February 28, 2018

Date:  February 28, 2018                                           Location: Boardroom


Call to Order: Board Meeting

Roll Call: Amanda Drake, Madeline, Amanda Moore, Monique, Sophia, Scott

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Madeline motions to approve agenda, Amanda Moore seconds, all in favor

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Madeline motions to approve February 7, 2018 meeting minutes with change to approval of school agendas, Amanda Drake seconds, all in favor. Amanda Drake motions to approve February 21, 2018 meeting minutes, Madeline seconds, 2 in favor 1 abstain 

Meeting Start: 5:00pm


Round table:


Ender bender:

April 13 and 14 Friday and Saturday

Monique: Contacted 2 bands, local guy from Port Perry for $600, with 2 hour time slot

Side Street hasn’t gotten back yet

Amanda: Friday quite night with music,

Monique: Flem Prov, hire a comedian, local band that played at snow fest will also available

Monique: Saturday 2pm -4pm Airbrush ladies will be coming in, magician, circus act

Amanda: Bands throughout the day and evening. Kate and Melissa, start of slow then get heavier at night

Amanda Moore: How much are we paying the bands?

Amanda Drake: there is a 10,000 budget, different bands will be getting a different amount of money

Monique: Have Kate and Melissa perform then Port Perry band play then Side Street then John Edward

Monique: During the day, have water pong, have a BBQ going, Bonnie is looking into getting a hot air balloon.


Manager’s meeting:

Meeting with Bonnie, Sherry and Sarah

Attended first mangers meeting

Started with job descriptions to make sure everything was covered and divided up properly different the positions

Madeline: Bring in Mike Peart or fire inspector to figure out all the aspects of the building and capacity rules.

Amanda: Want to bring up marketing for the rental of the Auk Lodges space to outside users

Amanda: Bonnie will be here in the summer then Sarah will work until she takes a leave.

Madeline: Discussed earth hour and fixing up the Auk’s Lodge manual

Amanda: Will be having meetings weekly until it is no longer necessary


Rally and Hockey Game:

Amanda Moore: was smooth and was a success

Was not a one man show, everyone helped a lot and was great

Amanda Moore things to fix:

  • Didn’t have a playlist and should have had that prepared.
  • John was the liaison, but next time get SAC to help as well
  • Email duties prior so everyone knows exactly what they’re doing
  • Next time make it not during exams
  • Talk to Bar about the plan for the night

Amanda Drake: More advertising next time- during the day and use the street team.  On the Monday should promote a lot to get more people.

Monique: Doesn’t necessarily think advertising should have started earlier


Amanda Drake: Everyone was great keeping people entertained and involved

Madeline: Need to have an FSA rep at the door at all times and security does ID. If no student car then they have to leave or have friend sign them in

Amanda Drake: Recommend Bonnie sit at the front, have a limit to one person able to sign in at a time.


Madeline: Bartenders shouldn’t have had to clean up as much as they did. They’re responsibilities and duties are just bartend- not responsible for cleaning up our mess.

Amanda: Bar staff cleaned up glass and FSA cleaned up garbage.

Madeline: In regards to SAC, they get a new president this year and there was a lot going on, get Kristi of John to be on them about involvement with Frost.


Frost 5K:

On April 14th at 10-1 or 2

Amanda Moore: Get Scott to help get turtle conservation. Was thinking to get a list of conservation organizations.

Amanda Moore: Could we get a real turtle?

Amanda Drake: Or have a make shift area with fake turtle. Recommend getting a committee together for running this and using Bonnie

Amanda Drake: Reach out to St. Johns ambulance and open up and advertise to the community. Have to get people signed up.

Amanda Drake: Should get the marathon running number signs.




Awesome turn out and went well

Went through the busy topics first opened up the floor for questions, system went well

Constitution will be done next year


Candidate Speeches:

Thursday March 1, 2018.


Reading Week:

Everyone is going away/home for the week but if you are not then feel free to come in and check emails


Health and Safety:

HSC Audit of Auk’s lodge and FSA

Requesting what to do to be at par, in the case of a health and safety officer comes in and points out anything or give FSA a ticket

Example: CO2 is attached to a shelf that’s attached to nothing but a bungee cord

Should have yearly reports


President and VP of Academics:

Tony Tilly and Judith are stepping down and they have reached out to sit down with a consulting firm to figure out what the college needs from a Good President

Everyone has been vague on what is going on

Board of Governors meeting is coming up as well and service meeting is before. March 28 meeting with B of G to discuss students’ needs and feedback

Madeline will keep everyone informed as information comes.


Dirty Bingo:

Amanda Drake: Went really well

Host were amazing


Constitution and Policies Meeting:

Monique won’t be able to join in on the meeting

Scott and Amanda will have to leave for conflict of interest reasons


Food Bank:

Many problems with the forms being filled out

A lot of international students and some of them weren’t filling out funds properly and now the food bank will only be available for emergency situations

Amanda Drake and Sherry will be having meetings with the students that applied

Amanda Moore: Will there be an opening date

Amanda Drake: No


Amanda Drake: the purpose for the food bank is not being understood. Sherry is going to go over the policy


Video Dance Party:

Okay to post the posters



Grad photos are coming up and the board room is getting used

Open house April 7

New board members and FSA will be there to support

KPI are going out mid-march, student satisfaction survey, for College not just for specific class


FIF Hunting- One Day Stand, no smoking on campus for one day

Promoting smoke free campus

Amanda Drake: health and safety, being late during breaks

Email Madeline received: raising awareness, explore ways she can support, have the conversation to capture student and facility interest. Get survey. Tie to mental health awareness

Amanda Moore: some people need it to get through the day

Madeline: irritating

Amanda Drake: if it is general it’s okay but if it’s forceful then FSA shouldn’t be involved

Monique: how many times do you hear smoking is bad for you, everyone knows it is bad for you but there is no point for FSA to be a part of it

Scott: Support all students and it seems like its bashing the students and there shouldn’t be a day to forbid smoking.

Amanda Drake: Moving the area would be different then banning it

Scott: If it were to be moved back to the windmill then it was be a safety issue as well

Amanda Drake: Silly to get involved, focus on student health not stopping smoking


Madeline: Will be having Bi-weekly meeting with the dean and he wants to know about program presidents and wants to be on a better level with the students.


Jen Lee reached out about Chilean soup day. Money goes to united way, support staff and faculty run day were you pay for bowl or pay for entry. Have FSA or student or faculty competition for chili.




Club Approval:

Fleming delta waterfowl

5 meetings

Budget $600

Don’t charge membership

2 events annual-pub nights, building houses for ducks

Hunter monitoring

Approval of club

Madeline motions to approve Fleming Delta Waterfowl club, Monique second, All in favor


Display Cases:

1- 486.85 3 feet by 4f 1- 15/16 inches deeps

2- 346.55 36” by 36”, 3 7/8 inches deep

3- 283.30 36 by 36, 1 15/16” deep


Madeline motions to approve 375 dollar budget for a Display case, Amanda Moore seconds, all in favor.


Adjourn: 5:51