November 12th, 2015


FSA Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes



November 12th, 2015


FSA Boardroom


Call to Order: Frost Student Association Board Meeting

Roll Call of Members: Lee Scholl, Evan Herman, Tarissa Holmes, Meaghan Adams, Timothy Marostega, Kyle Chalmers, Sherry Polley.      Absent: Sean Kerr  

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Approval of agenda by Lee and all are in favour.

Approval of Previous Minutes: Approved November 5th, 2015 previous minutes. 

Announcements: N/A

Old Business:


ATM: Kyle thinks it is more beneficial to buy our own as long as we can keep it up. Owning is better than renting and ideally it will become a capital asset and work in our favour. The only problem may be keeping it stocked and the security of the machine, however this could be a new duty for the finance director. 

Action: Kyle will come back next week with detailed information and new numbers.


New Business:


Summer Budget: There was a net loss this year for the Auks Lodge. Kyle has made a statement to show the hours of operation over the summer months are not reasonable for the small amount of people. The Auks Lodge should make enough money to run itself and not in a deficit. We must proactively plan and consider the numbers of employment. 

Action: Kyle and Sherry will sit down and come up with a reasonable summer template, incorporating the cost of positions and profit. We still think we can be open and offer different timing so we are not at such a loss.


Winter Orientation: We can expect more money to come in for the transition fund however, we want to make money / break even. Multiple events can be run in addition to Yuk Yuks such as a fun market and multiple pub nights.  

Action: Next week we will get a calendar and plan event days to get the ball rolling. We want to get a good start so that we are set before leaving over the break. (The orientation does not have to be the whole week.) 




FSA Retreat Budget: We do have money in the budget to go towards a retreat, give or take 1000$. Ideas for a ski day or overnight stay.

Action: Kyle will contact places to consider.


Policy One: Review every week. Review Karen since her employment is in a probation period. If anyone wants to be involved or has comments please send them to Lee as he is responsible for making a document.


Contract Security: Lee has been in contact. They are putting together a contract and will get back to us.


Sno Fest: We are combining with orientation week. It is a very inexpensive event.    Sno Fest is a group of events including indoor and outdoor activities where whoever is the best team will win a trophy at the end.

Action: Plan in conjunction with orientation week.


Food Bank: Sherry administers the food bank, the food is provided by the City of Kawartha Lakes food bank. We are members of an agency and Sherry, our representative, must attend a monthly meeting. Sherry wants to step up to a position to keep us more involved and build a good relationship. This will be a 2 hour monthly meeting, making her commitment 2 meetings a month.

Action: Sherry will get copies of the meetings she attends so the board also knows what is decided. This will open a bigger network for us to pursue opportunities. If Sherry thinks it is not beneficial for the students as a whole she will step down.

Motion: Kyle and Lee motions for sherry to accept the position and Tarissa and Tim both second. Further commitments can be brought up when needed.


Revamping the Terrarium: A volunteer has offered to introduce all underwater plants to the tank and will do this free of charge if we cover the supply and plant cost. It will upgrade and update. The question is what benefit it serves and if in fact it is worth the trouble. Something to think about however the cost is quite high. The space could be used for multiple things/ donated. Tim suggests we should get fish again. 


Time Sheet Submission: Timesheets must be filled out correctly and submitted on time in order to be paid for that pay period. Sheets can be filled out online or hand written and submitted directly to Sean for approval. Sean will then submit to Sherry for payroll entry.