Frost student Association, Annual General Meeting

February 21, 2018

Meeting Minutes:

To Our Members

Madeline: Good evening everyone, I am Madeline Williams I am President of the FSA as well as the chair for tonight’s meeting. I welcome you all to tonight’s Annual General Meeting for the FSA. We have reached quorum I now declare the meeting of February 21, 2018 at 6:20 pm we have reached quorum at 7:05 the Annual General meeting is now open.


Madeline: I will now introduce your members of the FSA members:

Amanda Drake Vice President, Scott Robertson Director of Communications, Monique Crichton Director of Student Life , Diana Ballarano Director of sustainability, Sophia Paoluzzi Scribe and Amanda Moore Director of Athletics.

Staff: Sherry Polley Office Manager, Sarah Jilks Auk’s Lodge Manager, Bonnie Manintveld Support Coordinator.


Madeline: So how will this meeting go? The Duration for the meeting we ask that you guy be quit during the slides and if you have any questions please wait until the end. We have reach quorum before the meeting started which is approximately 80 students. When we ask for the approval of the agenda and meeting minutes we ask that you raise your hand and don’t put it down until it has been counted. We will also need to approve the meeting minutes and agenda for the 2016 and 2017 Annual General Meeting and approval of the auditor’s financial statements for the auditors.


Madeline: Each person here is a member and when asked to approve for the notice of meeting please do by a show of hands


Madeline: The notice of meeting was debauched to the members Thursday February 1st 2018, if there are no objections by a show of hands please let me know if you approve the notice of the meeting.

I declare the motion carried and will move on to the approval of the agenda.


Madeline: We need the members to approve the agenda and meeting minutes and will go over the financial audit report, financial statements. Then we will open the floor to discussing the shuttle bus, fitness facility and the mental health fee. We will need the members to approve the agenda for the evening and approve meeting minutes for January 13, 2016 and November 30, 2016.


Motion approve the agenda for February 21, 2018: motion carried

Motion approve the meeting minutes for January 13, 2016: motion carried

Motion to approve the meeting minutes for November 30, 2016: motion carried


Financial Audit report:

Amanda Drake: Unfortunately our auditors couldn’t make it tonight so I will be presenting you there report from last year’s finances. Okay this is the statement of the financial position as of the end of the year, as you can see it is compared to 2016 numbers as well. We will be looking at the big numbers in the bold. What we own as students is $1,283,607, looking at our liability which is accounts payable, loans that we own money to= $139,884 and long term debit is $142,950. In total what we have as students is $1,425,901.


Amanda Drake: Next is our Statement of Operations, revenue versus our expenses. What this has looked like over the past couple of years is we have had an excess of revenue-Total revenue= $1,079,742 Total expenses= $973,143. $106,599 left over. So it goes towards the maintenance of the field house.


Amanda Drake: Next is our statement of Cash Flow, operating activities as you can see the total of operating activities is $113,640  our financing activities is $-122,453 our investing activities (so it’s the purchase of need assets- in this case the dishwasher around $2000).  Did have a decrease in cash flow this year of about $10,000.


Amanda Drake: a Report on the financial statement from the auditors was:  In our opinion the financial statements present fairly and all material respects the financial position of the Frost Student Association as of March 31, 2017 and as a result its operations and its cash flows for the year act in accordance with the Canadian Accountant Standards for the Not-for-profit organizations so what that means is that we are in good standings.


Madeline: Now I will present the financial statement and give a brief overview. We will be going through the financials as of March 31, 2017 the Frost Student Association was operating at a debt of $118,243.96 the total income generation for the 2016/17 year 431,376.96. Total expenses of the physical year $313,133, income generated was from the student fees of Fleming College.


Madeline: These are graphs of the income of the Auk’s lodge and all of our accounts for the auk lodge. For the Auk’s Lodge, the Auk’s Lodge revenue for 2017 year was $61,912 Auk’s Lodge expenses were $73,301.17 and the net income was $-11,383.54. All our accounts this will go under operation account the total income is $539,460.48, the total expenses $462,699.11 and the net income $76,779.37. Even though there is a deficit with the Auks lodge we are in good numbers.


Madeline: In addition FSA has operated under their budgets for all there events this year. While simultaneously providing lots of fun events.


Madeline: Are there any questions or comments so far going through this process.


Madeline: So the FSA operations- The FSA is expected to operate out of the activity fee. The Activity fee for this year was $ 277,734.45 so what is operated out of this fee is wages, events, legal fees, director fees and anything that the students need. The Auk’s Lodge is able to operate its self out of income, since it has operated at a deficit most years the deficit is paid off using the FSA’s operation income.


Appointment of Auditors:

Madeline: McColl Turner Special Accountants and auditors have been with the FSA for 3 years this arrangement has been reviewed by the board of directors and it has been recommend that the McColl Turner Special Accountants be re-appointed to auditor.


Madeline: By a show of hands do you guys appoint the McColl Turner Special Accountants for the next coming year. By a show of hands do you approve the McColl Turner Accountants for next year?


Madeline: Okay so McColl Turner has been appointed for the Auditors for next school year.


Madeline: Now going to open up the floor for discussion about the Shuttle bus:

For the last couple months students have shown an increase in need for the shuttle bus right now the FSA is currently runs the shuttle bus within budget which means there is no room for growth currently.

Madeline asked students:

1: Do the students want expanded?

2: Would students be okay with increase?


Opinion: Amanda Moore- more runs (night and weekends)?


Questions: Better if there were more night time bus routes and more in town buses.


Madeline- Would you be willing to pay for that increase?


Questions: How much more would we have to pay for increasing the services?


Answer: Amanda: Because the growth has been so big this year we have actually been reaching out for quotes. Just to double the amount of runs- from Peterborough to Lindsay and back to Peterborough 3 times a day, it doubles the cost of the shuttle. For evening runs they have to pay their workers extra or hire an evening bus driver  which will end up costing about $100 a run so what that means is be pay so much money per day then multiplied by 2 and add $100. Double that would double the ancillary and some.


Sherry Polley: Quotes they have seen- Lowest seen so far is $650 for a day, morning, afternoon and evening. Some are coming in at $800 a day. Have been looking into it and will see an increase a lot in price but it would also be beneficial.


Questions: Student percentage 1:20 would it be possible for students to purchase a car instead of paying?


Answer: Amanda- What that would work out to be is that if we had say 200 not using and it cost about 1000 a day we have to offset that cost which could potentially cost the students $30 a day to ride the shuttle bus. So that’s why we do it as a whole.


Question: Suggestion- having a connection to go from Peterborough to other cities.


Answer: Madeline: we will try to make that possible for next year.


Recreation and Athletics at Frost:

So this year we got a couple new things, we have a new fitness facility. We have added fitness classes at the field house and we are trying to find out ways to provide for fitness and recreation at frost and we want to know what you guys want moving forward. If you guys like the fitness facility or if you want to go back with the city? We want to hear what you guys want moving forward.

Amanda Drake: so one of the things that comes up a lot is the pool at the rex plex.

Madeline:  So would that solves some problems getting students access to the pool.


Comment: I don’t use the gym, I’m not going to lie and I know a lot of people who prefer the new gym but I miss that pool it was great. I know last year’s problem was let the hours weren’t as assessable but it was still worth it.


Question: Way for students to choose which gym they would like to go?


Madeline: when we were looking at different fitness facilities we looked down that avenue but the gym are all or nothing. Unfortunately we were unable to do that


Question: Some students don’t know how to use the gym. Way to help people learn how to use the equipment properly or have someone help them start.


Madeline- Like having a gym for beginners. That program could definitely be put in place.


Comment: I go at all times and the staff there are very helpful.


Question: fitness schedule- on certain days there are no fitness classes but Monday has more classes. They run during the day when I have classes


Amanda Moore- The classes are based on the trainer’s time table, we are trying to get more classes but no students have really been coming out. We will email Jen who deals with the schedules to email Amanda to discuss the class times.


Amanda Moore: If you are satisfied with spectrum please put your hand up (More than half the students people put their hand up)

Amanda Moore: If you like rec plex more than spectrum please put your hand up. (Less than a quarter of the people put their hands up)

Maddy: If you like rec plex because of the pool please put your hands up.

Madeline: Because the demand for the pool is so high, moving forward we may look into getting access to the pool.


Mental Health Fee:

Maddy: We are now going to discuss the mental health fee so one other thing we did last year was part of the activity fee the 13 dollars from the activity fee goes towards mental health. So the activity fee goes towards counsellor providing 4 days a week at frost and one day a week at Haliburton. In terms of students seeing the service.  136-72students seen. So our question to you as members would you guys like to support this mental health fee moving forward. Please by a show of hands.


Comment: I think mental health is important subject and I wants to make a comment on the no shows, somebody with anxiety might have it kick in preventing them from going. Maybe creating a group at school to help students with mental health.


Madeline: Would virtual appointments be better?


Comment: No necessarily because it can be very impersonal. But having a group on campus for students will mental illnesses to support each other could be beneficial.


Madeline: Moving forward we are going to look into forming a committee around that.

Amanda Drake: It would definitely be something to look at for next year.


Question: I think over all visibility and di-stigmatizing it is extremely important. Got a lot of 1 on 1 at work. Identifying signs of mental health. Peer support and professional health. But looking at mental health in a positive way. Is that something that the FSA could facilitate?


Amanda Drake: FSA is involved with mental health initiative team, FSA knows where the money is going. There has been events to support mental illness like Bell Let’s Talk Day, Stomp out the Stigma but it could definitely be something the FSA does more of, if there is call from the students then it is the responsibility of your student leaders to do that for you.


Madeline: If there is anything the FSA can do for the students to help support their mental health, don’t hesitate to email the FSA or ask any questions.


Question: for my experience, well maybe you guys have made improvements since I visited but basically I was told that they didn’t have time and that there are a lot of students and not enough resources so I think maybe if you just broadcast it and say to students that “we are making a difference” and “there is time for you” would be more beneficial.


Answer: So being more transparent with the system? Alright yeah


So from here we would like to approve the auditor’s statement

Madeline motions to approve auditor’s statement for March 31, 2017. Motion passed


Meeting adjourn: 7:37pm

Madeline: declares meeting closed.


Madeline: I now invite anyone who has questions or comments about the business to come speak to us after we draw the prize. I want to thank all of you for attending and taking an interest in the FSA business and for the support in the following year.