November 26th, 2015


FSA Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes



Thurs. November 26th , 2015


FSA Boardroom


Call to Order: FSA Board of Directors Meeting

Roll Call of Members: Lee Scholl, Sean Kerr, Kyle Chalmers, Tarissa Holmes, Meaghan Adams, Timothy Marostega, Jessica Carthy       Absent: Evan Herman

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Approved

Approval of Previous Minutes: Approval of previous minutes for November 19th 2015, Sean motions to approve, Tim seconds and all are in favour.


Greg Jefford: A brief update providing additional context in student services area.

As of April 1st 2016, Greg will be assuming responsibility to manage athletics. Jeff Matthews will be helping him transition and connect over the next several months, as a result of Jeff announcing his departure from the college. This will enable opportunities for further engagement and connections to athletics. He will be working closely with Michlynne and creating a bridge to ensure we have ongoing partnership. The Rec Plex agreement will be part of transition with Jeff however; Jeff will still lead that in terms of moving forward before the change. He is open to accumulate as much as he can before however, Jeff is still the lead through until April and he is happy to receive knowledge but still wants to respect the current responsibilities. Jeff’s position will still be replaced and the position will go up in the new year. 


Old Business:

ATM: No movement as of yet, Kyle has contacted TD bank but they show minimal interest and said he will get back to us next week. Approximately 3000 per machine and may net profit up to 7000 per year. Kyle will continue to stay on top of that and will return again with more information.

RETREAT: As of right now there are 3 different options: Wolfs Den, Blue Mountain and Mount Tremblant. Kyle wants to see what peoples thoughts are based on those options, we are open to each place but wants to incorporate some team building events and policy discussion. We will make an agenda of what we need to accomplish prior to, for example organize the switch over to the new council and put together legacy report.

New Business:

Board of Directors Policy Code of Conduct: Have an understanding of what you can and cannot do in terms of ethical and professional conduct. You are always on the board and must present yourself in that way, interactions must always recognize that.

If you have conflicts to bring forward you must come into an in camera session and will be recorded and documented but not available to the public. Everyone must understand their role as a director and must be aware and respectful of that. Go through the proper channels if necessary. Read the policy and be aware so you have an understanding.


Orientation Week:

SUN 10: Noon, everyone brings back schedules and determines when they are available. Use this time to figure out all logistics for the week.

MON 11: First day back and set everything in motion. Welcome back free stuff, swag bags in Auks, popcorn machine table set up, promote other events over the week.

TUES 12: Fun fair, team building, carnival events, prizes, cost minimal, promote green, gold and black colours.

WED 13: AGM, appetizers and refreshments following. Bake sale for Loggersports.

THURS 14: YUK YUKS, sell/ give away tickets throughout the week. Have the document in place for outside guests for at the door basis. Meaghan will ask if they can send us promotional things in advance. 

FRI 15: Loggersports pub, attire is lumberjack.


KITCHENETTE: The concern is that if we purchase a set it will go missing. You are more than welcome to bring your own personal ones and leave them here.


CRAFT FAIR: The concern is that there may not be enough room for both the craft fair and the addictions event. Tarissa will discuss this with Betty about having a shortage for space.

Action: Make a document to prove who is officially going to be there and needs a table so it covers us and Betty as well as commits you to a table. Start set up at 10, event starts at 11. Make a layout and ask Karen for event planning sheet. 10 tables will be needed and contact facilities for the tables to request. Lee will ask facilities for costs of table clothes if necessary.


Meeting Closed: 5:30