November 28th




Date:   Tuesday November 28, 2017                                                 Location: Board Room


Call to Order: Board Meeting

Roll Call: Amanda Drake, Amanda Moore, Kyle, Sophia, Diana, Monique, Madeline

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Madeline motions to approve the agenda, Monique seconds, all in favor.

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Amanda Drake motions to approve previous meeting minutes, Madeline seconds, all in favor.

Meeting Start: 5:00pm


Madeline- FSA President:

Town Hall-More Administrative instead of program related questions and concerns

Went to other campus to discuss concerns

Setting up meeting with Julia to discuss why there are issues

Meeting with Judith on Friday

Getting reference letter from Tony Tilly, to help with grant


Monique- Director of Student Life:

Snow fest

Reached out to Outdoor Ed, they have a class that needs to run an event and are more than willing to help

They want to bring some ideas to the table as well

Potentially 20-30 people will be helping from Outdoor Ed (not guaranteed)

Still working out the kinks for the fire sector of the event


Diana- Director of Sustainability:

Adam wants budget for future events- sustainability week

Suggesting a beehive on top of the green roof

Wednesday (Nov.29) is the first Newspaper meeting


Kyle- Director of Finance:

Get the auditors in to approve

Work with sherry


Amanda Moore- Director of Athletics:

Yoga class at spectrum: great turnout, great class and a lot of people showed up

Issue: at the end she was touching people and she had a strong scent on her hand, Spectrum is supposed to be scent free so that will be great dealt with before the next yoga class

Have rocks at the door and if you don’t want to be touched then put a rock at the end of your mat at the beginning of the class


Amanda Drake- Vice President:

Town Hall was pretty intense

90% international students

Students feel like they are a money pot and they feel like they can’t leave

Nothing has been explained to them

Co-op issues- students being over charged

Event this Thursday for international students in 250, to get questions answered

Looking into the future, develop a position on the board to create outreach

Planning for stress bags and Wellness seminar is still being organized



GSA Club:

Zigg suggested FSA bring someone in to receive Positive Space training

Amanda Drake motions to approve GSA Club, Diana seconds, all in favor

Amanda Moore abstains


Christmas Party Budget:

Amanda Request budge of $700

Monique motions to approve Christmas Party budget, Diana seconds, all in favor