March 30th, 2016


FSA Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes



March 30th , 2016


FSA Boardroom


Call to Order: Frost Student Association Board Meeting

Roll Call of Members: Lee Scholl, Tarissa Holmes, Meaghan Adams, Timothy Marostega, Sean Kerr, Tabitha Henry.

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Approval of agenda by Meaghan, Sean seconds and all are in favour dated March 30th, 2016.

Approval of Previous Minutes: Approval of minutes dated March 30th, 2016 Sean motions to approve Tim seconds and all are in favour.     

Announcements: N/A

Old Business:


Kevin Jackson: Revisit.


Summer Hours: There is no perfect scenario; operating hours can be modified for different benefits. Hours can be amended to accommodate the needs of students. We want to look at the numbers from last year and projected numbers for this year to see the difference in income. Staff is willing to accommodate and be open with one employee which is significantly different and will save most losses. We must be aware that there are many things subject to change. Employees may search for further employment and contracts have not yet been signed.  


Vote: All of board members are in favour of the Auks lodge being open and everyone is in agreement. The cost at which is to be determined.


All in favour of asking Sarah G. to change employment contract and modify hours for Sarah K. Approval is subject to signing new contract that the board agrees upon.


New Business:


Raise: An employee has asked for an almost 18% pay increase. It is tough to look at these numbers in comparison to the existing numbers. The FSA is not in a point that they can make significant financial changes. We have to look at numbers and justify them. Right now we are not in the position to do that and we can potentially look at it and revisit the following semester.

Vote: All in favour for no change in pay from this request at this point in time. Lee motions, Sean seconds and all are in favour.


5K: We have mapped out a route and have a good supply of what is needed. April 9th is the official date. Certificates and snacks may need funding. Volunteers needed, Tim will approach Rob from residence and will follow up Wednesday with more detail.



Keep Calm and Study: Does not need money for a massage but has asked to provide popcorn instead. All in favour of giving 30 dollars towards popcorn send Sherry and email as a heads up.

Vote: All in favour of giving 30 dollars towards popcorn, all in favour and approved.


PASTA Day: Refer to email and whoever is available will show up with Sherry. Give out buffs and swag donations to wear for the day. Give buffs out to people who are volunteering for free.


Positional Emails: Idea running around to make separate emails for each board member so transitions are simple and accounts will be handed off and so on. Lindsay will take this on.


OPEN HOUSE: Whoever is available will attend.


 FSA Retreat with Current and Next Board: Meet as a team somewhere and see for response for the most that can attend.