Food Bank

The Frost Student Association operates a Food Bank in their offices to assist students in "Emergency Situations".  To ensure equal and fair distribution of food, the food bank is available only once per month to students who qualify.  If your situation is urgent and you need to use the food bank more often, please advise the Food Bank Administrator or an FSA Director.

The food is provided to us through membership with the Kawartha Lakes Food Source and generous donations from staff and students at Fleming College.  All food provided is free of charge and in reasonable condition.  The Food Bank is replenished once per month (closed during that time).

Any Frost students wishing use the Food Bank must complete an application and provide proof of income and expenses to meet the criteria of OAFB and KLFS before being allowed use of the Food Bank. Information collected on this form is shared with the Kawartha Lakes Food Source, Ontario Association of Food Banks and food banks in the City of Kawartha Lakes to provide statistical data regarding demographics, age, family status, disabilities, gender, usage and more. It also ensures that food is distributed fairly to those in need and that the Food Banks are not being abused.

Students who qualify will be issued a Food Bank card that must be shown prior to being allowed access to the Food Bank.

**If you are a Single Parent or are supporting a Family it would be beneficial for you to use the Kawartha Lakes Centre of Hope in Lindsay, as they would be better at providing you with the necessities for your family.  Please see the Food Bank Administrator for further information.**




Tuesday - Thursday
11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Closed Holidays and Weekends

Located in the FSA offices above the Auk's Lodge.

If you have any questions please contact the Food Bank Administrator:

Sherry Moore-Polley 
(705) 324-9144, x3047

Good Food Box

Good Food Box - $15 a month

The Good Food Box program is a community based initiative run by Community Care City of Kawartha Lakes whose mission is to improve access to affordable and healthy food for the community.  The program is available to any resident of the City of Kawartha Lakes, and is only $15.00 per month.  Place your order with the FSA Office Manager by the first Tuesday of the month and pick up your fresh produce on the third Tuesday of the month.  This program runs throughout the year.

The Good Food Box showcases some of the season’s finest fresh fruits and vegetables from as many local growers as possible (spring thru fall only). The box also contains recipes featuring the produce in the box. This is an excellent way to support local farmers and save yourself some money. Buying local is also a great way to minimize your carbon footprint – the less your food travels from farm to plate, the lower the associated greenhouse gas emissions.

Students can participate by placing their orders with the FSA Office Manager by the first Tuesday of the month.  Good food boxes are delivered to the Frost Student Association on the third Tuesday of the month. Participating students will be notified via e-mail when they arrive.

If you have any questions please contact the FSA Office Manager:

Sherry Moore-Polley 
(705) 324-9144, x3047