Nov 8th



Date:  November 8, 2017                                                      Location: Boardroom

Call to Order: Board Meeting

Roll Call: Amanda Drake, Kyle, Diana, Kailey, Monique, Madeline, Amanda Moore

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: Amanda Moore

Approval of Agenda: Kyle motions to approve agenda, Diana seconds, all in favour

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Kyle motions to approve minutes, Madeline Seconds, all in favour

Meeting Start: 5:34

Round Table Discussion:

Departmental Update:

Kyle- Director of Finance:

Books updated for September, October and November

Looking at what was spent and made- profit wise (from last year to this year)


Kyle concerns with the strike:

People are checking out of school

Concerned for motivation

International students are regretting their choice of coming here over other schools

People are worried that employees will be concerned with the gap of lost education


Teams Ideas for helping:

Get students voices for there direct concerns

Survey monkey to address concerns, providing the college evidence of current issues

Make-up list of questions for survey monkey and send out ASAP

Breakup events and having them smaller scale so it’s not so overwhelming

Withdraw from mental health event because they aren’t supporting student needs and state of mind


Amanda Moore- Director of Athletics:

PayPal, able to order everything

Everything should be ordered by the end of this week

Hiring student worker at Halliburton campus, using their athletic fee

Partnering will Zigg from GSA, Tuesdays 8-10 in the Fieldhouse, different events each week

“Diversity” instead of “inclusive”


Diana- Director of Sustainability:

People wanting to get their voice out

Looking into making Woodland a committee

“Woodland Times Committee”


Kailey- Director of Communication

Everything has been organized with all the Meeting Minutes

Meetings have been happening with Madeline and Amanda Drake, also talking/wanting to talk with Directors

Food services: Extended hours after the strike


Madeline President:

Getting student issues resolved

Looking at bar relations

First interview was conducted

Shuttle bus information

Amanda: Madeline make list of task- giving out task so she can focus on more important matters

Bringing in directors for extra help and an extra set of eyes


Monique- Director of Student Life:

Snow fest event

Has already delegated task and days/events for people to help with

Monday scheduling meeting with Kyle to figure out numbers


Amanda Drake- Vice Present:

Focused on strike details

Responding to students in relations to strike

Trying to figure out advocating for present strike or post strike issues

Has been attending a lot of meetings

Working on Policies with Sherrie

Said Town hall was well received

Connecting with Georgian College to get there prospective

Sharing the Town Halls with the Georgian College

Discussing the possibility of another Town Hall- for when the strike is done

Student was partially angry because not posting opinion, posting links



Everything is mapped out for what is happening this semester and next semester

Doesn’t concern FSA yet



Set up table in Auk lodge

Making an FSA team to donate to Charity

Needs to be from an FSA standpoint

Trying to come up with event

Have a barber come in to fix everyone’s beard in December



Ancillary History:

Fees we talked about are fees that go directly to the college and is money they use to operate

If they feel money should be put else where then it can be initiated if asked by FSA

FSA has final approval for where the fees go to


Loggersports Event Breakdown:

It went well and was fun

Issues with Mascot- find new mascot, reach out to student body

Find someone from street team to be mascot




Spotted at Fleming:

Reach out to student who created it

Wanted to know if FSA would want to purchase spotted for $400

FSA will have control

It would lose integrity

Students would be angry

Amanda motions to not purchase spotted, Madeline seconds, all in favour.

Amanda Moore is leaving at 6:33pm

Kailey leaves and accountability session begins.

Motion to end meeting at: 7:22pm