helped set up and it was an easy day
  • Ended early, everyone got good prize
  • Students learned a lot and there was a lot of good feedback
  • Monique suggested making it a yearly event
  • Happy with dance turn out
  • Amanda Drake: 25 people came to the movie night


Amanda Moore- Director of Athletics:

  • Beer yoga is finalized
  • Hockey posters are up, everything is prepared, all task are broken down for the Directors
  • Halliburton position- going through the finalization stage, college will be paying the position this year then next year the college will be paying half and FSA will be paying the other half
  • Snowball dance was very successful
  • Mascot and back up mascot for hockey game are prepared


Diana- Director of Sustainability:

  • Last week talking to world wild life foundation, talking to girl at desk about the yearly clean up and about a grant they have, if you have an idea for the school you can apply for it
  • Help SFS get the grant for their Beehive
  • How to mix it in with FSA?
  • Amanda: That would be an FSA support, or Diana can separate herself from the FSA to help them in getting the grant



  • No response from Letter Kenny, Bonnie emailed James Barker Band, trying to get quote
  • Will occur on a Friday in April
  • There is a good budget to hire a band
  • Monique is open to any options
  • Amanda: Wants to expand the music genre not just have country bands, make it into a music fest, use field house and auk lodge with different bands at different locations
  • Maddy- bring beer venders
  • The board will have a separate meeting to brain storm the enderbender event


Post-Snowfest Breakdown:

  • Everyone was under budget
  • Amanda wanted the budget to be prepared to see the breakdown of how much it went over or under so Monique will bring the number to the next meeting
  • Tony Lee was great, good amount of people showed up
  • Amanda Drake: A little unprepared, everyone should have been there to help. The bar staff ended up being paid to set up and only 2 FSA staff were there.
  • Amanda Drake feels the prep for all events could have been better
  • Amanda Drake had to go out with Bonnie last minute and that shouldn’t be happening, everything should be prepared before the events
  • Monique: delegating has been hard to do
  • Amanda: Find a way to work with getting the task done and asking for a second person to help with delegating and staying on top of people (use Bonnie)
  • Bar staff shouldn’t have been doing any of the setup, street team or program presidents should be used for events.



Motion to Adjourned: 8:37