September 2, 2016

September 2, 2016

FSA Boardroom

Call to Order: Frost Student Association Board Meeting

Roll Call of Members: Rachel Bourne, Maddy Williams, Tim Marostega, Nick Gyemi, Matt Kinslow, Lindsay Jackson, Josh McKay.

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Approval of agenda dated Sept 2, 2016; all board members are in favour.  

Agenda Topic: Orientation

Put finishing touches on orientation packages, Saturday Sep 3

Frost friend finder: going on stage optional

FSA should make sure everyone gets at least 1 card

Sarah Gilkes is organizing, confirm changes with her after meeting

FSA members except Lindsay will participate in friend finder

Agenda Topic: Laptop budget

Current laptop is dying, slow connection

Current laptop could be sold, approx. $50

$400 budget for laptop: approved all in favor

Agenda Topic: SD card for camera

Camera won’t take pictures currently, requires SD card

$15 budget, potentially more money for new SD card: approved all in favor

Agenda Topic: Dishwasher

Sarah has been researching options

Dishwasher is cheaper than the glass washer

Sarah found specs from last year

We have to do a referendum on food service

We have to examine other budget items before making a decision

Dishwasher 60 month lease pricing: $114.74 per month

Dishwasher debate must be revisited