November 5th, 2015

Call to Order: Frost Student Association Board Meeting
Roll Call of Members: Lee Scholl, Evan Herman, Tarissa Holmes, Meaghan Adams, Timothy Marostega, Sean Kerr. Absent: Jessica Carthy, Kyle Chalmers
Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A
Approval of Agenda: Motion to approve by Meaghan, seconded by Evan and all are in favour.
Approval of Previous Minutes: Approved October 22nd, 2015 previous minutes.
Announcements: N/A
Old Business:
Ping Pong Table: We must make a decision on behalf of students, not just FSA.
Action: Tarissa will talk to Karen about options for ping pong table including cost and location planning. Lee will talk to Karen about making a list of people interested on the blackboard.
Purchase of ATM: Revisit.
New Business:
Student Association Frost Campus Audit (Guest Speakers): Auditors make note of the fact there are a lot fewer entries this year. The representatives review the report on financial statements, management responsibility, balance sheet, current assets, liabilities, loan payable to the college, net assets, capital assets, surpluses and etc. and ensure that the statements are all presented fairly. A letter of management is presented for the review of internal control recommendations. Audit of the financial statements and letter of management of frost student association are for board use only as it includes confidential information.
Peterborough Student Services (Kristi Kerford): We are working on an agreement between the college and FSA and are very hopeful this year we will get an agreement in place. Ancillary fees are charged to support our student services and activities. There are rules that apply to ancillary fees and we need to establish a protocol that talks about increase/decrease/spending/planning and strategically dividing our money.
Rev B 05-Jan-15 Pg. 2
ROLE OF FSA: Schedule meetings (3 or more in a school year), timelines sign and complete the agreement. If fee holders are interested they can meet with the FSA to inform the students on how they are using our money from ancillary fees and allow for students to ask questions about their services.
Policy One Annual Planning: The idea of having Snowfest as the winter semester welcoming week. We must ensure that we plan ahead of time and that each month we keep on top of our tasks.
Shelves Behind the Bar: Sarah has generously provided the shelves behind the bar and we want to give her a gift certificate at the value of 40$ as a thank you.
Action: Sean motions to pass the gift idea, Lee seconds and all are in favour. Tarissa is responsible for getting the gift card.
What’s Happening Table on Discovery Trail: It is part of our job to attend the tables, promote health plans and student offers/promotions. We will email program presidents and Rob from residence to collaborate on using this time to also inform students about events and offers at the school. The updated discounts list will be emailed to all FSA.
Contract with AVNK Security: The company is requesting a contract to approve and have on file. Sarah has already drafted a contract stating that when we have events we will use them and it will also outline the rates.
Action: Lee will email Sarah for a copy of this agreement when it is finalized.
AGM: Lee has been looking into different ideas to make the event enjoyable and appealing to students as we need a minimum of 5% of the school to attend and vote. Students need 15 days’ notice and the agenda must include how Kevin will be announcing the new year’s elections, graph of audits will be provided, and the change of the councils name to the Frost Student Association.
Action: Lee will go through next week of how the meeting will formally take place and start delegating tasks. Be open to ideas.
Snow Fest: Incorporate into our January orientation week. Organize prior to going away on holidays. We will start thinking about how it will run before going away and when we return we will execute the plan. Get money from transition fees and find out our budget to put towards events.
FSA Retreat: Create ideas for team building activities and work through our schedules to make sure everyone can attend in the new year.
Yuk Yuks Comedy Show: Meaghan has been collaborating with Yuk Yuks Peterborough to arrange a show for the week of orientation. Prices range from 875$-1825$ and each choice will come with an MC, opener and a headliner (3 people). We will do research on our performers and choose the best bang for our buck. We will hold
Rev B 05-Jan-15 Pg. 3
off finalizing decisions until the week is scheduled.
Action: Kyle will look up how much money we have to put toward the event. All look up things that we can do and brainstorm ideas for new students. Lee will email Sherry and find out about intake.
Movember: Organize days where participants can get together for a picture, eat mustache cookies, mustache questions and raise awareness for prostate cancer.
Meeting completed 6:24