Call to Order: Board meeting

Roll Call: Amanda Drake, Madeline, Kyle, Amanda Moore, Sophia as Scribe, Diana, Sherry sitting in

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Madeline motions to approve agenda, Amanda Moore seconds, all in favour

Approval of Meeting Minutes:Madeline motions to approve minutes, Kyle seconds, all in favour

Meeting Start: 4:32pm


Ass to class:

November 16th 2017 at 12:00pm

“Peaceful demonstration”

FSA Arrive at 11:30


Free food, free stuff to give out

Take down testimonials

Write on questions and/or comments to get them answered



Madeline and Amanda have been doing interviews and check references for the Support Co-ordinator position

Looking at hiring more bar staff, experienced bar staff


Kyle and Amanda Moore trip to Halliburton:

Talked to 3-4 students

Some students have lost 5 credits because of strike

Communication is weak from Frost to Halliburton

They are in class still working

Limited studio space

Counselling and food needs to be upped

Would rather not go back to class because they don’t want to have the course condensed. They want their money back

Encourage ass on any questions from there to here


New Business:


Kyle Director of finance:

Sept 1st -Nov 15th

Comparing how strike has impacted

Almost 4000 dollar difference

Has dropped significantly

6000 loss overall decline in each category

Many factors are affecting the numbers

Money has not been collected yet

Things are financially okay

Going to start doing monthly reports


Sherry leaves at 4:57



Working on Fleming College agendas for next year

Madeline, Diana and Kyle will be working together now that Sarah is gone.



Sherry’s wages:

Amanda proposes that we give Sherry a weekly bonus as Sarah is gone and she has taken on a lot of her tasks.

Giving $100 extra per week.

Amanda motions to approve the FSA of giving Sherry a bonus of $100 a week until Support Co-coordinator position is filled, Madeline approves, all in favour.


Meeting Adjourn: 5:02