September 20, 2016

September 20, 2016

FSA Boardroom

Call to Order: Frost Student Association Board Meeting

Roll Call of Members: Rachel Bourne, Maddy Williams, Tim Marostega, Nick Gyemi, Matt Kinslow, Lindsay Jackson.

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Approval of agenda dated Sept 20, 2016; all board members are in favour. 

Agenda Topic: Projector

Looks like school will order and install a new projector

Motion to approve a new projector: passed all in favor

Agenda Topic: Grille, Sarah Gilkes

Sarah will be leaving around March

We need to know if we are running grille, are we hiring a bar manager, or restaurant manager?

Sarah C will take over some responsibilities

FSA could take over Kawartha Grille, hire new staff

Motion to approve FSA taking over Kawartha Grille: passed all in favor

Agenda Topic: Dishwasher

Motion to approve 36 month lease: passed all in favor

Agenda Topic: Moveable feast

FSA does not need to attend, they are looking for volunteers

Feast will raise money for a specific program, this year aquaculture

Agenda Topic: Mental Health, Oct 4

Fsa should attend, some members are preoccupied

Agenda Topic: Events

Forward info to Maddy, FSA should have up to date calendar

Applefest: looking for volunteers, volunteers get food

Email with info will be sent out

Agenda Topic: annual planning cycle

Rachel will do August and September reports

Board meetings: FSA should send 1 member

Bylaw committee, Maddy will talk to Josh, possibly recruit a student

Maddy will use a student at large to go through the FSA bylaws, potentially make changes

FSA will look for students to volunteer for the 5k run

Agenda Topic: FSA retreat

Maddy will check and see if her cottage is available

Looking at Nov 11 weeken