January 11, 2018

Date:  January 11, 2018                                             Location: Boardroom


Call to Order: Board meeting

Roll Call: Amanda Drake, Amanda Moore, Madeline, Kyle, Diana, Monique called in, Sophia absent.

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: n/a


Approval of Agenda: Madeline motions to approve agenda, Kyle seconds, all in favour

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Madeline motions to approve December 19 meeting minutes, Amanda Drake seconds all in favour. January 3 post-pone

Meeting Start: 1:59pm


Guest: Sherry Polley





·         Posted director of communications position

·         Need everyone’s schedules

·         Bring in applicants during board meeting for interview- 15 minutes each

·         Invite Red Keating and Kristi to talk about ancillary fees and health fee

·         Handing out swag bags on Tuesday 9-2, Thursday 9-2

·         Snow fest next week


·         Start looking for CRO for elections

·         Going out to get snacks tomorrow

·         Discussing shuttle bus summer runs

·         Brooke Lynch contacted about mock open house asking for FSA help

·         Finishing up constitution

·         Look at spectrum and mental health fee

·         Next meeting will bring information for ancillary fees

Amanda Moore:

·         Working on Haliburton position

·         Working on SnowFest event

·         Band is really interested in playing at event and sent set list

·         Beer Yoga


·         Going through finances for AGM

·         Budgets are looking good

·         Next week a budget overview will be available, comparing previous years


·         Made a playlist for after the band leaves

·         Money in budget to buy the band pizza after

·         Sent out email to Woodland times volunteers to get the paper out


·         A lot of SnowFest

·         51 prizes

·         Help planning time sheets for tournament

·         The fire planning is set

·         Need Maddy or Amanda to be there in the case something goes wrong

·         Isn’t much need for all the directors to be there



·         The shuttlebus isn’t eligible for a grant, which isn’t good

·         Trying to get for shuttle runs

·         Mike wants to move forward and is setting up meeting to see if there’s a loophole to get funding


President Position:

Amanda: Would like you guys to think about is having a full time president, when you become president you stop being a student for that turn then you continue your students after. Could be beneficial to have someone here full time.

Madeline: Skipped class a lot to go to the meetings which is not as good for this school as we have a lot of labs.

Madeline: Managers do not have a vote if they were to go to the meetings during the day




Super bowl:

Amanda Drake- Request $300 budget for Super bowl.

Amanda Moore motions to approve a budget of $300 for the super bowl, Monique seconds, all in favour.


Human Resources Policy Manual:

Amanda Drake:  made a few edits to update. Crossed out things that aren’t needed. If general manger is crossed out it’s because president is in those positions now.

Changes to pregnancy leave, parental leave, vacation leave and sick days

Post-pone voting on the updated manual.



Sherry leaves at 2:54pm


Motion to Adjourn: 3:11pm