January 29 2019




Call to Order: Frost Student Association Meeting

Roll Call of Members Present:

Amanda Moore, President

Shivam Parikh, Vice President

Patrick Santos, Director of Athletics

Adam Alaimo, Director of Sustainability

Victoria Hynes, Director of Student Life

Kelsey Reich, Director of Communication

Kieran Murphy, Director of Finance


Sherry Polley, Office Manager

Bonnie Manintveld, Support Coordinator

Kristi Kerford

Send regrets: N/A

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A.

Approval of Agenda: All approved.

Approval of Previous Minutes: Postponed.

Meeting Agenda:

I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call of Members Present

1) Declaration of Conflict of Interest

2) Announcement

3) Call for New Business

III. Approval of Agenda

IV. Approval of Previous Minutes

V. Round Table Discussion

1) Baby shower (Sarah)

2) AGM (Amanda)

3) Ancillary Fee (Kristi)

4) Shuttle Bus issue (Adam)

VI. Business

1) Pride Week

VII. Motion to Adjourned

Meeting Discussion:

Kelsey and Kieran will not vote for minutes approval prior to the January 15th, 2019 minutes due to their

start date.

Motioned: Patrick motioned to approve November 19th, 2018 minutes.

Vote: All 5 for. 0 opposed.

Motion: Adam motioned to approve November 26th, 2018 minutes.

Vote: All 5 for. 0 opposed.

Motioned: Shivam motioned to approve December 3

rd, 2019 minutes.

Vote: All 5 for. 0 opposed.

Motioned: Adam motioned to approve December 10th, 2019 minutes.

Vote: All 5 for. 0 opposed.

Motioned: Patrick motioned to approve January 8

th, 2019 minutes.

Motioned: All 5 for. 0 opposed.

Motioned: Adam motioned to approve January 15th, 2019 minutes.

Vote: All 7 for. 0 opposed.

Motioned: Amanda motioned to approve Town Hall November 28th, 2019 minutes.

Vote: All 5 for. 0 opposed.

Amanda confirmed approval for January 22nd postponed.

1) Ancillary Fee (Kristi)

Kristi introduced herself to the new FSA Board members, Kelsey - Director of Communication and Kieran

- Director of Finance.

Kristi briefed previous ancillary fee meetings and the fees setting/approval process for the upcoming


Kristi acknowledged the provincial announcement of 10% tuition reduction, OSAP changes, and fees optout option, and addressed the uncertainty of the news. Thus, the college will continue to proceed with

the regular fee setting process until further official announcement and adjust when more information


Kristi revisited the compulsory ancillary fee charges; all of which are increasing due to the cost of living.

• Alumni fee: $14.33 - $14.62

• Support Services fee (health, counselling, tutoring, careers, etc.,): $94.02 - $95.90

• IT fee: $97.85 - $99.81

• Frost Athletic fee: $65 - $66.30 (2% increase)

Motioned: Amanda motioned to approve the revised ancillary fees for IT, Alumni, and Support Services

due to cost of living, and the Athletic 2% fee increase.

Vote: All 7 for. 0 opposed.

Kristi to scan the signed form and send via email to all members.

Kristi left the meeting.

2) Baby shower (Amanda)

Amanda announced the baby shower for an employee of the Auk’s Lodge, and invited all members to


Amanda proposed $5 per person for a gift, and the FSA to purchase a cake and a card. All approved.

3) AGM (Amanda)

Discussions made regarding prize allocation and distribution; colourful sticky notes to be placed under

chairs, draw for Go-Pro, etc.; giveaway prizes including three coffee club memberships and two


4) Shuttle Bus issue (Adam)

Adam briefed the incident which occurred at the weekend; a student uses the bus service in the

weekend was racially abused by the bus driver.

Adam to inform the service provider about the incident.


Amanda announced the upcoming Pride Week, February 14th and proposed a budget for the event.

Bonnie briefed Pride Week events:

• Monday (11/01): “I’m an Ally” campaign - distributing stickers and buttons, all of which are supplied

by the college. "Spotted a Prize" competition encourages students to wear their stickers/buttons all

week to win a prize.

• Tuesday (12/01): Bonnie to purchase the coffee urn, herbal tea, milk, and cream for Spill the Tea;

students to make tea and express their worries on the chalkboard. Trivia/Kahoot hosted in the

evening will include topics of LGBTQ, diversity, etc.,

• Wednesday (13/01): Obstacle Course, DIY Bath Salt, as well as Pride Service Fair in the Auk's Lodge.

Evening activity including Drag Show; two drag queens had confirmed their availability. Robyn to

inform students should they wish to be involved.

• Thursday (14/01): Speaker Rosalyn Lawton and Dirty Bingo.

• Friday (15/01): “Be Gay with S.J.”.


1) Pride Week

Motion: Adam motioned $1,200 for Pride Week events in February 14th, 2019.

Vote: All 7 for. 0 opposed.

Meeting Adjourned at 13:30.

Date for next meeting: Tuesday, February 5th, 2019 @ 13:00.