May 9, 2017

Call to Order: Executive Management Committee

Roll Call of Members:

Madeline Williams, President

Amanda Drake, Vice President/Chair

Sarah Cotrupi, Operations and Security Manager

Sherry Polley, Office Manager

Mike King, Pub Supervisor

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Madeline Motioned to Approve, Sarah Seconds- All in Favour to Approve

Approval of Previous Minutes: Madeline Motions to Approve, Amanda Seconds-All in Favour

New Business:

Sustainability Bike Shop, Coffee Club and Fitness Facility


Pull-Ups/ Marketing:

Madeline designed a pull-up that is simple and features the FSA logo and where to find us on social media. It does not provide a lot of information which encourages students to approach the Directors, which is what the FSA wants. A rough-draft brochure was provided by Amanda that featured the same background as the Pull-Up for continuity which can be purchased for $149.99 for 500 units. The brochures will contain information about FSA Directors, Managers and FSA Services. Madeline presented business cards that also featured the same theme which are currently on sale through ‘Vista Print’. All 10 members of the FSA can obtain 100 custom cards each for $99.80 plus applicable taxes/shipping. Madeline presented a rough draft of table top ‘tents’ that features the FSA logo and Social Media outlets which can be purchased for $56.99 for 50 units.

Sherry is concerned that the background is too dark and doesn’t show the logo. Madeline wants it to appear as if the logo is ‘burnt’ into the wood and wants the wording of ‘Frost Student Association’ to be what stands out. Suggestions were made to have the colour of the logo changed or make the background lighter. Sarah mention that in the past, when inverting the colour of the logo to white doesn’t look nice because of the shading in the Auk.

Madeline would like to purchase a banner for the display cabinet that will cost $7.99. The one presented was plain white with the FSA logo, Sarah suggests that the banner be the same background at the Pull-Ups, cards and brochure to match. 

Madeline is looking into hats for the Directors that has their title on it to better identify themselves to  students. They can be purchased for $66.08 for 10 hats that are embroidered. Hats will help for outdoor events and provide safety for the Directors. Madeline would also like to look into T-Shirts, Sweaters, and vests and compare costs. 

To purchase all the items in the Marketing Proposal will cost approximately $400-$500.

Madeline and Amanda will do comparison shopping on Thursday and present all findings next week.

Sherry will look into how much money is in the Marketing Budget. Madeline would like to start with a $500.00 budget.

Mike motions to approve, Sarah Seconds- All in favour vote to approve $500 Marketing Budget


Summer Orientation:

BBQ will begin at 11 and go until 2pm. Aramark will be setting up in the courtyard. Madeline would like to stamp hands and hand out ballots before they get their food. Trivia will begin at 12pm which will be hosted by Madeline and Amanda. Monique and Matt have offered to help out. Volleyball will go from 4pm-6pm. After volleyball everyone will return to the Auk’s Lodge for the Jays Game and will do the draw for the Jays Tickets. Sherry suggested that the draw be at the 7th inning stretch which usually happens around 9pm. This will encourage more people to stay. Sarah suggested that the draw happen before the game starts so that student who have early classes will not be forced to stay late to potentially win. All agreed that students must be present to win the tickets. Pool tables will be open and snacks provided.

Mike motions for the draw to take place during the 7th inning stretch, Madeline Seconds. 4-1 vote in favour of the draw being held in the 7th inning stretch.

Sarah will make ballots for the Jays Game


Recording Meeting Minutes:

Madeline and Amanda are proposing that we discontinue recording meetings to reduce the potential of recordings being leaked to the students. Amanda stated that they found out that meetings do not need to be recorded and if there is a Scribe, then there shouldn’t be a need to also record. Madeline stated that if the recordings were to get out it could be a liability to the FSA and damaging. Amanda stated that one of the suggestions that had been made prior to the meeting (by Sarah) is that if there is a concern of the recording being leaked, that they be saved for the purposes of completing accurate meeting minutes, then a member of the FSA deletes the recording afterwards. Sherry mentioned that past Boards tried to eliminate the standard of recording meetings, but she thinks that the lawyer said we had to record. Madeline and Amanda will confirm with the lawyer. Sarah stated that as a voting member it is easier to record the meetings so that participation in discussions can be the priority. Sarah also mentioned that by recording the meetings, it gives the Chair more incentive to keep control of the Board by reducing inappropriate or irrelevant conversation.  Sarah mentions that meeting minutes can be altered and having voice recordings eliminates any doubt that the minutes were altered. Sherry believes that is why it might be a requirement to record meetings because there was suspicion of a previous scribe leaving out information from the minutes. Sarah proposed that in the future, if the Board decides to hire a Scribe, a policy should be designed allowing the Scribe to sign out the recorder, and can only use an FSA computer to complete minutes so that the device never leaves the offices. 



Tanya from Students for Sustainability approached Madeline to see if the FSA would like to contribute funds to purchase a bike repair station. The cost is approximately $1600 and Madeline believes that their department will be covering most of it. Madeline would like to donate funds on the agreement that the FSA logo will be visible on it. Madeline would like to see what is available for us to donate and proposed the idea of a bake sale to raise money. The repair station will be put in this summer and will be located near the Auk’s Lodge. Tanya never mentioned how much of a donation she was looking for so Madeline will get that information for the next meeting. Mike proposed a ride to raise funds like the 5K Run.

We will revisit.


Coffee Club/Display:

Tim Hortons is giving out 1000 reusable mugs, SFS is also handing out mugs so we will no longer order mugs in partnership with the Coffee Club Membership. We may still look into getting FSA specific mugs, but not in the quantity we were initially looking at. Sarah mentioned that a display case for all FSA swag that we are looking to sell might be beneficial since there is no place behind the bar to display these items. Madeline will ask her dad if he has a trophy case he can donate to us. Mike will do some research to see if he can find affordable options.

We will revisit.


Fitness Facility:

The new facility meets safety requirements, it is wheelchair accessible, and they have numerous change rooms and washrooms to accommodate our numbers. Madeline might like to add to the contract that they fix up the wheel chair access a bit. Madeline will draw up the contract in partnership with our Lawyer and will hopefully have the new agreement signed by June.

We will revisit.


Ping Pong Table:

Mike will reach out to friends with trucks to get the Ping Pong table to the Auk’s Lodge as it will not fit in his Van. If no other options are available, Mike can rent a U-Haul van to transport the Ping Pong Table.

Madeline motions to approve renting a U-Haul truck if necessary. Sherry seconds. All in favour of renting a U-Haul truck.



Meeting adjourned at 2:47