December 5th

Date:  Decemebr 5th, 2017                                                               Location: Boardroom

Call to Order: Board meeting

Roll Call: Amanda D, Maddy, Amanda M, Kyle, Diana, Monique

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: n/a

Approval of Agenda: Approved by Maddy, Seconded by Monique

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Postponed

Meeting Start: 5:35

Round table:

Kitchen: removal of privileges if not kept clean

Christmas Party: Amanda D. needs a RSVP

Amanda D: attending international gathering, showing them support. Talking to international students. Press release for shuttle bus: grant application was submitted. Administrated issues talked with Judith. Film festival students looking for $$$. Halliburton doing social tomorrow, highest amount of students withdrawing at Halliburton campus, requesting $250. SAG students are learning in a church and needs somewhere to learn. College is looking into off campus housing for students. Bonnie is looking into giving away bar prizes at forestry night. Made a budget for breakfast and lunch, fruit, non-perishables $600 breakfast and $600 for lunch.

Maddy: Grant application, registrars office talking with Brenda. Starting up table times down stairs. Look into being more present down stairs. Appeal process is being finalized for strike fund. Students have up until April to claim. Approve date for AGM. Working on agendas in the upcoming week

Amanda M: Job position for Halliburton, looking into positive space training

Kyle: Wednesday open mike every two weeks, agendas, working on financial report with Sherry.  Working on agendas in the upcoming week. Has noticed an increase in morale.


Has been working with the Woodland time volunteers. Hoping to get first issue out January. Working on agendas in the upcoming week


Outdoor ed is enthusiastic to help with snow fest. Talking with Maddy about liabilities to do with snow fest

Wages: bi weekly may not be working. Minor prizes in the audit. Future change in the policy

Seminar is happening on December 19th for students. College and us will be proving stress bags.



Auditors report

Maddie motions to approve the report

Monique seconds

In Camera:

Board Policy 4



Motions to Adjourn: 6:40