May 17, 2017

Call to Order: Executive Management Committee

Roll Call of Members:

Madeline Williams, President

Amanda Drake, Vice President/Chair

Sarah Cotrupi, Operations and Security Manager

Sherry Polley, Office Manager

Mike King, Pub Supervisor

Guest: Rob Monico

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Madeline Motioned to Approve, Sarah Seconds- All in Favour to Approve

Approval of Previous Minutes: Madeline Motions to Approve, Amanda Seconds-All in Favour

New Business:

Round table Discussion


Round Table: Discussing Current Projects

Madeline: Working on the Fitness Facility, spoke with the Lawyer this morning. There was a criteria that had to be met before signing a contract including safety and accessibility. Madeline needs to send documents to the Lawyer to complete the contract then Management will review. Once the contract is approved it can be sent to the Fitness Facility. Madeline is projecting that the contract will be signed by mid-June.

Mike: ping pong table will be here this week

Sherry: Restructured the budget which is now at 0. All the changes requested by Madeline and Amanda were completed.

Sarah: HR Course, previous weeks projects will be discussed during the meeting. Worked on contacting companies for swag, updated a few documents


RCA to Audio Jack

Mike has been working on finding a way to get audio to the projector aside from the satellite connection. He brought in his own personal RCA to Audio jack but it didn’t work, he believes it could be because the cord itself isn’t working anymore, or there may be an issue with the laptop outlet. Mike contacted Marie Van Halteren who will have her brother come in to check out our system. He knows people in the college so there is a chance we won’t be charged for the service, he just needs to be able to find the time to come by.  Sarah mentioned that the laptop audio can be hooked up to another set of speakers we have on stage as another option if we cannot directly tap into the sound system.

Sarah Motions to Approve $20 for a high quality RCA to Audio jack. Madeline seconds. All in favour to purchase an RCA to Audio Jack to a maximum of $20.



Sarah is looking for input on designs and thinks that simple black banners with white writing would complement the black accents in the Auk’s Lodge. Amanda suggested that dark brown would look nice, Madeline agrees. Mike likes the idea of black and white. Sherry suggested Fleming Colours because the green looks good with the wood and see if it can be made double sided. Sarah wanted to make sure everyone approved and agreed on the design before ordering the banner.

No vote required.



Sarah presented table runners with two different designs displaying our logo and what information will be provided at that table. Amanda likes the look of the small logo on front with the information and our logo on top.

No vote required.


Thermal Gravity Pot:

Sarah proposed purchasing a new thermal coffee pot to replace the existing one. The current one leaks and the seals are going on it. Sarah found one at National Grocers for $129.99.

Madeline motioned to approve a budget of $150.00 for a Thermal Gravity Pot, Amanda seconds. All in favour of approving a budget of $150.00 for a new Thermal Gravity Pot.



Sarah would like to purchase curtains for the overhead doors in the Auk’s Lodge so that the Kawartha Grill is hidden during events and to also act as a backdrop for photo booths. To purchase an inside mount curtain kit can cost upwards of $80.00 each set not including the curtains. Sarah was able to find a cheaper option by purchasing the brackets, curtains and curtain rods separately.  Madeline would like to make sure Facilities is ok with the FSA putting in the brackets. Sherry suggested spring rods, Sarah said that they used the spring rods last year for convocation but they didn’t work and just kept falling down with the weight of the curtains. All in total including the curtains would cost approximately $150.00.

Amanda motions to approve a budget of $175.00 pending the approval of facilities. Madeline seconds. All in favour to approve a budget of $175.00 for curtains and hardware for the overhead doors in the Auk’s Lodge.


Bike Stand and Financing Break Down: Revisit

Students for Sustainability (SFS) can put in $1500.00 for the bike stand leaving only $250.00 which Tanya was going to pay for out of her own pocket. Sarah suggests giving them the $250 because we are getting our logo put on it also. Madeline was thinking of proposing $300 because SFS is using the last of their budget to purchase the bike station. Previously we approved putting $500.00 towards it, but at the time we didn’t know how much money SFS required us to donate.

Amanda motions to approve providing Sustainability with $500.00 for the bike stand, Sarah seconds.

All in favour to donate $500.00 to SFS for the Bike Stand.



FSA Apparel: Revisit

Madeline is waiting on quotes which will hopefully be provided by the end of the week. Once she knows what the best deal is, then we can move forward. They are going to purchase Madeline and Amanda’s sweaters and jackets first since they will be here for welcome days and then purchase for the rest of the FSA as well as managers at a later time.

No vote required.


Meeting adjourned at 2:05pm