January 20th, 2016


FSA Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes



January 20th , 2016


FSA Boardroom


Call to Order: Frost Student Association Board Meeting

Roll Call of Members: Lee Scholl, Tarissa Holmes, Meaghan Adams, Timothy Marostega, Kyle Chalmers, Sean Kerr, Tabitha Henry, Jessica Carthy  

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Approval of agenda by Kyle and seconded by Tarissa.

Approval of Previous Minutes: Previous minutes unavailable at this time. 

Announcements: N/A

Old Business: N/A

New Business:


Note: Tuesday at 12 pm is the deadline for submission of agenda items.


Purchase of ATM: We are currently lacking funds to purchase the machines. At this point in time we will be passing the task onto our next board and discuss our possibilities and ideas for future actions.


Waste Management Project: Maeda Walsh could not attend due to work and scheduling conflicts, however, will discuss with Tarissa about the potential for the waste management project. Tarissa will have a meeting with Maeda at the earliest convenience to discuss the basics of the project and bring a broad idea to the table next meeting.


Budget: The initial answer to our budget for the remainder of the year is that it is not available. Numbers are messy since costs and incomes are up in the air and we must find out what is in the account before making decisions. This will be acted upon since the board needs to make decisions and provide everything we can for the students.


SNOWFEST: Potential to be organized through athletic director. Ideas such as winter Olympics and Snowfest party following. There is no date in place at this point in time. Look at previous folders and years for ideas and discuss at next week’s meeting.





Memorial for Ethan Stokes: Karen knows of a friend of Ethan’s who is a musician and can play for minimal costs.

Motion: Lee motions to cover the musicians cost of 150 dollars, Kyle seconds and all are in favour of motion.


Additional: Idea for students to rent skates making public skating more practical. The program could be run similarly to the bike rental. Tarissa will look into this idea and return with feedback and information.