December 19, 2017

Date:  December 19, 2017                                          Location:Boardroom

Call to Order: Board meeting

Roll Call: Amanda Drake, Madeline, Kyle, Diana, Monique, Sophia, Amanda Moore

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Madeline motions to approve the agenda, Kyle seconds, all in favor

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Postponed

Meeting Start: 5:05

Amanda Moore entered at 5:16



 Christmas Party:

$109.08 under budget

Total $591 for the whole party


Room Booking:

Hasn’t been trouble in the past but they have changed the process

Book online through physical resoucres



Due again on Friday


Amanda Drake: Vice President:

·         GSA wants to do a drag show on February 16th (during pride week)

·         Went to Peterborough to learn about Free Pour Draft system (smart system) weighs and counts all the alcohol for inventory, helps in the case of over pouring

·         Only thing they can inventory is coolers and canned beer

·         Going to see if they can invest in getting the system


·         For dirty bingo, Peterborough don’t get as many people out for events

·         For dirty bingo they give facts about sexually related things like STI’s and help the students be informed instead of giving out fun prizes

·         Peterborough gave website to get prizes for cheaper for dirty bingo


·         Peterborough street team is used like staff, street member given volunteer hours for helping in between classes.


·         Went to international students Christmas party; the students had a lot of fun

·         Came up with pub night idea: All the world night/week- four-day week, every day they get a different food from somewhere around the world

·         Clothing drive to fill up free market- every time the SFS gets something to put in, its gone by the end of the day

·         International students want to be a part of the FSA

·         International orientation is coming up


Madeline: President:

·         Wednesday the grant was finished and dealt with

·         Thursday they went to the International students Christmas party

·         Jan 2. Relief (strike) refund table will be going up in discovery trail- to education students and answer questions

·         Thursday they are going to hand out free stuff, students need it right now and really appreciated the first time they handed out stuff

·         Talked to Jennifer Lee- to schedule Positive space training

·         Christmas break-no one of FSA is required to work but they are welcome to

·         January 8th week will be off for FSA as long as Snowfest details are finalized


Kyle- Director of Finance:

·         Last week was very busy school wise

·         Agendas have been put together, found leafs and supplies from last year to add to the agendas.

·         Waiting for last month, this month and Januarys finance reports to compare them.


Amanda Moore- Director of Athletics:

·         Feb 23rd is the date set for the hockey game

·         Jen Bell is going to work with Amanda in relation to the fitness schedule for next semester as the one now wasn’t really working so they are going to work hand in hand with it to improve it.

·         Job description is done but waiting on the college to respond, Amanda Moore has sent a few emails and hasn’t heard anything back- next step is to go to Madeline, she will email them and hopefully get an answer soon


Diana- Director of Sustainability:

·         Thursday helping SFS with Buy-a-Bee for the beehive on the green roof- setting up in Discovery Trail

·         They want Woodland times to be published the first week of the first semester in the New year

·         Also put up a blog section on the FSA website

·         Get the newspaper printed through the school

·         Working on agenda quotes with Kyle



Monique- Director of Student Life:

·         Meeting with outdoor Ed. Students to talk about the survival skills stations for snow fest

·         Going to have a basic info session and sign waivers before the events begin so everyone knows what they are doing

·         Some suggestions for in between the events- snowshoes and tug of war in the snow

·         Looking into Letter Kenny and got an email of an agent- talked to Bonnie about it for guidance, so the email is in a more professional manner

·         Monique wants all the information about date-hours-place before emailing the guy

·         Will most likely be inside the Auk lodge

·         James barker band maybe- get quotes because it’s a more expensive band

·         Letter Kenny- get quotes as well

·         Time would be between 1-2 hours for any band hired

·         Bonnie and Amanda have connections to James Barer Band so we might be able to get a discount

·         Monique needs to submit a FULLY detailed plan for Snowfest before the “go-ahead” is given.




Dirty bingo:

$600 for prizes

February 14th

Amanda Drake motions to have $600 budget for Dirty Bingo, Madeline seconds, all in favor.



Annual General Meeting:

·         Plan an event around it

·         Help get people through the door

·         AGM then lead into something

·         Pick date then figure out event

·         MJ & The Beetus and get a mechanical bull

·         February 21st for the date? - good way to promote the hockey game

·         Amanda Drake motions to approve February 21, 2018 as the date for the Annual General Meeting, Madeline seconds, all in favor


Director of Communications hiring process:

·         Process is up to board because there isn’t anything in the constitution about hiring

·         Madeline and Amanda Drake where thinking of having a panel interview

·         Put up posting soon

·         Bring candidates into board meeting for interviews

·         Be able to update a website and be social media capable and competent  

·         The job description for the position will be updated a bit

·         Amanda Moore suggest that the task be laid out very clearly- they always have to be communicating with the board


Motion to adjourn: 5:45