February 7, 2018

Date:  February 7, 2018                                     Location: Boardroom


Call to Order: Board meeting

Roll Call: Amanda Drake, Diana, Amanda Moore, Sherry, Sophia Monique, Bonnie

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Diana motions to approve the agenda. Monique seconds, all in favour

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Amanda Drake motions to approve January 24, 2018 meeting minutes, Diana seconds, all in favor

Meeting Start: 5:06 pm


Round table


Coffee club:

  • Not ready to make a decision
  • Looking into investing in a different place to supply the coffee for coffee club
  • As of now there is nothing to make a decision on, wait for a proposal


Amanda Drake- vice President:

  • Choose to do the teleconference
  • Thomas Luloff is coming in to recap what happens at the teleconference
  • Through everything that happened with the strike, came to realize that when it comes to International student there was a huge lack of preparedness
  • Maddy and Amanda had meeting with the Dean and he wants to get more involved with the student body
  • Dean Brett is going to set up a table bi-weekly in the Auk’s Lodge
  • Dean will possibly work with Amanda Moore doing compliment crew
  • Amanda’s also been working on Budget proposal

Scott- Director of Communications:

  • Maddy went over ancillary fees with Scott
  • Going to be updating the website, making it more user friendly
  • Food services advisory committee


Amanda Moore- Director of Athletics:

  • Working on Constitution updates
  • Talking about fees and where they are going- Rob McAulay


Sam- CRO:

  • Table setup and got the forms ready
  • International students have been interested
  • Getting the kits ready for the all candidates meeting
  • There is not someone for every position yet (student life and


Diana- Director of Sustainability:

  • Beer yoga was super fun, wants another class to happen again
  • Woodland Times- Waiting for editing from Grayson, although his on a trip
  • Amanda Moore: Have a set date for him to send it in, therefore he will probably have it ready sooner.


Monique- Director of Student Life:

  • Mainly job searching (summer/full time job)
  • Putting together Ender bender committee
  • Amanda Moore: set up meeting next week for Ender bender planning




Ancillary budget proposal:

·         Student will pay $551.21 for FSA to operate

·         Outgoing Ancillary

o   Shuttle bus will mostly be changed to another company

o   Fitness- all money in, goes out that comes in from students

o   Fieldhouse- maintenance and upkeep

o   Athletics- Varsity and intramural sports

o   Health Plan

·         Last semester- $9,000 was put into athletics, $4,000 for fitness classes, $3,000 for equipment and $2,000 for athletic therapy

·         This semester- $5500 is being put into athletics, $2500 for fitness classes, $2500 for athletic therapy and $500 for new equipment

·         FSA Operational Income

o   $277,000 total income haven’t spent close to that and still expecting to see $100,000 from the college before the end on the year

·         Auk’s lodge- what they make is what they operate out of

Proposed budget:

·         Remove mental health fee, college system has been very functional for the students with the system being changed

o   Amanda Drake: College should be providing that as part of tuition/ college services

·         Fitness center- they want to increase fees so its $40 plus tax so there might be an increase in the membership fees

·         $18 increase in transportation fees

·         Take out $10 fitness fee

o   Amanda Moore: the money is not being used and FSA is not for profit so there is no point in charging

·         Amanda Drake: moving around these funds the total decrease will be $1.80 dollars

·         With an increase of 65 thousand FSA would no longer be covering the Auk’s Lodge deficit

·         Amanda D: if FSA wants to drop fees they are able to vote on that. Give Bonnie the money to throw events

·         Monique: Give the money back to the students in a way that is practical and useful instead of just throwing fun events

·         Amanda D: a lot of students don’t understand landlord tenant rights

·         Monique: run activities like, how to do your taxes, sue, cook etc. Put money towards transportation and do more important activities. Do something so that the fees don’t keep increasing

·         Amanda Drake: Kristi Kerford and Red Keating increased all fees by 1.8% and didn’t really go over what was actually being used and where the money would be going

·         Monique: Make a goal set in place for the next board to accomplish.

·         Amanda Drake: if the shuttle contract goes bad, the next board needs to follow through. Unfortunately, the board is run by student vote not competency


Constitutional Updates:

  • Going over Constitutional edits


Ancillary College:

  • For all College ancillary, 2.2% increase based on CPI
  • Amanda Drake: feels it is an appropriate increase
  • Monique motions to approve the raise in Alumni fees, Diana seconds, All in favor
  • Amanda Moore motions to approve CPI 2.2% increase, Monique seconds, all in favor
  • Scott motions to approve compulsory ancillary fees for information technology, Amanda Moore seconds, all in favor
  • Amanda Drake postpones athletic fees indefinitely

Job Fair Refreshments

·         150 people total, 75 job employers

·         Under $300 for refreshments for the job fair

·         Monique motions to approve a budget of $300 for the job fair, Scott seconds, all in favor


  • Amanda Drake likes the idea of  having agendas
  • Monique motions to approve getting students agendas next year for under $4000, Amanda Drake seconds, 4 in favor, 1 appose
  • Monique motions to make the agendas free for the first 500 hundred students, Amanda Drake seconds, all in favor


Motions to Adjourn: 6:17 pm