December 3rd, 2015

FSA Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes



Thurs. December 3rd  , 2015


FSA Boardroom


Call to Order: FSA Board of Directors Meeting

Roll Call of Members: Lee Scholl, Sean Kerr, Kyle Chalmers, Tarissa Holmes, Meaghan Adams, Timothy Marostega, Jessica Carthy       

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Approved

Approval of Previous Minutes: Approval for previous minutes on November 26th 2016, motion to approve by Lee, Meaghan seconds and all are in favour.

Announcements: N/A


Old Business:

Ping Pong: Can be available at rec centre at each person’s convenience. There is a demand for it and we will re-visit.


New Business:

Ancillary Fees: Representatives are here today to discuss the college and student ancillary fees. In the fall we propose any changes and then schedule to meet again in January to finalize any decisions after given time to think and inquire about them. This information can also be accessed from the student website. The percentages make up the total ancillary fee and are decided by service providers and existing budgets. 


Alumni Relations: Supporting graduates through their careers. They offer home and auto insurance, discount programs, job portal access and mentorships. Provide support faculty, implement convocation, pins, speakers, and recognition and distinction awards. They reach out to alumni across the world and are currently aiming to have a more frost focused webinar to target the environmental sciences. They are not asking for an increase this year in fees however, may ask for an increase for health insurance in future years. 68,000 alumni from Fleming, 40,000 they are in contact with.

Action: Feb 10th, “Next Step” alumni relations will be here to provide information that graduating students will need.


Support Services: Proposed increase primarily for orientation, anything from welcome week offsets cost. The fee goes towards orientation; health services get a portion as well which helps the clinic staff and supplies. The breakdown is that 4% of the fee is orientation, 17% health, both of which are very important assets we want it to be our own.


Career Services: 14% of ancillary fees are towards career services and support. There are online portal accesses to employers data base, job fair, resources labour market research and includes career initiatives. For example a new tool through career assessment is being launched and is based on a series of questions on self-reflection and assessment. This tool will hopefully lead students in their desired direction. Specifically, the job fair is organized by a career team that is also in contact with program co-ordinators.


Learning support: 20%

Counselling: 34%

Convocation: 11%


IT: This is a service that everyone uses and is elected for a cost of living rise, change in articulation of student fee where 80% is covered by the college and 20% is a student cost. The traffic across the network is dominated by other social media rather than academic purposes. There are 50,000 student accounts and only 6,000 regular users. Improved, student portal now exists and we use what we can to bring things up to date. Academic tech committee reviews technology in the classrooms.


Athletic Fee: Student levy fee that we give to the college. At this point they are not requesting an increase. The fee covers resources, staffing, sports, and intramurals etc. 68% of the overall cost come through ancillary fee. 32% come through program fees, revenues, etc. Looking to heighten awareness more on campus rather than off. Haliburton uses the athletic fee to meet their needs when needed for athletics and activities.


Action: Reach out if you have more questions about specific fees. Come back at end of January to finalizes changes and if there is a change please give time for discussion and agreement if necessary.  


Note: Tony Tilley, the president of Fleming, wants to meet and have lunch for an opportunity to see students.


O-Week: Meaghan is still waiting for the contract from Yuk Yuks and will piece it all together before the break. When decisions are finalized Tim will make posters and tickets. The money for orientation week will be divided as needed for the events with the remaining going towards anything needed at the AGM.   


AGM: Make official agenda for meeting, that has not been decided as of yet, and look at the budget. Posters have been made and will be spread around the school.


FSA Christmas Party: Lee will talk to Karen about opening the bar.


Time Sheets: Leave them in Sean’s bin for approval, this is costing time and effort and there are lots of conflicts so please be organized and on time with your submissions.  


Rec Plex Meeting: There is a meeting with the city of Kawartha Lakes held on December 14th/ 2015. If you have ideas and thoughts please discuss them as soon as possible so that they can be brought up at the meeting. Make note of the fact that they are renting our facilities for 2 months at a very minimal cost. Look at how much is it to actually run the field house and make a more reasonable agreement in terms of payment and use.   


Women’s Resources of Kawartha Lakes: Asking for donation of 100 dollars.

Motion: Sean motions to approve, Kyle seconds and Lee thirds. Note that this is a onetime donation and will be discussed by the next board for further donations.


Display Case: Meaghan requests money for display case to update a winter theme and will submit receipts for reimbursement.  

Motion: Sean motions 30 dollars approved for display case, Kyle seconds, Lee thirds and all are in favour.

Action Plan: Finished by Monday.


Meeting Closed: 6:00