September 24th, 2015


FSA Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes



Thurs. September 24th,  2015


FSA Boardroom


Call to Order: 4:40

Roll Call of Members: Lee Scholl, Sean Kerr, Kyle Chalmers, Evan Herman, Tarissa Holmes, Meaghan Adams, Timothy Marostega, Jessica Carthy

Declaration of Conflict of Interest:

Approval of Agenda: Completed

Approval of Previous Minutes: Unavailable


Old Business:

·         APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved

New Business:

·         Operation Wallacea: A conservation educational program that implements research expeditions. The group wants to present for their annual on campus visit at the school, however, wants to avoid facility rentals.

           Action: On behalf of the FSA, we will invite the group to present information to            all students as a guest speaker and the fee will likely be waived. Lee will be in             contact with Operation Wallacea to determine when they are available and             (unknown speaker)             will organize with facilities at the college to book a room for         the presentation.

           Approved: Lee passed the motion, which was seconded by Kyle. All in favour             and none were opposed.


·         Signing Authority: Currently Sean, Lee and Sherri have signing authority, however, it has been brought to our attention that the general manager, financial advisor and both president and vice president should have that authority so that all of the board is aware of statements that are being approved. This potential agreement brings up positive and negative effects.

           Action: Karen (General Manager) will receive a copy of the agenda and meeting             minutes so that she will be more aware of FSA decisions and the approving of             statements. 


·         DANCE NIGHT: Potentially have a dance night at the Auks Lodge, must take into consideration security, cost, DJ, advertisement, extra beer. Free the first night to see the level of participation.  

ACTION PLAN: Kyle will look into the cost associated with security, Lee will talk to Karen about getting extra beer for the event if needed, and Evan will talk to friend about DJ opportunity. Advertise through word of mouth, flyers and speak in front of lectures.  

MOTION: Kyle has motioned for next Friday being the first ‘New York Night’. Meaghan seconds the motion, 5 votes are in favour.


·         FEDERAL ELECTIONS: ‘Fleming Talks’ SAC at Peterborough campus has representatives from each party to speak on behalf of the upcoming election, it is suggested that FSA.

ACTION PLAN: Director of communications will contact Christine Bailey to get in touch with all representatives that wish to talk on behalf of their party. We will host an informal informational session with focusses on the importance of young voting followed by question and answer opportunities.  


·         VOTING FOR DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS: All in favour of Timothy Marostega for director of communications…