Nov 21th

Call to Order: Board meeting

Roll Call: Amanda Drake, Madeline, Diana, Amanda Moore, Kyle, Sherry, Sophia Monique, Bonnie

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: Amanda Drake and Amanda Moore

Approval of Agenda: Madeline motions to approve agenda, Monique seconds all in favor.

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Post-poned

Meeting Start: 4:45


Bonnie- new Support Coordinator sat in for a few minutes at beginning of meeting


New Business:



Amanda Drake:

Good student feedback in relation to the ASSTOCLASS

They were very thankful



Met up with Dean to talk about Town Hall on Thursday

Auk Lodge: Environmental programs

250: Natural Resources programs

Director at each of the events filming

Biocommons are going to be open until 10



The start has been very successful

12 people responded to the Woodland times email

Arranging to meet up with everyone next week




Don’t want to keep the hockey game on Nov 28th because the back to school stress

Moving the hockey game from November 28th to sometime in January maybe February

Starting to discuss how FSA will be moving forward with the Rec Centre



Has mainly been working on Snow Fest event details

Sign-up sheet done

Tournament sheet created

In the process of getting all of the approvals for the activities





Ancillary Fee refunds:


Do we allow students to keep membership?

Because they receive all the services, if they completely drop out they shouldn’t keep membership.

If they come back in January, they should keep membership.

Madeline read the constitution to explain 18-week period of membership after semester

Considered them to be member

Madeline motions to approve that students stay members for 18 weeks after dropping out, Kyle seconds, all in favor.


SnowFest Budget and Date Change:

10,000 budgets:

$2,500 to Tony Lee

$2,000- Thursday Winter Wonderland

$1,500- Friday movie night

$3,000-Survival Skills Challenge

Schedule working group to know where the money is going

Amanda motions to approve budget, Madeline seconds, all in favour.


Loggersports Club:


GSA Club Approval:

Inclusion, education

Goals- Pride week, drag show, providing support connects, other events etc

Vote is postponed


Support for students:

Quotes are too high so FSA is going to buy the food them selves

Breakfast: Oatmeal, hot water, bowls lids and spoons

Monday: (late night studying)- Put out muffins and veggie trays

Getting services dogs/cats- During exam time


Getting a punching bag

Stress package-bubble wrap, stress balls, chocolate, gum, tea

Setting up in the Discovery trail/ Library where most students are


Mental Health Fee:

Use money that was accumulated and not used because of strike- extended hours? More services?

Wellness seminar, bring in a speaker?

Including Halliburton, doing something for them as well

Compliment crew


Motions to Adjourn: 5:47pm