Nov 1st

Call to Order: Board Meeting

Roll Call: Amanada Drake, Madeline, Diana, Amanda Moore, Kailey, Kyle, Monique

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: Amanda Moore

Approval of Agenda: Amanda Moore motions to approve the agenda, Amanda Drake seconds, all in favour

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Madeline motions to approve meeting minutes, Monique seconds, all in favour

Meeting Start: 4:31pm

New Business:

Proposed Budget, Fleming College Catholic club



Sarahs last day November 10th 2017

Sophia’s first day


Round Table:



Brooke Lynch: Requested use of the FSA shuttle bus for open house on November 18th

Would pay for added runs and making it a half hour earlier.


Open House:

Saturday November 18th 2017


Ancillary fees:

bring in school administrators to talk about the ancillary fees, what they are for, discuss if there is a price increase and why.


Stay calm study on

November 28th 2017, Student support event, promot food bank and healthy eating, handing out snacks


Monthly Report:

Talking about Hockey game and stay calm studying on, on the same day and how to work in both.


Fall Fair Review:

Good feedback from students, happy they had something to do. Around 40 people showed up for the haunted walk.

Between board members a lot of miscommunication.

Could have been a liability with miscommunication between locations of where the walk/events were being held.

Amanda Drakes suggests there needs to be more proactive behaviour.

Task were given out that weren’t completed.

To improve:

·         Check-ins with Madeline and Amanda Drake

·         Checklist made for the event

·         Delegating tasks so no one is sitting around wondering what to do

·         Avoid advertising before things are finalized

·         Strategizing the timeline to keep people ingaged

·         Safety: Making sure secruity legitiments are clear


Working Group Progress:

Going well, up to section 4 in the constitution

Application is going well

Put a face to the grant application

Start getting feedback about the expantion of the shuttle bus

Fall Fair is done

Tony Lee is booked for Snowfest



Feedback on social media, no more than 10/1700, 3 negative.

Been miscommunication.

Taking about upset student- about confusion with the strike, program continued first week of strike then stopped after reading week.

Going through negotiation got no where, College is available to start negotiating on November 2nd 2017.

Extention of all programs (into winter break).


Amanda Moore adds Hockey game to round table:

November 28th 2017 event starts at 7, 7-8:45 these stations are available:

Diana and Amanda Drake will be working the door

Monique- cottan candy duty

Madeline- is on popcorn

Kyle- is on pizza

Fill out ballot if you wanna be apart of shoot-out

Mascots drop puck


Amanda Moore adds communication to round table:

Needs to be a lot more communication

Everyone needs to know what everyone is doing at all times so all directors are in the know

When asked question all directors should know how to answer

Face-to-face communication, email isn’t as effiencent

Suggests everyone has to speak at round table

More updates for the students, sending emails more then just once a week


Kailey adds to round table about food services:

When strike ends, free pizza, granola bars

Getting feedback through survey

Vending Machine despences fresh food



Kyle singing national athlem

Everying is organized

TSN will be there filming




Wages and approval for new positon:

Change from operations manger to a co-ordinator positon

“Support co-ordinator” and pay rate of $18.00 compared to $22.50

Someone with actual experience, not student

2-5 years of experience, superviser experience

Amanda motions to approve change in title and rate, Monique approves, all in favour



Agenda’s for new students, price: $3700

Can be sold in Auk’s lodge.

Be ready for September 2018

Decision indefiniatly post poned.


Fleming College Catholics:

Connection to St. Marys church

Amanda Moore motions to approve Fleming College Catholics, Madeline approves all in favour.



Meeting Adjourned: 6:19pm