March 28, 2018

Date:  March 28, 2018                                             Location: Boardroom


Call to Order: Board Meeting

Roll Call: Amanda Drake, Madeline, Amanda Moore, Monique, Sophia, Scott, Sam

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Monique motions to approve agenda, Madeline seconds, all in favour.

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Amanda Drake motions to approve February 28, 2018 meeting minutes, Madeline seconds, all in favour. Amanda Drake motions to approve March 21, 2018 meeting minutes, Scott seconds, all in favour.

Meeting Start: 5:08pm



Adam Alaimo

Shivam Parikh

Victoria Hynes




Retreat- Food and Itinerary:

Amanda Drake: Going to Halliburton, booked a villa for Thursday and Friday

Need to figure out who can drive, Madeline can drive and Amanda Moore can drive. Scott will be able to drive if he books off work.

Amanda: Go to grocery store for breakfast and lunches then go out for dinner.

Mileage will be covered

Get everyone up on Thursday night then figure out rides on the way back

Pine Stone resort


  • Pool, spa
  • Could explore Halliburton
  • Must bring extra money for extra needs


Open House:

Between 9:30-2:30

Amanda Moore can arrange Auk’s mascot

Amanda Drake wants and needs everybody to be there


Manager Meeting Update:

Amanda Drake: talked about events and communication during events

  • Want the operation of the Auk’s Lodge to be seamless
  • The managers need to learn how to communicate between each other and the board
  • Teamwork has been good


Legacy Reports Presentation:

Amanda Drake: All out going board members submit there legacy reports

Madeline: Legacy reports are based on what went wrong during the year, how can I approve, plans that didn’t follow through, recommendations

Amanda Drake: focus on the things you did

Amanda Moore: Sort and sweet notes

Monique: Preparing the next member in a written form

Amanda Drake: what you would have liked to know going into the position. Relation between Vice President and President with directors


Governance Presentation:



Leadership Banquet:

Madeline: having a leadership banquet

Madeline needs to know who is attending and needs to know dietary restrictions

RLS and all the boards are going (Sutherland and frost)


Frost 5K and Enderbender Volunteer Signup:

Amanda Drake: Amanda Moore needs volunteers

Amanda Drake: Enderbender starts on Friday with comedians Saturday goes into the Frost 5 K the evening goes into live music

Amanda Moore: Does anyone have their First Aid?  There will also be security guards

Monique: Kate Sirr and a local guy from Port Perry

Amanda D: Sticks and Stones are coming

Monique: Band from Snowfest might be coming in

Amanda Drake: Waiting to hear back from the comedian, also working on getting a hot air balloon

Amanda Moore: Annual event, students and people from the community are welcome, after the run yoga will be set up and venders will be in the auks. Agriculture guy coming in will be teaching people how to build a chicken coops. Sherry and Bonnie are going to help with registration. Need volunteers for someone to hand out shirts and water.


Scott: Have had a lot of schoolwork. But working on pub night posters with Noah

  • Giant janga, games night
  • Beach themed pub night
  • Sandcastle building contest
  • Been getting a lot of posters
  • Let people know they can get there taxes done for free on Monday’s


Improvement for CRO position:

  • Pre type all the papers and packages
  • Wasn’t an online document
  • Candidates packages put to online copy
  • Get a list of student emails of Frost and Halliburton and have the CRO be informed of communication with the package
  • Just using survey monkey for tallying votes- very affordable and easy to get data
  • Recommend no vacations during the CRO period-keep the CRO in the loop
  • Add details about the speech into the Candidate package
  • When asked about candidates and she didn’t know a lot
  • Information evenings to utilize funding better
  • Use pizza to bring people in for advertisement of the election




Annual Planning Policy:

Amanda Drake: Going over Policy 1: Annual Planning Cycle [which is the next year planned out month by month]


Walkie Talkies:

Amanda Drake: Use new ones and have 3 old ones as a back up

Madeline motions to approve a budget of $250 for walkie talkies, Monique seconds, all in favor.


Going to be audited again this year:

  • Going through to make sure they have all the meeting minutes.
  • Missing 3 meeting minutes
  • A lot of debt has been paid off so everything should go good


Motion to Adjourn: 6:02pm


March 21, 2018

Date:  March 21, 2018                                           Location: Boardroom


Call to Order: Board Meeting

Roll Call: Amanda Drake, Madeline, Amanda Moore, Monique, Sophia, Scott, Sam

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Monique motions to approve the agenda, Amanda Moore seconds, all in favour.

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Meeting minutes post-pone

Meeting Start: 5:01pm


Guests: Tania Clerac

Tania presents Steering Committee:

•          Brian Baker

•          Tania Clerac

•          Travis Doak

•          Brett Goodwin

•          Judith Limkilda

•          Rob Monicao

•          Trish O’Connor

•          Terry Williams


Tania is here to present Sustainability Plan

Tania: Make new sustainability plan

•          New goals and new targets

•          Created survey that was out to staff

•          Targeting different student groups and committees

•          Achieved silver star rating


•          Low carbon

•          Transportation methods

•          Carbon storage

•          Mitigation

•          Adaption

Other drivers on change:

•          Social components to keep in mind as well

For the actually College:

•          Green campus and community and courses

•          Each course has sustainability outcome

•          Try to engage the students

•          WWF program they have in place to promote and support clean practices

Eco Conference:

•          Campus sustainability project competition

Applied programs Fleming programs



  1. Existing Gaps
    1. Where should there be improvements?

                                                              i.      More involvement with the bike program, and other transportation programs for school to house, bikes were all taken and not returned. Hopefully around 10 bikes will be added. Put the sign in/out in the bio commons to charge students of not returning the bikes.

                                                            ii.      Education on recycling, getting a crew of students together

                                                          iii.      Putting recycling in the bathrooms

                                                          iv.      Sustainability get involved with shuttle bus system.

                                                             v.      Have a class for students to make their own compost waste disposal system.

                                                          vi.      Adding a lot more workshops and a wider variety of topics to engage all students.

                                                        vii.      Workshops based towards social sustainability.

                                                      viii.      Fleming Colleges ongoing projects being displayed around the school

                                                           ix.      Education on energy being produced more sustainably- more interactive

                                                             x.      Re-promoting the Free Market and encouraging donations

                                                           xi.      Warming up your food on a bike with a microwave

                                                        xii.      A handout or magnet to give the off-campus housing student so they know what to do with their garbage and recycling

  1. Success
    1. Strongest Areas of frost sustainability

                                                              i.      Garbage system

                                                            ii.      Grants for students

                                                          iii.      The initiatives that are at the school

  1. Future Focus






Constitution and Policies:

Amanda Drake: Talking with lawyer and his recommendation is to send constitution and policies to them instead of us editing them to make sure that everything is legal

Monique: Keep both copies to compare what they might have changes

Amanda: Policy recommendation was to revamp them because they are out dated, so this year it will actually be updated


Election update:

Amanda: Election closed at Frost campus, votes will be checked for doubles, triples and extras

Amanda: Should know who won by next week


Managers meeting:

Amanda Drake: went through handbook to make sure all their duties and job descriptions match the policies.

Amanda Drake: looking at putting the food bank but as an emergency option and not regular use


Legacy Reports:

Due March 31, 2018


Testing Centre:

Amanda Drake: Judith the current VP of academic, decided to make decisions to stop Exams and Mid-terms from being able to be run through the testing center and having to be through lab and class time.

Monique: Should expand center not get rid of it

Amanda Drake: Expanding would be way better

Amanda Moore: Is there anyone students could complain to?

Amanda Drake: Gather the information from the students either this year or in the summer to get the students ideas and opinions

Amanda Drake: The new VP coming in has great references and is really good.

Monique: Class time is too valuable to take away the testing center.

Amanda Moore: The flexibility [of the testing center] is a stress relief.



Who is the retreat with?

Amanda Drake: Incoming board and present board

·         2/4 bands are signed up for the Enderbender


Scott: Turtle Conservation- they still need to figure out if anyone can help with the 5K





Health and Safety:

Amanda Drake: It’s FSA responsibility to have an H&S representative. It’s hard to give someone that duty because they might ignore that part of the job. Possibly give to Bonnie and she would have to be trained in the H&S aspect. She would be doing monthly checks, doing first aid training and be the first aid person. Creating health and safety protocol. Purposing FSA pay for Bonnie to get training. Course in Oshawa in July 551.35, for millage 182= total of $742… Peterborough would be a little keeper because of gas.

Monique: Create a student job possibly?

Amanda Drake: Got students to volunteer their time and to look at the FSA space and they gave some feedback.

Monique: Since Bonnie will be here for years then it also may be good to have her in the position.

Amanda Drake: The green book would prefer for a full time staff to have the Health and Safety position.

Amanda Moore: Have the training done in the summer so Bonnie is ready for September

Scott: A lot of events cause a lot of business so summer will be better.


Monique motions to approve the summer course for Bonnies training for $741.75 total, Scott seconds the motions, all in favor.


Scott: Should have an eye wash station. Add a spot to put safety material in the case the Ministry comes in for an inspection.


Auk’s Lodge Summer Hours:

Amanda Drake: Staff is waiting for hours. Students still use the area and students pay the fee for the Auk’s lodge to be operating.

Amanda Drake: prefer to see the Auk’s lodge open at least 2 days a week

Monique: Prefers 3 [has the perspective of being a summer student]


Amanda Drake: have the hours 11-5. Going to get more information to bring to the board.


Motion to Adjourn: 6:17


February 28, 2018

Date:  February 28, 2018                                           Location: Boardroom


Call to Order: Board Meeting

Roll Call: Amanda Drake, Madeline, Amanda Moore, Monique, Sophia, Scott

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Madeline motions to approve agenda, Amanda Moore seconds, all in favor

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Madeline motions to approve February 7, 2018 meeting minutes with change to approval of school agendas, Amanda Drake seconds, all in favor. Amanda Drake motions to approve February 21, 2018 meeting minutes, Madeline seconds, 2 in favor 1 abstain 

Meeting Start: 5:00pm


Round table:


Ender bender:

April 13 and 14 Friday and Saturday

Monique: Contacted 2 bands, local guy from Port Perry for $600, with 2 hour time slot

Side Street hasn’t gotten back yet

Amanda: Friday quite night with music,

Monique: Flem Prov, hire a comedian, local band that played at snow fest will also available

Monique: Saturday 2pm -4pm Airbrush ladies will be coming in, magician, circus act

Amanda: Bands throughout the day and evening. Kate and Melissa, start of slow then get heavier at night

Amanda Moore: How much are we paying the bands?

Amanda Drake: there is a 10,000 budget, different bands will be getting a different amount of money

Monique: Have Kate and Melissa perform then Port Perry band play then Side Street then John Edward

Monique: During the day, have water pong, have a BBQ going, Bonnie is looking into getting a hot air balloon.


Manager’s meeting:

Meeting with Bonnie, Sherry and Sarah

Attended first mangers meeting

Started with job descriptions to make sure everything was covered and divided up properly different the positions

Madeline: Bring in Mike Peart or fire inspector to figure out all the aspects of the building and capacity rules.

Amanda: Want to bring up marketing for the rental of the Auk Lodges space to outside users

Amanda: Bonnie will be here in the summer then Sarah will work until she takes a leave.

Madeline: Discussed earth hour and fixing up the Auk’s Lodge manual

Amanda: Will be having meetings weekly until it is no longer necessary


Rally and Hockey Game:

Amanda Moore: was smooth and was a success

Was not a one man show, everyone helped a lot and was great

Amanda Moore things to fix:

  • Didn’t have a playlist and should have had that prepared.
  • John was the liaison, but next time get SAC to help as well
  • Email duties prior so everyone knows exactly what they’re doing
  • Next time make it not during exams
  • Talk to Bar about the plan for the night

Amanda Drake: More advertising next time- during the day and use the street team.  On the Monday should promote a lot to get more people.

Monique: Doesn’t necessarily think advertising should have started earlier


Amanda Drake: Everyone was great keeping people entertained and involved

Madeline: Need to have an FSA rep at the door at all times and security does ID. If no student car then they have to leave or have friend sign them in

Amanda Drake: Recommend Bonnie sit at the front, have a limit to one person able to sign in at a time.


Madeline: Bartenders shouldn’t have had to clean up as much as they did. They’re responsibilities and duties are just bartend- not responsible for cleaning up our mess.

Amanda: Bar staff cleaned up glass and FSA cleaned up garbage.

Madeline: In regards to SAC, they get a new president this year and there was a lot going on, get Kristi of John to be on them about involvement with Frost.


Frost 5K:

On April 14th at 10-1 or 2

Amanda Moore: Get Scott to help get turtle conservation. Was thinking to get a list of conservation organizations.

Amanda Moore: Could we get a real turtle?

Amanda Drake: Or have a make shift area with fake turtle. Recommend getting a committee together for running this and using Bonnie

Amanda Drake: Reach out to St. Johns ambulance and open up and advertise to the community. Have to get people signed up.

Amanda Drake: Should get the marathon running number signs.




Awesome turn out and went well

Went through the busy topics first opened up the floor for questions, system went well

Constitution will be done next year


Candidate Speeches:

Thursday March 1, 2018.


Reading Week:

Everyone is going away/home for the week but if you are not then feel free to come in and check emails


Health and Safety:

HSC Audit of Auk’s lodge and FSA

Requesting what to do to be at par, in the case of a health and safety officer comes in and points out anything or give FSA a ticket

Example: CO2 is attached to a shelf that’s attached to nothing but a bungee cord

Should have yearly reports


President and VP of Academics:

Tony Tilly and Judith are stepping down and they have reached out to sit down with a consulting firm to figure out what the college needs from a Good President

Everyone has been vague on what is going on

Board of Governors meeting is coming up as well and service meeting is before. March 28 meeting with B of G to discuss students’ needs and feedback

Madeline will keep everyone informed as information comes.


Dirty Bingo:

Amanda Drake: Went really well

Host were amazing


Constitution and Policies Meeting:

Monique won’t be able to join in on the meeting

Scott and Amanda will have to leave for conflict of interest reasons


Food Bank:

Many problems with the forms being filled out

A lot of international students and some of them weren’t filling out funds properly and now the food bank will only be available for emergency situations

Amanda Drake and Sherry will be having meetings with the students that applied

Amanda Moore: Will there be an opening date

Amanda Drake: No


Amanda Drake: the purpose for the food bank is not being understood. Sherry is going to go over the policy


Video Dance Party:

Okay to post the posters



Grad photos are coming up and the board room is getting used

Open house April 7

New board members and FSA will be there to support

KPI are going out mid-march, student satisfaction survey, for College not just for specific class


FIF Hunting- One Day Stand, no smoking on campus for one day

Promoting smoke free campus

Amanda Drake: health and safety, being late during breaks

Email Madeline received: raising awareness, explore ways she can support, have the conversation to capture student and facility interest. Get survey. Tie to mental health awareness

Amanda Moore: some people need it to get through the day

Madeline: irritating

Amanda Drake: if it is general it’s okay but if it’s forceful then FSA shouldn’t be involved

Monique: how many times do you hear smoking is bad for you, everyone knows it is bad for you but there is no point for FSA to be a part of it

Scott: Support all students and it seems like its bashing the students and there shouldn’t be a day to forbid smoking.

Amanda Drake: Moving the area would be different then banning it

Scott: If it were to be moved back to the windmill then it was be a safety issue as well

Amanda Drake: Silly to get involved, focus on student health not stopping smoking


Madeline: Will be having Bi-weekly meeting with the dean and he wants to know about program presidents and wants to be on a better level with the students.


Jen Lee reached out about Chilean soup day. Money goes to united way, support staff and faculty run day were you pay for bowl or pay for entry. Have FSA or student or faculty competition for chili.




Club Approval:

Fleming delta waterfowl

5 meetings

Budget $600

Don’t charge membership

2 events annual-pub nights, building houses for ducks

Hunter monitoring

Approval of club

Madeline motions to approve Fleming Delta Waterfowl club, Monique second, All in favor


Display Cases:

1- 486.85 3 feet by 4f 1- 15/16 inches deeps

2- 346.55 36” by 36”, 3 7/8 inches deep

3- 283.30 36 by 36, 1 15/16” deep


Madeline motions to approve 375 dollar budget for a Display case, Amanda Moore seconds, all in favor.


Adjourn: 5:51


February 21, 2018

Date:  February 21, 2018                                              Location: FSA Office


Call to Order: Board meeting

Roll Call: Amanda Drake, Diana, Amanda Moore, Sophia, Monique, Sam

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Monique motions to approve the agenda. Scott seconds, all in favour

Approval of Meeting Minutes: postponed

Meeting Start: 7:57 pm


Round Table postponed.


Amanda Drake: Students thought it was appropriate to the mental health fee, agreeing with $13

Monique motions to approve, Madeline, all in favor


Madeline- should look into getting access to pool before anything is done with the activity fee

Amanda Drake: even if there could be a discount, Rob McAulay said they could put money towards where ever they want


Maddy: will put pressure to get numbers for pool access.

Amanda: see if money can go towards that if not something similar

Maddy: figure out if we should keep the fee (to vote on) and then also look into numbers

Amanda: keep 65, 2% increase to the pool access.


Monique Motion to approve keeping 65 for the athletics and put the 2% increase to the pool, Scott seconds, all in favour.


Field house: keep at $15? That money goes towards the maintences and upkeep. Roof needs fixing and any big fixes would be a large sum of money.

Monique: if there is a lot of money, put a cap

Amanda: could do that but the conversation and decision would be lost over the upcoming years

Maddy: money shouldn’t be sitting there and fees are supposed to be spent


Amanda motions to keep $15 athletics fee, Monique seconds all in favour


FSA ancillary: $120.21

Amanda-if it would be lowered then the extra cost would come out of FSA

FSA total expenses are around 500,000 dollars.


Maddy: last year legal fees just stopped getting paid off. 20,000 was put into lawyers for changing gym.

Changing shuttle buses will also be around 20,000 in legal fees

AGM and Enderbender and other events still have to occur then by the end of the year there will be around 50,000 left.

Amanda: looking at history, next directors will be able to make fee decreases if they see fit

Amanda Drake: Operations have increased.

Amanda Drake thinks activity the fee should stay the same. Would take out mental health fee but students wanted it so it should stay.


Amanda Moore motions to approve activity fee of $120.21, Madeline seconds, all in favor.

Amanda: Spectrum was annoyed with 40 included taxes, if they renew the contract spectrum wants to increase fee. New contract will say 40 plus tax instead of 40 flat.


Sam: How much was the rec Centre?

Maddy: 55 dollars


Madeline motions to approve increase in spectrum fee to $45.20, Monique seconds all in favor.

Health fee no increase.

Building fee:

Dropping to 35 dollars.

Amanda motions to approve keeping the fee at $35 for operation of Auk’s Lodge, Monique seconds, all in favour


Shuttle bus:

Need to increase fee for extra runs and weekend runs.

Amanda D- Sherry Polley and herself have quotes for other company’s

It looks like the fee would double.

Amanda drake postpones Lindsay transit vote, Madeline seconds, all in favour


Motions to Adjourn: 8:15 pm

February 7, 2018

Date:  February 7, 2018                                     Location: Boardroom


Call to Order: Board meeting

Roll Call: Amanda Drake, Diana, Amanda Moore, Sherry, Sophia Monique, Bonnie

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Diana motions to approve the agenda. Monique seconds, all in favour

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Amanda Drake motions to approve January 24, 2018 meeting minutes, Diana seconds, all in favor

Meeting Start: 5:06 pm


Round table


Coffee club:

  • Not ready to make a decision
  • Looking into investing in a different place to supply the coffee for coffee club
  • As of now there is nothing to make a decision on, wait for a proposal


Amanda Drake- vice President:

  • Choose to do the teleconference
  • Thomas Luloff is coming in to recap what happens at the teleconference
  • Through everything that happened with the strike, came to realize that when it comes to International student there was a huge lack of preparedness
  • Maddy and Amanda had meeting with the Dean and he wants to get more involved with the student body
  • Dean Brett is going to set up a table bi-weekly in the Auk’s Lodge
  • Dean will possibly work with Amanda Moore doing compliment crew
  • Amanda’s also been working on Budget proposal

Scott- Director of Communications:

  • Maddy went over ancillary fees with Scott
  • Going to be updating the website, making it more user friendly
  • Food services advisory committee


Amanda Moore- Director of Athletics:

  • Working on Constitution updates
  • Talking about fees and where they are going- Rob McAulay


Sam- CRO:

  • Table setup and got the forms ready
  • International students have been interested
  • Getting the kits ready for the all candidates meeting
  • There is not someone for every position yet (student life and


Diana- Director of Sustainability:

  • Beer yoga was super fun, wants another class to happen again
  • Woodland Times- Waiting for editing from Grayson, although his on a trip
  • Amanda Moore: Have a set date for him to send it in, therefore he will probably have it ready sooner.


Monique- Director of Student Life:

  • Mainly job searching (summer/full time job)
  • Putting together Ender bender committee
  • Amanda Moore: set up meeting next week for Ender bender planning




Ancillary budget proposal:

·         Student will pay $551.21 for FSA to operate

·         Outgoing Ancillary

o   Shuttle bus will mostly be changed to another company

o   Fitness- all money in, goes out that comes in from students

o   Fieldhouse- maintenance and upkeep

o   Athletics- Varsity and intramural sports

o   Health Plan

·         Last semester- $9,000 was put into athletics, $4,000 for fitness classes, $3,000 for equipment and $2,000 for athletic therapy

·         This semester- $5500 is being put into athletics, $2500 for fitness classes, $2500 for athletic therapy and $500 for new equipment

·         FSA Operational Income

o   $277,000 total income haven’t spent close to that and still expecting to see $100,000 from the college before the end on the year

·         Auk’s lodge- what they make is what they operate out of

Proposed budget:

·         Remove mental health fee, college system has been very functional for the students with the system being changed

o   Amanda Drake: College should be providing that as part of tuition/ college services

·         Fitness center- they want to increase fees so its $40 plus tax so there might be an increase in the membership fees

·         $18 increase in transportation fees

·         Take out $10 fitness fee

o   Amanda Moore: the money is not being used and FSA is not for profit so there is no point in charging

·         Amanda Drake: moving around these funds the total decrease will be $1.80 dollars

·         With an increase of 65 thousand FSA would no longer be covering the Auk’s Lodge deficit

·         Amanda D: if FSA wants to drop fees they are able to vote on that. Give Bonnie the money to throw events

·         Monique: Give the money back to the students in a way that is practical and useful instead of just throwing fun events

·         Amanda D: a lot of students don’t understand landlord tenant rights

·         Monique: run activities like, how to do your taxes, sue, cook etc. Put money towards transportation and do more important activities. Do something so that the fees don’t keep increasing

·         Amanda Drake: Kristi Kerford and Red Keating increased all fees by 1.8% and didn’t really go over what was actually being used and where the money would be going

·         Monique: Make a goal set in place for the next board to accomplish.

·         Amanda Drake: if the shuttle contract goes bad, the next board needs to follow through. Unfortunately, the board is run by student vote not competency


Constitutional Updates:

  • Going over Constitutional edits


Ancillary College:

  • For all College ancillary, 2.2% increase based on CPI
  • Amanda Drake: feels it is an appropriate increase
  • Monique motions to approve the raise in Alumni fees, Diana seconds, All in favor
  • Amanda Moore motions to approve CPI 2.2% increase, Monique seconds, all in favor
  • Scott motions to approve compulsory ancillary fees for information technology, Amanda Moore seconds, all in favor
  • Amanda Drake postpones athletic fees indefinitely

Job Fair Refreshments

·         150 people total, 75 job employers

·         Under $300 for refreshments for the job fair

·         Monique motions to approve a budget of $300 for the job fair, Scott seconds, all in favor


  • Amanda Drake likes the idea of  having agendas
  • Monique motions to approve getting students agendas next year for under $4000, Amanda Drake seconds, 4 in favor, 1 appose
  • Monique motions to make the agendas free for the first 500 hundred students, Amanda Drake seconds, all in favor


Motions to Adjourn: 6:17 pm

January 31, 2018

Date:  January 31, 2018                                            Location: Boardroom


Call to Order: Board meeting

Roll Call: Amanda Drake, Amanda Moore, Madeline, Scott, Kyle, Diana, Monique,

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: n/a


Approval of Agenda: Monique motions to approve agenda, Madeline seconds, all in favour

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Madeline motions to approve January 11 minutes, Amanda Moore Seconds, all in favor. January 24 post-poned

Meeting Start: 5:00pm



Samantha Quinn – CRO

Scott Robertson – Communications



Sherry Moore-Polley

Bonnie Manintveld


Round table:


Madeline- President:

  • Has been doing general office work
  • Talking to a lot of students
  • Dealing with the shuttle bus and met with them, still in the works of trying to extend the hours
  • Met with Amy crows, survey for sexual violence- Ministry required survey to be sent out to all schools, will be sent on April 4, 2018
  • Meeting with Sarah Gilkes, bar manager, went over what her duties are going to be, Starting February 12, 2018
  • Has a meeting with Food Services February 13, 2018, gather information through survey monkey about food that is being given out. Organize something in discovery trail to advertise the survey being sent as student may not look at it if they are only sent an email
  • Meeting with Dean Brett for students concern, going to start meeting every few weeks
  • Met with Scott (new director)

Kyle- director of Finance:

  • Waiting for numbers to come through

Scott- Director of Communications:

  • Today started getting a feel for the website, fixed problems with the website.
  • Slowly going to adjust the website to make more user friendly

Amanda Moore- Director of Athletics:

  • Scott and Amanda had fun with compliment groups
  • Sam, Scott, Diana and Kyle will be helping set up for beer yoga
  • Trophy for hockey game is almost finished, going to Peterborough to pick it up
  • Fleming College is going to be paying for the full wage and next year for half of the new staff’s salary at Haliburton
  • Amanda-Giving the details about the new position to Sherry
  • Possibly raise Scott Walling position and give the new staff $15 an hour because it will be going up anyways in 2019


  • Changing “Cream club” back to “coffee club” (Students use a lot of cream)
  • Getting a lot of events- February and March
  • Program presidents have been starting to bring in event ideas
  • Sherry, Bonnie and Sarah will be rotating offices


  • Food bank is busy, a lot of international students have been signing up
  • Sherry thinks that some students have been abusing it
  • A lot of students apply and don’t use it but around 91 are signed up and 30-40 students have recently signed up, need to get control over the flow
  • Madeline: similar to last year
  • Amanda: could FSA work will the international student services to figure out the need
  • Amanda Drake: The more need for it the more will be donated to FSA for the students
  • Madeline: Promote good food box to the students before promoting the food bank
  • Sherry: Can’t have more than one person in the food bank at a time

Samantha- CRO:

  • Trying to get timeline sorted
  • When to do the polls? Probably before or after march break, most likely after
  • Made posters and is going to get them up ASAP
  • Madeline: Set up meetings and Townhalls so students could talk to FSA about the Board and FSA

Diana- Director of Sustainability:

  • Call Rob Monico about the coffee information
  • Data is in for the coffee recycling sorter

Monique- Director of Student Life:

  • Enderbender, been planning and going to make committee
  • Has let out the word to bands to tell them what the event is about
  • Waiting for budget for Kyle to see what numbers we have to work with
  • Quote with James Barker Band: $25,000
  • Bonnie: Becoming more popular-suggest to throw a number at them
  • Implement a brag board- have a glass case in the school, every so often have students submit pictures of anything involving their lives- fishing, farming hiking- have students vote on the best picture and then they can get a prize. Votes will be 1 per student. Many different categories. “Brag of the month”
  • The next month put the winning picture up for the whole month
  • Bonnie: limit to one person in the picture for liability reasons
  • $25 gift card to the persons choice
  • Look into getting a glass case- $60-$400. Glass case is more reliable as no one to be able to vandalize or take any pictures down
  • Bonnie: Get a TV and have the pictures on the screen
  • Amanda: Thinks the pictures would be more personable
  • Put it where the stair case to the FSA is
  • To vote get a ballot from the FSA
  • Snowfest: $7500 budget and $4300.52 was spent

Amanda Drake- Vice President:

  • Dirty bingo- Amanda Moore, Sam and Monique helping
  • Hiring packages where put together
  • A lot of meetings with international student
  • HR policies are updated




Annual General Meeting:

  • Need to make sure everyone will be there
  • Wednesday February 21, 2018 6pm
  • For students vote, changing fees
  • Referendums
  • Discuss with students how FSA is spending their money
  • Madeline will be the chair person
  • FSA is support and will be handing out food
  • Request that everyone prepares themselves to discuss anything with students about FSA
  • Asking student body about spectrum- if anything can be done better or changed
  • Discuss the Shuttle bus with the students and get their opinion
  • Get what the student body feels with the move from the Rec Plex to spectrum, last year it didn’t go well
  • Monique: Talking with the rec plex, bridges aren’t burnt, FSA will talk more, more time is needed to make an agreement with the Recreation Centre
  • Getting students vision and their opinions
  • No video, using the tape recorder

Shuttle Bus:

  • Many issues this week, International services came to FSA, they have late classes and they need the bus open late. Students said they would pay FSA
  • Shuttle bus is taking too long to respond to emails, took week and a half
  • Said they can’t do the late night runs because they can’t supply a driver
  • Amanda: reads there services and they are failing at many of their duties. Whatever is demanded they need to comply with FSA
  • Talked with lawyer, about them not being able to give the service efficiently
  • Sherry has been reaching out to companies to get quotes for buses
  • Amanda request permission from board to get quotes from other companies to supply the shuttle bus service
  • Amanda motions to approve going forward with the project, Monique second, all in favor.

Job Fair Support:

  • Marie Walden request FSA support for event to give out drinks and meet with employees, give drink tickets, show appreciation on behave of the students for them coming every year to hire Fleming students
  • Have a hot and cold table, hot water dispenser and coffee
  • Postponed budget 
  • Amanda motions to approve Madeline telling Marie that FSA will support, seconds, all in favor


Compliment crew:

  • Request $150 budget for getting more supplies
  • Amanda Drake: Flowers for Valentine’s day
  • Reach out to program presidents for candy grams
  • Amanda Moore Motions to approve $200 for the compliment crew, Monique seconds, all in favor


  • Estimated total $3,644.25 for 500 agendas
  • With the advertising discount its $1000 (that is included in the price above)
  • Amanda, doesn’t agree with having too many advertisements in the agendas
  • Bonnie is looking at what has been done in the past to try and reduce the price as much as possible
  • Between the services of the College and FSA the first 8 pages of the agenda will have all that information
  • Monique: would like to see the a completed agenda before she agrees with anything (the first 8 pages)
  •  Amanda: suggest students pay $2 per agenda
  • Get a visual done
  • Amanda indefinitely postponed

Coffee Club:

  • September to December it was $345.78 spent, income was $1060.
  • More users
  • International students are using a lot of cream and sugar
  • Amanda: How much do they want to buy their coffee and use their machines for free
  • Bonnie: Around $2000 a year, more grams are in there bags
  • FSA is not for profit although they are making a lot from the coffee club and there is a lot of room to grow
  • Bonnie: They could supply coffee for events, they clean the machines
  • Sherry: $2000 a year in coffee purchases alone?
  • Bonnie: Trial run for one year, with 2 thermals, it would be $2000
  • Amanda: It would be nice to watch the numbers level out, hard to see numbers when the strike happened
  • Fair-trade stops FSA (Aramark)
  • Monique: Likes that there would be different options of flavors, thinks investing in this would be a smart move
  • Amanda drake- Indefinitely postponed, Madeline seconds, all in favor


  • Director update


Motion to Adjourn: 6:17


January 24, 2018

Date:  January 24, 2018                                          Location: Boardroom


Call to Order: Board Meeting

Roll Call: Amanada Drake, Madeline, Diana, Amanda Moore, Kyle, Monique, Sophia.

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Kyle motions to approve the agenda, Monique seconds, all in favour

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Amanda Moore motions to approve January 3, 2018 meeting minutes, Diana seconds, all in favour

Meeting Start: 6:31



Kristi Kerford

Red Keating




Ancillary fees for board discussion and potential approval- Kristi

  • In November 2017 Kristi reviewed the fees in detail, she here to show the board that there has been no change.
  • 2% increase of ancillary fees
  • Recommended 2% increase on athletics as well
  • The numbers being looked at now are the final numbers so FSA will have to make a decision and ensure everyone is in agreement with fees, then they will go to the Board of Governors to also approve the fees
  • At the Board of Governors meeting last year SAC and FSA were present at the meeting which allowed student leaders to see the fees getting approve.
  • Kristi wants FSA members to come again to watch the fees getting approved this year by the Board of Governors
  • Kristi is leaving the fee proposal with the FSA board to review and discuss their opinion, FSA board has until the end of February to approve or change any details in the ancillary fees
  • Maddy: added 10 dollars for fitness classes this year and wants to know if we can bring up the conversation again because the classes have not been successful
  • Kristi in response: Suggest Rob McAulay and FSA get in touch to discuss how the service is useful and figure out what they want to do with the fee. To figure out if there was value in the extra $10
  • FSA can give a recommendation for what to do with the student activity fee
  • The student center fee was paying off a loan and the loan will be paid off as of January, but change of ancillary fees won’t occur until September 2018 as they don’t change the fees half way through the year although the money will then be going to the maintenance of the Auk’s Lodge
  • Consider the changing of the Fitness facility ($40)- if FSA would like to change that fee they can
  • Transit- FSA has flexibility with changing the transit fees
  • Health insurance- FSA doesn’t have direct say in the changing of fee
  • Amanda Moore asks where the athletic fees are going- Kristi answers with: supporting the field house, intramural’s, classes etc.
  • Mental health fee- is imbedded in student activities fee, its not separate


Amanda Moore- Mental health is in student fees so do we have say?

Amanda Drake- It is FSA’s choice to where the fee is going

Kristi- FSA decided last year that the mental health fee needed to be increased so they added a fee to have the extra services



Kristi would like:

  • Approval of the fees she showed the FSA Board of Directors today
  • Begin conversation about FSA fees and what they are going to do with them


Halliburton and Frost Student fees are the same


Maddy: Will have to talk to Rob McAuley about athletics


Review of Mental Health ancillary fee spending- Red Keating:

  • All Kristi left out was the purpose of the fee
    • In January there was a “reporting time” built to help provide FSA with information on where the services are most used to help determine where fees should be going in the next year
  • The have hired a counsellor 24 hours a week for 9 months
  • Has worked just at Frost, that provided more service as now there was one counsellor for each of the campuses
  • The no-show rates were not too bad even given the strike last semester
  • The counsellor had 210 appointments booked, with no shows and cancellations 136 appointments took place
  • Having the extra counsellor provided service to 72 more students
  • With an extra counsellor, Lorain, the full time counsellor was able to double her time at the Haliburton campus
  • Lorain also had connection to the other campus threw video chat appointments with students at Haliburton
  • At Haliburton, this time last year only 12 student were seen by a counsellor but this year it reached 20 students
  • 91 appointments took place this year versus 49 last year. Number has almost doubled.
  • Over the 2 campuses, almost 80 extra students were seen by a counsellor this year
  • No waiting list anymore, students are either seen the same day they went to make the appointment or with in the week
  • Walk-in have been added- 2 hours a day are dedicated to walk-ins
  • Before there was a 2-3 week waiting list and now the student are seen much sooner
  • System was changed- job title of counsellors is now “Personal Wellness Counsellor” 
  • Support is across campus- if no counselor is available at one campus other campuses are able to provide video support for the appointment
  • The help is usually from Sutherland to Frost as they have more counselors
  • Maddy: The issue was having to wait so long so it is good that now the waiting list is gone
  • Amanda Moore: Each person gets an hour?
  • Red: What happens is you get an intake 30-45 minutes, the system is now changed to allow counsellors to assess the level of service the person needs. It changed from solving the short term problem to longer term help (referrals or going online to look for other connections)
  • Amanda Moore: Does a quick appointment change to a walk-in time?
  • Red: Yes the counselor will take the next person.
  • If the time goes over they let the front desk know that they might be late so they can let the next person know.
  • Amanda- Does Haliburton do a lot of virtual appointments?
  • Only goes once a week, start with online then meet in person when the counsellor drives to the campus. Flipping between video and face to face
  • Amanda Drake- Went to Haliburton and talked to students, they said that virtual was actually very effective.
  • Red: Population of around 60 student at Haliburton so it is an okay ratio for students to counsellor is decent.
  • The virtual system has been doing its job and helped lack of appointments problem by giving the students more availability
  • Also giving more support a mental health session was offered after the strike, other events besides counselling were offered as well
  • In the end, many things came together last semester.



Expense: Based on the 2015/2016 year for mental health services at Frost and Haliburton- $47500

Actuals to date (fall semester) - $22,000

Expected until the end of the academic year (May): $15,000

Estimated total for 17/18 year- $37,000

Big difference between estimated and what was spent

  • March 31- the money continues to fund until the end of May, there will still be $10,000 give or take. It will still be FSA money
  • It can be left in there to fund the 18/19 year
  • Kristi suggest putting it towards mental health
  • Should use what they collect (the $10,000) instead of holding and saving it
  • Or they could lower the fee if there keeps being a lot of money left over
  • What service could they give if the price is lowered
  • Kristi: curious as to what else does the FSA want to think about doing- with student services – not think of mental health as last chance health option, offer the service for prevention. By adding events or other services to help.

Kristi Kerford and Red Keating Leave.



  • Giving more money to Haliburton
  • The numbers went up because of the strike stress
  • The $10,000 is a big indicator of what to do with the fees
  • Use money to purchase sculptures from Haliburton students?
  • Cut the field house classes because they are very unsuccessful, talk to Rob McAulay about cutting out the classes
  • A lot of money and there was no increase in services
  • Either decrease money or put it towards something that students with use like a sensor room
  • They changed the model of the counsellor system so that is also something to look at as well

Amanda postponed any decision to be made at this meeting.


Coffee Proposal:

  • Coffee machine is leaking
  • Local company will supply but we have to buy there coffee
  • 2 thermals and be replaced as desired
  • Environmentally friendly, packages are biodegradable
  • For Amanda to make a decisions she want to see a break down of the comparison of prices from now to if we change companies
  • Buying another machine is around $150
  • Would it put FSA in competition with Earmark?
  • FSA owns the coffee machine now and if we switched the company would own the machine
  • Amanda wants cost breakdown, currently spent now, daily-weekly-monthly- projections versus how much has been made from both semesters. Compare outtake vs. intake.
  • Amanda Drake postponed, all in favor


FSA Budget Update:

  • Looked at raising buy 1.8%
  • Cost of living goes up buy 2%
  • Board needs to decide if they want to increase student activity fee
  • Woodland times revenue, need to know what FSA will be looking at for income and expenses
  • Vacation pay for board of directors, address the change that could potentially happen with the summer directors salary
  • For the sake of future boards and budgets, set a pay so that the next Board of Directors can receive that and then decided for the other future boards whether to change the budget or not
  • Mileage went up considerably, $1018, $18 from the 1.8% increase
  • Event and supplies, a lot more was spent
  • The auk lodge operations on a deficit, FSA pays for deficit using money out of the activity fee, which is still being operating and not spending enough money, therefore there will be more money and FSA won’t have to pay for deficit anymore.
  • There will be more money for events
  • All accounts are doing well, none are in the negatives
    • Although things still need to be paid



  • Position Hires


Round table:


Amanda Drake- Vice President:

  • Had busy week
  • A lot of appeals with students in relation to final marks
  • Meet with Jeff Leal- in regards to the Red Grant
  • Met with the city in relation to the City bus
  • Super bowl Sunday Feb 4th – Maddy has budget- Bud light is sponsoring the night
  • Bud light gave posters and Amanda Drake made posters to put up around the school, the bud Light posters should be put up
  • Dirty bingo February 14- the prizes are in but still ordering more
  • Changed the way it works, there will be none sex toys prizes too, prizes for pride, Amanda Moore wants to get stickers to give away
  • Amanda did 8 appeals today and still has more to do tomorrow. Students have right for assistance
  • Diana: How do appeals work?
  • Amanda: Maddy and Amanda were trained on appeals during the summer, it works by Amanda reading a document in regards to circumstances and all the steps the student needs to take. They are also given a rubric and if there is one category that they don’t fit into then they can’t apply. Appeal final grade, 3 days to respond, if they don’t respond student appeals to panel or if student does approve of the response they can appeal that. Appeal goes to panel, Dean decided if appeal should go to panel or not. Panel has 5 days to decide and meet with student. If student still doesn’t agree they can appeal to academic bored




·         Met with Jeff Leal, working on shuttle bus grant. Working with city for the grant as well but can’t take them both, although they can apply for both

·         Looking at community and working with Todd Brian from the city, help with the shuttle bus grant.

·         Todd Brian will by looking at system to see if there are ways FSA can approve on the grant. Working with FSA, using sherry information to build business case.

·         Still on ground works of the grant application

·         Maddy has been staying out of appeals so she can sit in on any of the panels that may occur

·         The shuttle bus has been cancelled many times during the week and Maddy wants the shuttle bus company to email Maddy directly when there are cancellations

·         Open up a later time for a shuttle bus run for international students as they have late classes, now they won’t have to rush out of class to catch bus

·         One box left of prizes, quota filled

·         Been emailed about panels and probably going to end up being busy with Panels

·         Keeping schedule open to assist everyone with anything they need


Kyle- Director of Finance:

  • Working with Sherry with budget stuff, looking at the books, everything in the Auk’s Lodge is good
  • Heard positive feedback about Snowfest


Monique- Director of Student Life:

  • Snow fest went good
  • 11 groups signed up but only 4 groups showed up
  • Everyone enjoyed themselves
  • Outdoor Education students helped set up and it was an easy day
  • Ended early, everyone got good prize
  • Students learned a lot and there was a lot of good feedback
  • Monique suggested making it a yearly event
  • Happy with dance turn out
  • Amanda Drake: 25 people came to the movie night


Amanda Moore- Director of Athletics:

  • Beer yoga is finalized
  • Hockey posters are up, everything is prepared, all task are broken down for the Directors
  • Halliburton position- going through the finalization stage, college will be paying the position this year then next year the college will be paying half and FSA will be paying the other half
  • Snowball dance was very successful
  • Mascot and back up mascot for hockey game are prepared


Diana- Director of Sustainability:

  • Last week talking to world wild life foundation, talking to girl at desk about the yearly clean up and about a grant they have, if you have an idea for the school you can apply for it
  • Help SFS get the grant for their Beehive
  • How to mix it in with FSA?
  • Amanda: That would be an FSA support, or Diana can separate herself from the FSA to help them in getting the grant



  • No response from Letter Kenny, Bonnie emailed James Barker Band, trying to get quote
  • Will occur on a Friday in April
  • There is a good budget to hire a band
  • Monique is open to any options
  • Amanda: Wants to expand the music genre not just have country bands, make it into a music fest, use field house and auk lodge with different bands at different locations
  • Maddy- bring beer venders
  • The board will have a separate meeting to brain storm the enderbender event


Post-Snowfest Breakdown:

  • Everyone was under budget
  • Amanda wanted the budget to be prepared to see the breakdown of how much it went over or under so Monique will bring the number to the next meeting
  • Tony Lee was great, good amount of people showed up
  • Amanda Drake: A little unprepared, everyone should have been there to help. The bar staff ended up being paid to set up and only 2 FSA staff were there.
  • Amanda Drake feels the prep for all events could have been better
  • Amanda Drake had to go out with Bonnie last minute and that shouldn’t be happening, everything should be prepared before the events
  • Monique: delegating has been hard to do
  • Amanda: Find a way to work with getting the task done and asking for a second person to help with delegating and staying on top of people (use Bonnie)
  • Bar staff shouldn’t have been doing any of the setup, street team or program presidents should be used for events.



Motion to Adjourned: 8:37

January 11, 2018

Date:  January 11, 2018                                             Location: Boardroom


Call to Order: Board meeting

Roll Call: Amanda Drake, Amanda Moore, Madeline, Kyle, Diana, Monique called in, Sophia absent.

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: n/a


Approval of Agenda: Madeline motions to approve agenda, Kyle seconds, all in favour

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Madeline motions to approve December 19 meeting minutes, Amanda Drake seconds all in favour. January 3 post-pone

Meeting Start: 1:59pm


Guest: Sherry Polley





·         Posted director of communications position

·         Need everyone’s schedules

·         Bring in applicants during board meeting for interview- 15 minutes each

·         Invite Red Keating and Kristi to talk about ancillary fees and health fee

·         Handing out swag bags on Tuesday 9-2, Thursday 9-2

·         Snow fest next week


·         Start looking for CRO for elections

·         Going out to get snacks tomorrow

·         Discussing shuttle bus summer runs

·         Brooke Lynch contacted about mock open house asking for FSA help

·         Finishing up constitution

·         Look at spectrum and mental health fee

·         Next meeting will bring information for ancillary fees

Amanda Moore:

·         Working on Haliburton position

·         Working on SnowFest event

·         Band is really interested in playing at event and sent set list

·         Beer Yoga


·         Going through finances for AGM

·         Budgets are looking good

·         Next week a budget overview will be available, comparing previous years


·         Made a playlist for after the band leaves

·         Money in budget to buy the band pizza after

·         Sent out email to Woodland times volunteers to get the paper out


·         A lot of SnowFest

·         51 prizes

·         Help planning time sheets for tournament

·         The fire planning is set

·         Need Maddy or Amanda to be there in the case something goes wrong

·         Isn’t much need for all the directors to be there



·         The shuttlebus isn’t eligible for a grant, which isn’t good

·         Trying to get for shuttle runs

·         Mike wants to move forward and is setting up meeting to see if there’s a loophole to get funding


President Position:

Amanda: Would like you guys to think about is having a full time president, when you become president you stop being a student for that turn then you continue your students after. Could be beneficial to have someone here full time.

Madeline: Skipped class a lot to go to the meetings which is not as good for this school as we have a lot of labs.

Madeline: Managers do not have a vote if they were to go to the meetings during the day




Super bowl:

Amanda Drake- Request $300 budget for Super bowl.

Amanda Moore motions to approve a budget of $300 for the super bowl, Monique seconds, all in favour.


Human Resources Policy Manual:

Amanda Drake:  made a few edits to update. Crossed out things that aren’t needed. If general manger is crossed out it’s because president is in those positions now.

Changes to pregnancy leave, parental leave, vacation leave and sick days

Post-pone voting on the updated manual.



Sherry leaves at 2:54pm


Motion to Adjourn: 3:11pm


January 3, 2018

Date:  January 3, 2018                                            Location: Boardroom


Call to Order: Board Meeting

Roll Call: Amanda Drake, Madeline, Amanda Moore, Kyle, Monique, Sophia, Bonnie

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Monique motions to approve agenda, Madeline seconds, all in favor

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Amanda Drake motions to approve December 12, 2018, meeting minutes, Amanda Moore approves, all in favor

Meeting Start: 3:35pm




Amanda Drake-Vice President:


Amanda Drake request that everyone give their timetables to her to review everyone’s schedule.

Amanda Drake didn’t receive 2 board members time sheet and they were paid anyways so from now on there will be no reminders and the members wont get paid for their hours.


Madeline brings up ancillary fees; need to talk about spectrum and the mental health care. Next week it will be brought up again and discussed.


Amada Drake talking about Snow fest- time is up and there has been lack of prep and organization, Bonnie is running into issue because she doesn’t have a clear description of the resources she needs to plan her part in the event well. There needs to be better communication between board members and everyone needs to stay on top of things.


Amanda Drakes event: Movie night, Stepbrothers is free and being played at 7, snacks that will be purchased for event but are going to be free for the students. She won’t need assistances from the board, Friday January 19th, 2018


Bonnie has made a sheet for the board members to fill out as she needs to be able to know what is going when there are events and needs to know what instructions to give the staff involved with any events, she printed forms for the members to fill out prior to events.


Amanda Moore and Diana’s event: wait for Boxing Day to purchase supplies, Bonnie and Amanda are going shopping Jan 4. Making picture back drop. Date of event is January 18th, 2018. No stamps need to be giving but wristbands will be given to 19+. Working on getting live music.


Monique- Director of Student Life:

Monique speaking about Snow fest: Every thing is almost complete the Outdoor Ed students have all the planning done and the final sheets for the details have been given. Monique sent the safety concerns and liability sheets to Amanda and Madeline. Monique and Kyle are going out and getting prizes- outdoor themed prizes. Bonnie said that there are hats and mitts in the auk’s lodge for add to the prizes. Request that Madeline or Amanda be there. Monique sent out a request to St. Johns to bring to ambulance to the event. Amanda suggest that Monique book table in discovery trail to advertise event, 60 people can sign up with groups of 4 which equals 15 groups.


Food Bank- Sherry requested 1-2pm board members help her move food bank supply from her car to office. There will be around 60 boxes. January 9 is when she is bring the food supplies.


Madeline- President:

Madeline speaking about Positive space training: Do training on Saturday or in the late evening. Madeline request everyone send their availability to book Positive space training. Madeline and Amanda Drake sat down in discovery trail- Strike Relief Fund, with one of the administers and answered questions about the strike.




Beer Yoga:

Amanda Moore talking: Student request, fun and relaxing time and would gather interest. 1-2 hours in the auk lodge, free admission, yoga mats from the field house or students can bring their own. Hire yoga instructor. You drink beer while doing yoga- not mandatory to drink beer.

Amanda drake motions to approve $100 budget for beer yoga, Monique seconds, all in favor.

Drop the price of beer but they aren’t promoting that they will be dropping the price.

Amanda Drake motions to approve the drop in select domestic beer prices to $5 a pint for beer yoga, Monique seconds, all in favour



Compliment group:

Amanda Drake request $100

Madeline motions to approve $150 for compliment group, Amanda drake seconds, all in favor

Going to make tiny care packages


Storage Room:

Bonnie says that the storage room is hard to navigate so putting in shelves will benefit everyone being organized, cleaner, prevention for health and safety risk.; temporary shelving units. First shelve she shows can hold 4000 pounds, stationary, more durable and secure. Rolling shelves are good for being able to more around, $334+taxes, commercial grade.

Monique doesn’t think that there is a point in paying more for the rolling shelves because things are moved a lot.

Kyle thinks that they should be stationary depending on where they are.

Amanda and Madeline thinks that they should start with getting 2 shelves that are stationary and then they can look into getting more after. Bonnie asks that Amanda Drake and Madeline help organize.

Monique doesn’t know if she will be here yet week of Jan 8. Suggest that when she is here to help Sherry move food bank boxes on Tuesday they also organize the selves.

Amanda Drake request $500 budget for shelving units, Madeline seconds, all in favor


Amanda Drake- Big buck and Air hockey haven’t been getting used or haven’t really been working. Wants to see how much they could sell it for, everyone agrees with selling them. The key is lost to open up the spot where the puck is for the air hockey table. Bonnie suggests not getting something that could break down and therefore potentially cost more money to fix it. Adding machines limits space

Amanda Drake said that the capacity would still stay the same.

Madeline wants the board to brainstorm and think of things to fill the space of the machines that get sold.

Pool tables were just re-done and the material is ruined again. Amanda Drake will put up sign stating to not jump the pool table balls and potentially start asking for student cards before they start playing to figure out who is ruining them. Bonnie is asked to get cost for how much it would be re-felt it- wouldn’t be fixed until next year.


Late night food budget:


The Late Night/Early Morning Food budget has been set at $600, Oatmeal in the morning, muffins and veggie trays at night, not going to Aramark.

Bonnie request that we negotiate for a standing order at Loblaws or Food Basics. Provide late night support throughout the first week back, in the morning then at night during midterms and exams. FSA will boil the water and students can make there own oatmeal from the packages that FSA is providing. During snow fest, January 16, Tuesday @ 7am, set up to give oatmeal, apples and bananas to students, orange and apple juice boxes. Set up in main foyer.

Bonnie suggests purchasing a huge boiler then it can be used for other occasions.


Monique motions to approve $1000 for late night food budget, Amanda Moore seconds, all in favor.


Motion to adjourn: 4:30







December 19, 2017

Date:  December 19, 2017                                          Location:Boardroom

Call to Order: Board meeting

Roll Call: Amanda Drake, Madeline, Kyle, Diana, Monique, Sophia, Amanda Moore

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Madeline motions to approve the agenda, Kyle seconds, all in favor

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Postponed

Meeting Start: 5:05

Amanda Moore entered at 5:16



 Christmas Party:

$109.08 under budget

Total $591 for the whole party


Room Booking:

Hasn’t been trouble in the past but they have changed the process

Book online through physical resoucres



Due again on Friday


Amanda Drake: Vice President:

·         GSA wants to do a drag show on February 16th (during pride week)

·         Went to Peterborough to learn about Free Pour Draft system (smart system) weighs and counts all the alcohol for inventory, helps in the case of over pouring

·         Only thing they can inventory is coolers and canned beer

·         Going to see if they can invest in getting the system


·         For dirty bingo, Peterborough don’t get as many people out for events

·         For dirty bingo they give facts about sexually related things like STI’s and help the students be informed instead of giving out fun prizes

·         Peterborough gave website to get prizes for cheaper for dirty bingo


·         Peterborough street team is used like staff, street member given volunteer hours for helping in between classes.


·         Went to international students Christmas party; the students had a lot of fun

·         Came up with pub night idea: All the world night/week- four-day week, every day they get a different food from somewhere around the world

·         Clothing drive to fill up free market- every time the SFS gets something to put in, its gone by the end of the day

·         International students want to be a part of the FSA

·         International orientation is coming up


Madeline: President:

·         Wednesday the grant was finished and dealt with

·         Thursday they went to the International students Christmas party

·         Jan 2. Relief (strike) refund table will be going up in discovery trail- to education students and answer questions

·         Thursday they are going to hand out free stuff, students need it right now and really appreciated the first time they handed out stuff

·         Talked to Jennifer Lee- to schedule Positive space training

·         Christmas break-no one of FSA is required to work but they are welcome to

·         January 8th week will be off for FSA as long as Snowfest details are finalized


Kyle- Director of Finance:

·         Last week was very busy school wise

·         Agendas have been put together, found leafs and supplies from last year to add to the agendas.

·         Waiting for last month, this month and Januarys finance reports to compare them.


Amanda Moore- Director of Athletics:

·         Feb 23rd is the date set for the hockey game

·         Jen Bell is going to work with Amanda in relation to the fitness schedule for next semester as the one now wasn’t really working so they are going to work hand in hand with it to improve it.

·         Job description is done but waiting on the college to respond, Amanda Moore has sent a few emails and hasn’t heard anything back- next step is to go to Madeline, she will email them and hopefully get an answer soon


Diana- Director of Sustainability:

·         Thursday helping SFS with Buy-a-Bee for the beehive on the green roof- setting up in Discovery Trail

·         They want Woodland times to be published the first week of the first semester in the New year

·         Also put up a blog section on the FSA website

·         Get the newspaper printed through the school

·         Working on agenda quotes with Kyle



Monique- Director of Student Life:

·         Meeting with outdoor Ed. Students to talk about the survival skills stations for snow fest

·         Going to have a basic info session and sign waivers before the events begin so everyone knows what they are doing

·         Some suggestions for in between the events- snowshoes and tug of war in the snow

·         Looking into Letter Kenny and got an email of an agent- talked to Bonnie about it for guidance, so the email is in a more professional manner

·         Monique wants all the information about date-hours-place before emailing the guy

·         Will most likely be inside the Auk lodge

·         James barker band maybe- get quotes because it’s a more expensive band

·         Letter Kenny- get quotes as well

·         Time would be between 1-2 hours for any band hired

·         Bonnie and Amanda have connections to James Barer Band so we might be able to get a discount

·         Monique needs to submit a FULLY detailed plan for Snowfest before the “go-ahead” is given.




Dirty bingo:

$600 for prizes

February 14th

Amanda Drake motions to have $600 budget for Dirty Bingo, Madeline seconds, all in favor.



Annual General Meeting:

·         Plan an event around it

·         Help get people through the door

·         AGM then lead into something

·         Pick date then figure out event

·         MJ & The Beetus and get a mechanical bull

·         February 21st for the date? - good way to promote the hockey game

·         Amanda Drake motions to approve February 21, 2018 as the date for the Annual General Meeting, Madeline seconds, all in favor


Director of Communications hiring process:

·         Process is up to board because there isn’t anything in the constitution about hiring

·         Madeline and Amanda Drake where thinking of having a panel interview

·         Put up posting soon

·         Bring candidates into board meeting for interviews

·         Be able to update a website and be social media capable and competent  

·         The job description for the position will be updated a bit

·         Amanda Moore suggest that the task be laid out very clearly- they always have to be communicating with the board


Motion to adjourn: 5:45

December 12

Date:  December 12, 2017                                         Location:  Boardroom


Call to Order: Boardmeeting

Roll Call: Amanda Drake, Amanda Moore, Madeline, Diana, Kyle, Monique

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Madeline motions to aprove agenda, Amanda Moore seconds, all in favor.

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Amanda drake motions to approve minutes, Madeline seconds, all in favor.

Meeting Start: 5:04

New Business:

November 28 change minutes

Christmas party

Cheaper then they thought, vegetarian options, December 15, 2017


1.      Events

a.       Gingerbread campsites- Ashley from outdoor Ed wants to use auk lodge, 5 other students helping, using her own money. Wednesday December 20th 12pm-3pm. Expecting 15-20 people.

b.      Film festival- Student wants to rent out 250 and they want to charge $200. College is starting to charge for use of space, which shouldn’t be happening for students who attend the school. FSA will rent to the room, although FSA will not endorse her. Directed at schools not the public. Directors support helping the student proceed with this event.

2.      Time sheets- reminder they are due this Friday.

Amanda Drake:

Increase fees $6.94

John gallon is now the transportation person (shuttle and SAC).

Should start planning for the end of the year big event


Financial issues

Making sure organization is where it should be and resolving problems that have been arising

Grant application- fix missing pieces

 Amanda Moore:

Job description was created

Job is more related to college hiring not FSA hiring

FSA is not apart of the CCR, needs to be fixed


Meetings about the agendas last week


Maddy will creating shuttle survey


Working with the woodland times volunteers


Waiting to meet with Robyn- related to the Snow Fest

Working on a lot of Snow Fest stuff


1.      Time Clock- $52.03, save money, helps keep track of hours better. Pricing for different clocks $430,  $169,  $535, many different price ranges. Madeline motions to get a time clock, Monique seconds, all in favour

2.      In-camera

a.       Board Policy

Motion to Adjourn: 5:39 pm



December 5th

Date:  Decemebr 5th, 2017                                                               Location: Boardroom

Call to Order: Board meeting

Roll Call: Amanda D, Maddy, Amanda M, Kyle, Diana, Monique

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: n/a

Approval of Agenda: Approved by Maddy, Seconded by Monique

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Postponed

Meeting Start: 5:35

Round table:

Kitchen: removal of privileges if not kept clean

Christmas Party: Amanda D. needs a RSVP

Amanda D: attending international gathering, showing them support. Talking to international students. Press release for shuttle bus: grant application was submitted. Administrated issues talked with Judith. Film festival students looking for $$$. Halliburton doing social tomorrow, highest amount of students withdrawing at Halliburton campus, requesting $250. SAG students are learning in a church and needs somewhere to learn. College is looking into off campus housing for students. Bonnie is looking into giving away bar prizes at forestry night. Made a budget for breakfast and lunch, fruit, non-perishables $600 breakfast and $600 for lunch.

Maddy: Grant application, registrars office talking with Brenda. Starting up table times down stairs. Look into being more present down stairs. Appeal process is being finalized for strike fund. Students have up until April to claim. Approve date for AGM. Working on agendas in the upcoming week

Amanda M: Job position for Halliburton, looking into positive space training

Kyle: Wednesday open mike every two weeks, agendas, working on financial report with Sherry.  Working on agendas in the upcoming week. Has noticed an increase in morale.


Has been working with the Woodland time volunteers. Hoping to get first issue out January. Working on agendas in the upcoming week


Outdoor ed is enthusiastic to help with snow fest. Talking with Maddy about liabilities to do with snow fest

Wages: bi weekly may not be working. Minor prizes in the audit. Future change in the policy

Seminar is happening on December 19th for students. College and us will be proving stress bags.



Auditors report

Maddie motions to approve the report

Monique seconds

In Camera:

Board Policy 4



Motions to Adjourn: 6:40



November 28th




Date:   Tuesday November 28, 2017                                                 Location: Board Room


Call to Order: Board Meeting

Roll Call: Amanda Drake, Amanda Moore, Kyle, Sophia, Diana, Monique, Madeline

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Madeline motions to approve the agenda, Monique seconds, all in favor.

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Amanda Drake motions to approve previous meeting minutes, Madeline seconds, all in favor.

Meeting Start: 5:00pm


Madeline- FSA President:

Town Hall-More Administrative instead of program related questions and concerns

Went to other campus to discuss concerns

Setting up meeting with Julia to discuss why there are issues

Meeting with Judith on Friday

Getting reference letter from Tony Tilly, to help with grant


Monique- Director of Student Life:

Snow fest

Reached out to Outdoor Ed, they have a class that needs to run an event and are more than willing to help

They want to bring some ideas to the table as well

Potentially 20-30 people will be helping from Outdoor Ed (not guaranteed)

Still working out the kinks for the fire sector of the event


Diana- Director of Sustainability:

Adam wants budget for future events- sustainability week

Suggesting a beehive on top of the green roof

Wednesday (Nov.29) is the first Newspaper meeting


Kyle- Director of Finance:

Get the auditors in to approve

Work with sherry


Amanda Moore- Director of Athletics:

Yoga class at spectrum: great turnout, great class and a lot of people showed up

Issue: at the end she was touching people and she had a strong scent on her hand, Spectrum is supposed to be scent free so that will be great dealt with before the next yoga class

Have rocks at the door and if you don’t want to be touched then put a rock at the end of your mat at the beginning of the class


Amanda Drake- Vice President:

Town Hall was pretty intense

90% international students

Students feel like they are a money pot and they feel like they can’t leave

Nothing has been explained to them

Co-op issues- students being over charged

Event this Thursday for international students in 250, to get questions answered

Looking into the future, develop a position on the board to create outreach

Planning for stress bags and Wellness seminar is still being organized



GSA Club:

Zigg suggested FSA bring someone in to receive Positive Space training

Amanda Drake motions to approve GSA Club, Diana seconds, all in favor

Amanda Moore abstains


Christmas Party Budget:

Amanda Request budge of $700

Monique motions to approve Christmas Party budget, Diana seconds, all in favor









Call to Order: Board meeting

Roll Call: Amanda Drake, Madeline, Kyle, Amanda Moore, Sophia as Scribe, Diana, Sherry sitting in

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Madeline motions to approve agenda, Amanda Moore seconds, all in favour

Approval of Meeting Minutes:Madeline motions to approve minutes, Kyle seconds, all in favour

Meeting Start: 4:32pm


Ass to class:

November 16th 2017 at 12:00pm

“Peaceful demonstration”

FSA Arrive at 11:30


Free food, free stuff to give out

Take down testimonials

Write on questions and/or comments to get them answered



Madeline and Amanda have been doing interviews and check references for the Support Co-ordinator position

Looking at hiring more bar staff, experienced bar staff


Kyle and Amanda Moore trip to Halliburton:

Talked to 3-4 students

Some students have lost 5 credits because of strike

Communication is weak from Frost to Halliburton

They are in class still working

Limited studio space

Counselling and food needs to be upped

Would rather not go back to class because they don’t want to have the course condensed. They want their money back

Encourage ass on any questions from there to here


New Business:


Kyle Director of finance:

Sept 1st -Nov 15th

Comparing how strike has impacted

Almost 4000 dollar difference

Has dropped significantly

6000 loss overall decline in each category

Many factors are affecting the numbers

Money has not been collected yet

Things are financially okay

Going to start doing monthly reports


Sherry leaves at 4:57



Working on Fleming College agendas for next year

Madeline, Diana and Kyle will be working together now that Sarah is gone.



Sherry’s wages:

Amanda proposes that we give Sherry a weekly bonus as Sarah is gone and she has taken on a lot of her tasks.

Giving $100 extra per week.

Amanda motions to approve the FSA of giving Sherry a bonus of $100 a week until Support Co-coordinator position is filled, Madeline approves, all in favour.


Meeting Adjourn: 5:02



Nov 21th

Call to Order: Board meeting

Roll Call: Amanda Drake, Madeline, Diana, Amanda Moore, Kyle, Sherry, Sophia Monique, Bonnie

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: Amanda Drake and Amanda Moore

Approval of Agenda: Madeline motions to approve agenda, Monique seconds all in favor.

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Post-poned

Meeting Start: 4:45


Bonnie- new Support Coordinator sat in for a few minutes at beginning of meeting


New Business:



Amanda Drake:

Good student feedback in relation to the ASSTOCLASS

They were very thankful



Met up with Dean to talk about Town Hall on Thursday

Auk Lodge: Environmental programs

250: Natural Resources programs

Director at each of the events filming

Biocommons are going to be open until 10



The start has been very successful

12 people responded to the Woodland times email

Arranging to meet up with everyone next week




Don’t want to keep the hockey game on Nov 28th because the back to school stress

Moving the hockey game from November 28th to sometime in January maybe February

Starting to discuss how FSA will be moving forward with the Rec Centre



Has mainly been working on Snow Fest event details

Sign-up sheet done

Tournament sheet created

In the process of getting all of the approvals for the activities





Ancillary Fee refunds:


Do we allow students to keep membership?

Because they receive all the services, if they completely drop out they shouldn’t keep membership.

If they come back in January, they should keep membership.

Madeline read the constitution to explain 18-week period of membership after semester

Considered them to be member

Madeline motions to approve that students stay members for 18 weeks after dropping out, Kyle seconds, all in favor.


SnowFest Budget and Date Change:

10,000 budgets:

$2,500 to Tony Lee

$2,000- Thursday Winter Wonderland

$1,500- Friday movie night

$3,000-Survival Skills Challenge

Schedule working group to know where the money is going

Amanda motions to approve budget, Madeline seconds, all in favour.


Loggersports Club:


GSA Club Approval:

Inclusion, education

Goals- Pride week, drag show, providing support connects, other events etc

Vote is postponed


Support for students:

Quotes are too high so FSA is going to buy the food them selves

Breakfast: Oatmeal, hot water, bowls lids and spoons

Monday: (late night studying)- Put out muffins and veggie trays

Getting services dogs/cats- During exam time


Getting a punching bag

Stress package-bubble wrap, stress balls, chocolate, gum, tea

Setting up in the Discovery trail/ Library where most students are


Mental Health Fee:

Use money that was accumulated and not used because of strike- extended hours? More services?

Wellness seminar, bring in a speaker?

Including Halliburton, doing something for them as well

Compliment crew


Motions to Adjourn: 5:47pm

Nov 8th



Date:  November 8, 2017                                                      Location: Boardroom

Call to Order: Board Meeting

Roll Call: Amanda Drake, Kyle, Diana, Kailey, Monique, Madeline, Amanda Moore

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: Amanda Moore

Approval of Agenda: Kyle motions to approve agenda, Diana seconds, all in favour

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Kyle motions to approve minutes, Madeline Seconds, all in favour

Meeting Start: 5:34

Round Table Discussion:

Departmental Update:

Kyle- Director of Finance:

Books updated for September, October and November

Looking at what was spent and made- profit wise (from last year to this year)


Kyle concerns with the strike:

People are checking out of school

Concerned for motivation

International students are regretting their choice of coming here over other schools

People are worried that employees will be concerned with the gap of lost education


Teams Ideas for helping:

Get students voices for there direct concerns

Survey monkey to address concerns, providing the college evidence of current issues

Make-up list of questions for survey monkey and send out ASAP

Breakup events and having them smaller scale so it’s not so overwhelming

Withdraw from mental health event because they aren’t supporting student needs and state of mind


Amanda Moore- Director of Athletics:

PayPal, able to order everything

Everything should be ordered by the end of this week

Hiring student worker at Halliburton campus, using their athletic fee

Partnering will Zigg from GSA, Tuesdays 8-10 in the Fieldhouse, different events each week

“Diversity” instead of “inclusive”


Diana- Director of Sustainability:

People wanting to get their voice out

Looking into making Woodland a committee

“Woodland Times Committee”


Kailey- Director of Communication

Everything has been organized with all the Meeting Minutes

Meetings have been happening with Madeline and Amanda Drake, also talking/wanting to talk with Directors

Food services: Extended hours after the strike


Madeline President:

Getting student issues resolved

Looking at bar relations

First interview was conducted

Shuttle bus information

Amanda: Madeline make list of task- giving out task so she can focus on more important matters

Bringing in directors for extra help and an extra set of eyes


Monique- Director of Student Life:

Snow fest event

Has already delegated task and days/events for people to help with

Monday scheduling meeting with Kyle to figure out numbers


Amanda Drake- Vice Present:

Focused on strike details

Responding to students in relations to strike

Trying to figure out advocating for present strike or post strike issues

Has been attending a lot of meetings

Working on Policies with Sherrie

Said Town hall was well received

Connecting with Georgian College to get there prospective

Sharing the Town Halls with the Georgian College

Discussing the possibility of another Town Hall- for when the strike is done

Student was partially angry because not posting opinion, posting links



Everything is mapped out for what is happening this semester and next semester

Doesn’t concern FSA yet



Set up table in Auk lodge

Making an FSA team to donate to Charity

Needs to be from an FSA standpoint

Trying to come up with event

Have a barber come in to fix everyone’s beard in December



Ancillary History:

Fees we talked about are fees that go directly to the college and is money they use to operate

If they feel money should be put else where then it can be initiated if asked by FSA

FSA has final approval for where the fees go to


Loggersports Event Breakdown:

It went well and was fun

Issues with Mascot- find new mascot, reach out to student body

Find someone from street team to be mascot




Spotted at Fleming:

Reach out to student who created it

Wanted to know if FSA would want to purchase spotted for $400

FSA will have control

It would lose integrity

Students would be angry

Amanda motions to not purchase spotted, Madeline seconds, all in favour.

Amanda Moore is leaving at 6:33pm

Kailey leaves and accountability session begins.

Motion to end meeting at: 7:22pm




Nov 1st

Call to Order: Board Meeting

Roll Call: Amanada Drake, Madeline, Diana, Amanda Moore, Kailey, Kyle, Monique

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: Amanda Moore

Approval of Agenda: Amanda Moore motions to approve the agenda, Amanda Drake seconds, all in favour

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Madeline motions to approve meeting minutes, Monique seconds, all in favour

Meeting Start: 4:31pm

New Business:

Proposed Budget, Fleming College Catholic club



Sarahs last day November 10th 2017

Sophia’s first day


Round Table:



Brooke Lynch: Requested use of the FSA shuttle bus for open house on November 18th

Would pay for added runs and making it a half hour earlier.


Open House:

Saturday November 18th 2017


Ancillary fees:

bring in school administrators to talk about the ancillary fees, what they are for, discuss if there is a price increase and why.


Stay calm study on

November 28th 2017, Student support event, promot food bank and healthy eating, handing out snacks


Monthly Report:

Talking about Hockey game and stay calm studying on, on the same day and how to work in both.


Fall Fair Review:

Good feedback from students, happy they had something to do. Around 40 people showed up for the haunted walk.

Between board members a lot of miscommunication.

Could have been a liability with miscommunication between locations of where the walk/events were being held.

Amanda Drakes suggests there needs to be more proactive behaviour.

Task were given out that weren’t completed.

To improve:

·         Check-ins with Madeline and Amanda Drake

·         Checklist made for the event

·         Delegating tasks so no one is sitting around wondering what to do

·         Avoid advertising before things are finalized

·         Strategizing the timeline to keep people ingaged

·         Safety: Making sure secruity legitiments are clear


Working Group Progress:

Going well, up to section 4 in the constitution

Application is going well

Put a face to the grant application

Start getting feedback about the expantion of the shuttle bus

Fall Fair is done

Tony Lee is booked for Snowfest



Feedback on social media, no more than 10/1700, 3 negative.

Been miscommunication.

Taking about upset student- about confusion with the strike, program continued first week of strike then stopped after reading week.

Going through negotiation got no where, College is available to start negotiating on November 2nd 2017.

Extention of all programs (into winter break).


Amanda Moore adds Hockey game to round table:

November 28th 2017 event starts at 7, 7-8:45 these stations are available:

Diana and Amanda Drake will be working the door

Monique- cottan candy duty

Madeline- is on popcorn

Kyle- is on pizza

Fill out ballot if you wanna be apart of shoot-out

Mascots drop puck


Amanda Moore adds communication to round table:

Needs to be a lot more communication

Everyone needs to know what everyone is doing at all times so all directors are in the know

When asked question all directors should know how to answer

Face-to-face communication, email isn’t as effiencent

Suggests everyone has to speak at round table

More updates for the students, sending emails more then just once a week


Kailey adds to round table about food services:

When strike ends, free pizza, granola bars

Getting feedback through survey

Vending Machine despences fresh food



Kyle singing national athlem

Everying is organized

TSN will be there filming




Wages and approval for new positon:

Change from operations manger to a co-ordinator positon

“Support co-ordinator” and pay rate of $18.00 compared to $22.50

Someone with actual experience, not student

2-5 years of experience, superviser experience

Amanda motions to approve change in title and rate, Monique approves, all in favour



Agenda’s for new students, price: $3700

Can be sold in Auk’s lodge.

Be ready for September 2018

Decision indefiniatly post poned.


Fleming College Catholics:

Connection to St. Marys church

Amanda Moore motions to approve Fleming College Catholics, Madeline approves all in favour.



Meeting Adjourned: 6:19pm








Oct 18th



Call to Order: Board meeting

Roll Call: Amanda Drake, Amanda Moore, Kailey, Diana, Madeline

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Madeline approves, Kailey seconds, all in favour.

Approval of Meeting Minutes: N/A

Meeting Start: 4:32


Hockey Game Budget

Breakdown of the budget discussed. Madeline motions to approve a $2000 budget for the hockey game, Amanda seconds that motion, all in favour.


Fall Fair Budget

Breakdown of the budget discussed. Madeline motions to approve a $2,750 budget for the fall fair, Kyle seconds that motion, all in favour.



Breakdown of the budget discussed. Amanda D motions to approve a $1000 budget for the Loggersports after party of a band in the Auks Lodge, Amanda M seconds that motion. All in favour.


Lindsay District Chamber of Commerce

Amanda motions to approve a 1 year membership costing $250 to the Lindsay District Chamber of Commerce, Kailey seconds that motion, all in favour.



Amanda Moore motions to approve a budget of $750 to purchase two ipads and two cases to be used for surveys and relaying information to the students, Kyle seconds this motion, all in favour.


Bob Johnson

Amanda Drake motions to approve a $20 budget for the purchase of a good food box and a card for the passing of Bob Johnson’s wife. Kyle seconds, all in favour.


Meeting Adjourned: 4:51


Sept 20th



Call to Order: Board Meeting

Roll Call: Madeline Williams, Diana B, Amanda Moore, Amanda Drake, Kyle Kohring, Monique C, Kailey Watson

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Amanda motions, Kyle seconds, all in favour.

Approval of Meeting Minutes: N/A

*Meeting with Joe about the strike*


Meeting start: 4:58PM


Dry cleaning

Amanda D. motions to approve for the dry cleaning of the Auk, Madeline seconds, all in favour.


Campus clean up

Amanda D. motions to approve a $100 budget for food and the gift card at the campus wide clean up dependent on sign ups, Madeline seconds, all in favour. Discussion to follow.


Meeting adjourned:



Board Retreat

  • Need to plan the AGM at next retreat

  • Kyle is taking the lead for bookings


Meeting adjourned: 6:00PM

Sept 15th



Call to Order: Board Meeting

Roll Call: Amanda Drake, Amanda Moore, Diana, Kyle, Monique and Kailey

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: Kyle motions to approve the agenda, Amanda Moore seconds, all in favour

Approval of Meeting Minutes: N/A

Meeting Start: 3:15PM


Round Table:


Amanda Moore gives her first proposal of the Frost vs. Sutherland Hockey Game event.


Diana discusses some of the current shuttle bus issues and an idea to harvest spider plants around the school for students.


Amanda Drake discusses the BioBlitz event and the FSA’s role in that event, duties during office hours, filling out and submitting time sheets and staff training.


Monique discusses the progress of the plans for the Auk’s Lodge mural and wood design decorative touches. To be revisited once a budget is made.





The FSA needs to appoint one of its members to be the chair at all of our meetings. Amanda Moore motions for Amanda Drake the take on the role of chair, Kyle seconds the motion, all in favour.



The FSA must hire a scribe to record all of our meeting minutes at our meetings. Until a scribe is hired, it will remain the responsibility of the Director of Communications. Amanda Drake motions hire a scribe, Monique seconds this motion, all in favour.


Event Survey

Monique brought up the idea of having a survey for students to get feedback on what they would like to see for future events. Amanda Drake motions for Monique to reach out to students for feedback on events. Amanda Moore seconds this motion, all in favour.


Meeting Adjourned: 4:21PM