Health Plan

Fleming College, Frost Campus Student Health Plan

The Frost Student Association administers the Student Health Plan. 

Students enrolled in full-time programs are automatically enrolled in the Standard Health and Dental Plan*.  Coverage includes Dental, Prescription Drugs, Life, Accident Death & Dismemberment and Travel Insurance.  Enhanced Drug & Vision and Enhanced Dental & Vision are also available at no extra cost.  You are able to change your plan to either of these prior to the Opt Out Deadline(s).
Note: Vaccines (rabies vaccination) for the Fish and Wildlife Programs are covered under the Standard Plan only.

Students are offered three different plans to best suit their needs throughout their time at Fleming College:

  1. *Standard Plan (recommended for the Fish and Wildlife Program)

  2. Enhanced Prescription/Vision Plan

  3. Enhanced Dental/Vision Plan

Using your Health Plan

Student or ClaimSecure ID cards may be used at any participating provider (pharmacist or dentist) across Ontario and payment of eligible claims will be honoured.  To complete a prescription drug or dental claim you will need to supply the following information to the pharmacist/dentist:

Group # 515647                                                                                                         Certificate # (seven digits) 00-------F
Provider:  ClaimSecure                                                                                                                   (eight digits) 0--------F

Co-ordination of Benefits

If you have existing health and dental coverage (i.e. – covered under your parents plan), you can co-ordinate both plans to increase your coverage up to a total of 100% of the actual expense(s) incurred.

Opting Out

If you already have a health and dental coverage, you can Opt-Out of the Student Health Plan prior to the deadline to receive a full refund.  All information is available online at  

Once you have completed the online form, print it out for your records.  You will be asked to provide this confirmation and/or your Student ID to your Health Plan Coordinator when you pick up your reimbursement cheque at the Frost Student Association (up the stairs at the Auk's Lodge, 269D).

Note, even if you opt out of the Student Health Plan, you are still able to access services within the College’s Health Service Department.  This includes appointments with the Campus Nurse and Physician.

Opt Out Deadlines:

Fall Enrollment – Sept 20, 2019

Winter Enrollment – Jan 24, 2020

Spring Enrollment - May 22, 2020

Family Add-On

Students are able to purchase coverage for their spouse and/or dependant(s) that require health and dental coverage.  There are options for one or multiple dependants.  All family add-on information is available online at  Your family will be enrolled in the same Student Health Plan you choose for yourself.

It is strongly recommended that you create an online profile at  Here you can submit and review claims and keep track of the maximum amount you have used.


Where do I go for Help/Questions?

More information is available through your Health Plan Coordinator, Sherry Moore-Polley at the Frost Student Association (up the stairs at the Auk's Lodge, 269D) or email at

You can also go to

Download the “Fleming College Frost” App for free from the Google play store for more information about Health Plan Benefits