May 3, 2017

Roll Call of Members:

Madeline Williams, President

Amanda Drake, Vice President/Chair

Sarah Cotrupi, Operations and Security Manager

Sherry Polley, Office Manager

Mike King, Pub Supervisor

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A


Approval of Agenda: Madeline Motioned to Approve, Sarah Seconds- All in Favour to Approve

Approval of Previous Minutes: N/A

New Business:

Ping Pong Table, Summer Orientation, Table Throws, Coffee Mugs


Introduction to the Board:

All members of the Executive Management Committee have voting power. In these meetings we will be planning summer events and initiatives as well as planning September Orientation with input from the Board of Directors. We will be looking into marketing and presentation for FSA events.  For the purpose of the Executive Management Committee, for quorum to be reached there must be a minimum of 4 votes to pass.


Women in Leadership Conference:

Madeline, Amanda and 1 student at large have been invited to attend the Women in Leadership Conference at Trent University. The main focus of this event is team building, empowerment, inclusiveness, accessibility and networking opportunities, amongst other activities and programs.

The event is 2 days for $100.00 per person and the FSA is sponsoring the Student. The fee includes food and lodging. Kristi Kerford has sent an all student email/questionnaire to find a candidate for the opportunity.

Sarah motioned to approve, Mike seconds- All in favour vote for the FSA to pay the $300 for the conference.



The college and most other organizations have pull-up displays that represent their business and identify who they are and what services they provide. Madeline has prepared a list of prices and size charts from a variety of companies ranging from $130-$400. Madeline is proposing the purchase of 2 pull-ups so for such event where FSA representatives are both in the Auk’s Lodge and the Discovery Trail. Madeline would like to customize the pull-ups to display the FSA logo as well as the services we provide and social media outlets. Madeline will work with pictures and layout design for the Pull-Ups. These pieces are investments that will last a long time with proper care and will create a more professional image for the FSA. The pull-up presented were only 31”, the FSA would like larger scale displays. Sherry will look to see how much money is in the Marketing budget, Madeline will work on designing the display and look for more affordable options and quotes. Madeline already has been working on designs and layout. She would like to keep it environment themed and is considering taking pictures herself of students in their program specific gear to include on the display.

We will revisit next week.


Coffee Mugs:

Madeline would to purchase coffee mugs with the FSA logo to sell individually or inclusive with the Coffee Club Membership. Madeline would like to purchase 500 mugs to take advantage of the discount, Sherry will look into how many people joined the Coffee Club last year as it may not be practical to purchase that many. In order to boost sales we will create a display in the FSA cabinet in the hallway. Preference for the style is plastic that is BPA free with a handle so that people can reheat their beverages. Madeline will look for products that meet those standards and obtain a price list with the logo.

We will revisit next week.


Table Throws:

Madeline would like to purchase 3 (three) table throws that say ‘FSA’ or ‘Frost Student Association’. We need to get a measurement of the folding tables we use to make sure we order the proper size. The price list provided was not the cheapest option available so Madeline will research other companies and customize the colours and logos.

We will revisit next week.


Swag Bags:

We already have an overstock of razors, glasses, and feminine products from previous years. Amanda will be doing an inventory of all the items we have in stock. Madeline wanted to put in USB sticks last year and will look into that again for this year. Madeline uses 4imprint and Discount Mugs to research swag options but also looks around at other websites for the best prices. Amanda proposed socks with the FSA logo. Mike referred a company called PRISM that does embroidering locally and they are willing to work with the FSA. Other options for swag bags are items like note books, granola bars, toiletries geared to males, Kleenex and toilet paper, someone will talk with local dentists and other businesses to see if they can donate goods with their logos on it, gum, snacks, agendas that are Frost specific (these were discontinued due to cost, we will look into the option of selling) Uncle Bens Rice, Tattoo coupons. Sherry will find the name of the company where the agendas were done in previous years and provide contacts to Madeline. Little Caesars, Bulk Barn and 2for1 pizza all provide student discounts, someone will contact to see if they have items to add to the swag bags.  


Blue Jays Tickets:

Sarah would like to purchase 2 tickets to a Blue Jays Game as a Summer Orientation give away. For every event attended that day, the participant will be given a ballot for the draw. Sarah would like a $50.00 budget for the tickets. Amanda does not think that $50.00 is enough for tickets. Madeline Motions to Approve a $75.00 budget for tickets. Amanda seconds- all in favour to approve $75.00 before taxes budget for Blue Jays Tickets. Sarah will purchase the tickets with her credit card.


Office and Auk’s Summer Hours:

Sherry will be working Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm with exception of the Friday before holidays for Payroll purposes.

Sarah will be working Tuesday to Friday 10 hour shifts from8am-6pm

Mike will be working Tuesday to Friday 10 hours shifts that will revolve around  the Jays game times

The Auk’s Lodge will be opening at 11am, closing at 8pm on regular nights and approximately 10pm on nights when we are broadcasting the Blue Jays games.

Madeline and Amanda will be working 9am-4pm Monday to Friday.

Madeline will confirm class times with Stacey Roth.

Amanda motions to approve Auk summer hours, Madeline seconds- All in favour to approve Auk’s Lodge Summer hours.


Marketing: Table Runners

Sarah was approved a budget of $500.00 on April 19/2017 and is looking for input on what will be embroidered on the runners. Ideas include Clubs, Program President, Health Plan, Food Bank and Good Food Box for a total of 4 (four) throws.



Allison Hands contact Sarah to book the Auk’s Lodge on May 29th and 30th form 7:30pm-10pm. This event is for minors and all that is required from staff is a playlist and the dance floor set up. More information from Allision needs to be obtained since she initially said she wanted both nights exclusively, but now it might only be one. Sarah was initially only going to charge them $100 for the night, but in past years they were charged upwards of $650. Sarah doesn’t believe that to be reasonable since minimal services are required and proposed $300 for both nights, and $150-$200 for 1 night plus a damage deposit.

Madeline motions to approve $200 for 1 night, and $300 for 2 nights. Amanda seconds – All in favour of approving that booking fee.


Art Wall:

Mike was assigned the task of getting the Student Art Wall set up. Approval for the supplies was Board approved on March 09/2017 with the Board voting on purchasing plastic hangers. It was requested that Mike try for a bulk deal.  Madeline wants Mike to get it set up soon. Mike will work on it tomorrow ( May 04/2017)


Ping Pong Table:

Mike was approved for a budget of $100.00 for a Ping Pong Table on March 23rd, he told the FSA he would purchase and pick up. Sherry currently does not have a float to be able to provide Mike with $100.00 and once she can provide the money, Mike will pick up. Amanda would like a post for game etiquette.


Summer Orientation:

Plans for summer orientation include a BBQ, trivia and beach volleyball. Madeline confirmed there is enough money in the Transition Budget. Food still needs to be arranged. Sherry wants Madeline and Amanda to make sure that Heavy Equipment is included since they make up a large portion of our enrollment. Madeline wants to meet with Rob to get posters put up at Residence and get Rez Life leaders on board. Lunch will start at 11:30am and trivia will begin at 12pm. The BBQ and trivia will go until 1pm. Beach volleyball will go from 4pm-7pm near residence so that people can come by and participate after class. Madeline and Amanda will promote watching the Blue Jays Game in the Auk’s Lodge afterwards where the draw for the tickets will be held. Madeline and Amanda are going to go from class to class and through the halls on Tuesday May 9th to promote Summer Orientation and the Jays Game specials in the Auk’s Lodge. 


Regular meetings will occur every Wednesday at 1pm with the exception of next week which will be on Tuesday due to Orientation.


Sherry requested a price break down of all the items approved for purchase


Meeting adjourned at 12:17pm