October 8th, 2015

FSA Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes



Thurs. October 8th, 2015


FSA Boardroom


Call to Order: 4:15

Roll Call of Members: Lee Scholl, Sean Kerr, Kyle Chalmers, Evan Herman, Tarissa Holmes, Meaghan Adams, Timothy Marostega, Jessica Carthy

Declaration of Conflict of Interest:

Approval of Agenda: Completed

Approval of Previous Minutes: Unavailable


Old Business:

·         BAR BOOKING: Family in Lindsay, whose loved one has committed suicide, want to use Auks Lodge the 14th of November. It is confirmed that we will charge the absolute minimum of 300 dollars for the booking.


·         BAR BOOKINGS FOR FSA AND PROGRAMS:  Confirm all dates and lock them down as soon as possible. Get in touch with all program presidents and notify them these are the nights we’re having ‘big nights’ to ensure we have support from all.


·         PERSONAL MATTERS: If personal matters surface come to Lee or Sean immediately and directly to help eliminate problems in the workplace and unnecessary confrontation.



New Business:

·         MARK GRAY: Manager of student services has been postponed.


·         REC PLEX:  The current agreement does not accommodate to the student body and it is suggested that we reduce the fee or make changes. Over the next 3 weeks FSA will make a list of ideas to help change and improve our current situation. Our next step is to collaborate with the city and emphasize on numbers when pitching the plan.







·        REQUEST FOR ALUMNI TO USE SHUTTLE SERVICE:  Currently the service is available to students, staff and support staff only however it is requested that we extend it to alumni. The idea is that we open it up and allow alumni to ride the shuttle bus for the same fee that a Peterborough Fleming student would pay.

Lee will negotiate with Maeda Welch prior to this motion being passed.


·         PROJECTOR: It is suggested that we get a new modern projector for the Auks Lodge. This task has been assigned to Kyle who will research cost comparisons and then get back to us.


·         ACADEMIC APPEAL: If anyone appeals academically two students need to represent on the board. Meaghan, Sean and Lee will be called upon if needed.


·         ADDICITIONS AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Meaghan and Sean went to the meeting however they felt the legwork was being pushed on us. FSA are not professionals of the matter, we can help them draw people in however we will direct them to the experts. We will tell them we have resources and we can help out in that regards however we will not take primary responsibility.


·         ALL RSVP: Reminder* if you get an invitational email make sure you respond either way to let others know and to keep our professionalism.


·         PURCHASE OF ATM MACHINES: FSA only makes 30 cents of every $1.50 fee charged at the ATM machine and we want to find out if this can be changed to benefit the students.

ACTION: Kyle has taken the initiative and will compare the initial cost of the machine and unit price, maintenance, find out how often it is stocked and will contact people if needed.


·         KEURIG: Haliburton is interested in a coffee machine that is reusable and sustainable at no ongoing cost. Lee has motioned to pass the decisions and Tarissa seconds the motion. We have predicted that the numbers will be low however; the motion will not be officially passed until that is confirmed.



·         BALL HOCKEY: Set to run for November 21st, security will help close parking lot for estimated 6 teams. Evan is well organized and will call upon Tim to help with advertisement.


·         POOL TABLES: 4 week league, Tuesday night’s starting November 3rd or 10th dates to soon be confirmed. The cost is very inexpensive so the prizes will be chosen from what we have already. Closing the tables down for 2 hours one night a week will be equivalent to the cost of regular playing time; therefore we are at no loss. Again, advertisement is needed and Tim will help with signage.


Meeting closed 5:25


SIDE NOTE: The sustainability report is used to pass on every year as a document proving what we have accomplished. We all will work on it collectively and it will be used by future boards for improvement purposes. Review your job descriptions to ensure you are contributing to the FSA accordingly.