February 21, 2018

Date:  February 21, 2018                                              Location: FSA Office


Call to Order: Board meeting

Roll Call: Amanda Drake, Diana, Amanda Moore, Sophia, Monique, Sam

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Monique motions to approve the agenda. Scott seconds, all in favour

Approval of Meeting Minutes: postponed

Meeting Start: 7:57 pm


Round Table postponed.


Amanda Drake: Students thought it was appropriate to the mental health fee, agreeing with $13

Monique motions to approve, Madeline, all in favor


Madeline- should look into getting access to pool before anything is done with the activity fee

Amanda Drake: even if there could be a discount, Rob McAulay said they could put money towards where ever they want


Maddy: will put pressure to get numbers for pool access.

Amanda: see if money can go towards that if not something similar

Maddy: figure out if we should keep the fee (to vote on) and then also look into numbers

Amanda: keep 65, 2% increase to the pool access.


Monique Motion to approve keeping 65 for the athletics and put the 2% increase to the pool, Scott seconds, all in favour.


Field house: keep at $15? That money goes towards the maintences and upkeep. Roof needs fixing and any big fixes would be a large sum of money.

Monique: if there is a lot of money, put a cap

Amanda: could do that but the conversation and decision would be lost over the upcoming years

Maddy: money shouldn’t be sitting there and fees are supposed to be spent


Amanda motions to keep $15 athletics fee, Monique seconds all in favour


FSA ancillary: $120.21

Amanda-if it would be lowered then the extra cost would come out of FSA

FSA total expenses are around 500,000 dollars.


Maddy: last year legal fees just stopped getting paid off. 20,000 was put into lawyers for changing gym.

Changing shuttle buses will also be around 20,000 in legal fees

AGM and Enderbender and other events still have to occur then by the end of the year there will be around 50,000 left.

Amanda: looking at history, next directors will be able to make fee decreases if they see fit

Amanda Drake: Operations have increased.

Amanda Drake thinks activity the fee should stay the same. Would take out mental health fee but students wanted it so it should stay.


Amanda Moore motions to approve activity fee of $120.21, Madeline seconds, all in favor.

Amanda: Spectrum was annoyed with 40 included taxes, if they renew the contract spectrum wants to increase fee. New contract will say 40 plus tax instead of 40 flat.


Sam: How much was the rec Centre?

Maddy: 55 dollars


Madeline motions to approve increase in spectrum fee to $45.20, Monique seconds all in favor.

Health fee no increase.

Building fee:

Dropping to 35 dollars.

Amanda motions to approve keeping the fee at $35 for operation of Auk’s Lodge, Monique seconds, all in favour


Shuttle bus:

Need to increase fee for extra runs and weekend runs.

Amanda D- Sherry Polley and herself have quotes for other company’s

It looks like the fee would double.

Amanda drake postpones Lindsay transit vote, Madeline seconds, all in favour


Motions to Adjourn: 8:15 pm