March 16th, 2016


FSA Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes



March 16th , 2016


FSA Boardroom


Call to Order: Frost Student Association Board Meeting

Roll Call of Members: Lee Scholl, Tarissa Holmes, Meaghan Adams, Timothy Marostega, Sean Kerr, Kevin Jackson, Maddy Williams, Lindsay Jackson, Rachel Bourne, Matt Kinslow, Josh McKay  

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Approval of agenda by Sean, Tarissa seconds and all are in favour dated March 16th, 2016.

Approval of Previous Minutes: Approval of minutes dated March 10th, 2016 Tim motions to approve Tarissa seconds and all are in favour.   

Announcements: N/A

Old Business:


Security Contract: Sean and Lee want to determine what in fact it serves before moving forward. Involving lawyers and second parties is unnecessary and can be simplified. The exact purpose of the contract is to change from NET30 to NET15, which can be done so without many steps.


Terrarium: Tarissa will follow up this week and we will revisit next.


Rec Plex: Next year’s board is informed of the current contract and ongoing decision process for the recreational complex and facility agreement with the college.  


5K: Revisit.


Purchase of ATM: Concluded, to be revisited by next year’s board if interested.


New Business:


Voting Results: 256 responses online, deductions for not identifying as a current student bring that number to 239. Votes are calculated and Rachel Bourne is president and Matt Kinslow is the director of finance. No appeals in 48hrs therefore these are the finalized votes. Other directors were acclaimed. We want to send an official thank you and conclusion to those who supported and helped in the election process. What is left in the budget can be used towards gratitude. Post-election report will be sent out soon. Lee motions to approve that some of what is left in the budget in reason can be used towards saying thank you to our supporters. 


Additional Notes:


Sherry has been diagnosed with carpel tunnel so we are responsible for assisting her in purchasing a new keyboard for her desk. Sean motions 100 dollars to approve for a new keyboard, Lee seconds and all are in favour.


Meeting Times: Tentatively kept for Wednesday 6PM.


Student Services: Pasta Day, want us to be present and help out from 12-1 on the 31st of March to promote and give back to student services.  


Closed 6:36