December 12

Date:  December 12, 2017                                         Location:  Boardroom


Call to Order: Boardmeeting

Roll Call: Amanda Drake, Amanda Moore, Madeline, Diana, Kyle, Monique

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Madeline motions to aprove agenda, Amanda Moore seconds, all in favor.

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Amanda drake motions to approve minutes, Madeline seconds, all in favor.

Meeting Start: 5:04

New Business:

November 28 change minutes

Christmas party

Cheaper then they thought, vegetarian options, December 15, 2017


1.      Events

a.       Gingerbread campsites- Ashley from outdoor Ed wants to use auk lodge, 5 other students helping, using her own money. Wednesday December 20th 12pm-3pm. Expecting 15-20 people.

b.      Film festival- Student wants to rent out 250 and they want to charge $200. College is starting to charge for use of space, which shouldn’t be happening for students who attend the school. FSA will rent to the room, although FSA will not endorse her. Directed at schools not the public. Directors support helping the student proceed with this event.

2.      Time sheets- reminder they are due this Friday.

Amanda Drake:

Increase fees $6.94

John gallon is now the transportation person (shuttle and SAC).

Should start planning for the end of the year big event


Financial issues

Making sure organization is where it should be and resolving problems that have been arising

Grant application- fix missing pieces

 Amanda Moore:

Job description was created

Job is more related to college hiring not FSA hiring

FSA is not apart of the CCR, needs to be fixed


Meetings about the agendas last week


Maddy will creating shuttle survey


Working with the woodland times volunteers


Waiting to meet with Robyn- related to the Snow Fest

Working on a lot of Snow Fest stuff


1.      Time Clock- $52.03, save money, helps keep track of hours better. Pricing for different clocks $430,  $169,  $535, many different price ranges. Madeline motions to get a time clock, Monique seconds, all in favour

2.      In-camera

a.       Board Policy

Motion to Adjourn: 5:39 pm