Aug 24th


Call to Order: Board Meeting

Roll Call: Amanda Drake, Amanda Moore, Kailey, Monique, Madeline Absent: Diana

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Amanda Drake motions to approve the agenda, Kyle seconds, all in favour

Approval of Meeting Minutes: N/A

Meeting Start: 1:40


New Business: No


Madeline discusses topics brought up over the summer to brief board for new year. Discussion of FastStart initiative, choir, love your trail day, Bioblitz, stomp out stigma, fleming 50th, international students.


Round Table:


Athletics All Student Email

Amanda Moore discusses the potential idea of sending out an all student email to let students know all of the important athletic events happening on campus.



Kyle discusses his idea of visiting a junkyard to find parts of the old bikes that are rented out of the biocommons.



Monique discusses the beginning plans of the mural that would be painted in the Auk’s Lodge and other decorative touches for the future.


Res Move In

Monique discusses some of the potential plans for res move in day, including where we will all be stationed and what roles and responsibilities we will have throughout the day.


Shuttle Bus

Amanda Drake covers the discussions about opening the shuttle bus to the public, and what potential pros and cons may come with that decision.


Meeting Adjourned: 2:30