January 22 2019




Call to Order: Frost Student Association Meeting

Roll Call of Members Present:

Amanda Moore, President

Shivam Parikh, Vice President

Patrick Santos, Director of Athletes

Adam Alaimo, Director of Sustainability

Victoria Hynes, Director of Student Life

Kelsey Reich, Director of Communication

Kieran Murphy, Director of Finance


Sherry Polley

Bonnie Manintveld

Sarah Lancaster-Gilkes


Robyn Zanetti

Send regre

Meeting Discussion:

Amanda raised the shuttle bus error in the previous minutes and postponed the minutes' approval until

the next meeting. The error has been rectified.

1) Pride Week (S.J. & Robyn)

S.J. introduced to be the new LGBTQ Diversity Worker and proposed cooperation with the FSA by

creating a subcommittee for organising and promoting events for the upcoming Pride Week, as well as

fundraising and providing services to students. As a Student Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator, S.J. role

is to be the first point of contact for students in relates to LGBTQ and diversity matters and providing

education on diversity, sexuality, etc., as well as offering positive space training and building mentorship

with student leaders on campus.

Amanda acknowledged two events to occur on the same day during Pride Week, Thursday, February

14th: Fleming Night at the Petes and Dirty Bingo, and asked for prioritisation.

Pride Week committee members including Amanda, Bonnie, Victoria, S.J., Robyn, and Kieran to discuss

Pride Week's event via email.

S.J. mentioned Black History Month coming up in February and welcomed ideas for activities.

S.J. and Robyn left the meeting.

2) Auk’s Lodge (Sarah)

Sarah raised concern regarding the Auk's Lodge pricing as it remained since 2014 and requested for

prices increase to accommodate the cost. The proposed cost changes of $0.25 to $0.50 for each item

would increase revenue by $5,000 and $10,000 per academic year, respectively. The adjusted cost for

each item may vary.

All approved.

3) Communications Revamp (Kelsey)

Kelsey explained the unattractive layout of Communication email has not appealed to students, thus

redesigning and welcomed ideas for a more readable and approachable weekly template.

Kelsey and Victoria will be responsible for updating the FSA Instagram page, and Amanda will continue

to manage the FSA Facebook page.

4) Photo Contest (Kelsey)

Kelsey proposed a weekly or monthly Student Photo Contest for on-campus photography, as well as

quotes and jokes from teachers to be included in the Communication email. There may be prizes for the

winners of the Photo Contest. The judges for the competition are to be confirmed. The suggestion of

casting votes on social media e.g., Spotted at Fleming Facebook page, is to be considered.

Bonnie and Kelsey to organise prizes; suggestions include hoodies, coffee club memberships, etc., as well

as displaying the winning photos in the Auk’s Lodge.

Victoria to provide Amanda with the artboard/Connor Morand proof of purchase. Amanda to gain access

to the Mental Health Funds and get reimbursed.

5) Shuttle Bus (Adam)

Adam mentioned Trisha Connor, Head of Sustainability, confirms the school will provide minimum

funding of $11,500 for the Shuttle Bus service. Possible options are available for discussions at the

upcoming AGM, this includes:

• Maintaining the current bus schedule (including weekend runs) and student fees would be increased

by up to $23/student/semester.

• Maintaining the current bus schedule (without weekend runs) and student fees would remain

without any increase.

• The weekend buses would be reallocated for extra runs during the week as weekend buses are rarely

used; this would help students who attend late classes in the evening. The student fees would still be

increasing by $23/student/semester.

• The shuttle bus service would be eliminated.

Adam concerned the lack of funding from the school would result in the shuttle bus service to be

increased by $50,000 next year.

Adam confirms Fleming College acknowledged the misleading advertisement on the website regarding

the shuttle bus. Adam to follow up.

Adam cited the Dean's suggestion for the shuttle bus referendum at the AGM; instead of a single-option

system, a ranking system would provide more information about student preferences.

Adam confirmed the online referendum is still a preferable method, and the college would be facilitating

the survey. Adam to type the questions and send to Amanda; Amanda to forward to the college.

6) Rez Cup & Obstacle Course (Patrick)

Patrick raised concerns regarding the lack of communication between Resident Assistant (RA), the FSA,

and the Campus Recreation Coordinator, Michlynne Short.

Patrick proposed the Rez Cup to the RA and discussed to incorporate more athletic and intramural


Patrick stated the purpose of targeting The Residence for athletics due to the close connections of the

residence among themselves and with RA and hoping the future Director of Athletes to continue this

legacy report.

Kelsey to create posters for The Residence and promote more FSA events.

Patrick expressed uncertainty regarding the date and time for the Obstacle Course and confirmed

cooperation with the Outdoor Education.

Patrick proposed the Obstacle Course date to be Wednesday, February 13th from 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm.

7) AGM Committee (Amanda)

Amanda requested Adam, Patrick, and Shivam to meet on Thursday at 2 pm to finalise the AGM


Kelsey to despatch the Communication email regarding the AGM, which includes the subjects for

discussions, encourage students to participate and let their voice be heard, attached meeting minutes

from the previous AGM, as well as chances for winning prizes e.g., Ping-Pong table, go pro, etc.

The AGM poster to be sent out should include information regarding the extra bus allocated for 6.30 pm.

8) Ancillary Fees (Sherry)

Sherry acknowledged the tuition and ancillary fees changes announced by the government of Ontario

and encouraged individuals to be aware and communicate with other students for more information.

Sherry stressed that without the student ancillary fees, there would be major consequences including

job lost and all FSA services would be eliminated.

Some examples of fees funded to operate services for students, including:

• Frost Student Activity Fee ($117.71/student/term): general operating cost of the FSA, e.g., events,

wages, heat and hydro, maintenance, etc.

- Frost & Haliburton Transition Fee (included in the Student Activity Fee - $2.50/student/term):

transitioning programming e.g., orientation week.

- Frost Building Fee/Auk’s Lodge Fee ($35/student/term): renovation and maintenance of the

Auk's Lodge.

- Recreation Building Fee/Field House Fee ($15/student/term): maintenance, purchasing

equipment, etc.

- Fitness Facility Fee ($49.20/student/term - this fee may due to change in the near future):

Spectrum Gym.

- Shuttle Bus Transit Fee ($38/student/term).

• Haliburton Student Activity Fee ($54/student/term): general operating cost of Haliburton Student


- Haliburton Recreation Fee ($53.55/student/term): recreational, intramural, and varsity


- Athletic Fee ($65/student/term): recreational, intramural, and varsity programming.

- Health Plans Fee ($248.50/Fall student; $176/Winter student; $126/Spring student; $5 goes

towards Collin Mental Health).

Amanda explained the uncertain future of the FSA should students have the option to opt out optional

fees, as mandatory fees including Mental Health Initiative are not accessible by the FSA, and urged all

members to focus on the next steps and remain positive.

Amanda encouraged Board members to communicate with the Student Government, the Student

Administrative Council (SAC), the Student Alliance, other universities and colleges, etc., for the course of


Victoria expressed that as the announcement may be misinterpreted and in favour of taking cautious


Discussions made regarding mandatory/optional fees, and the authoritative body/organisation to

mandate and execute the decision for mandatory/optional fees.

Bonnie reminded all members of the Strategic Planning Event on Thursday, January 24th from 11 am to

12.30 pm and suggested all attend.

Suggestion for making a statement of acknowledging the changes at the AGM is to be considered.


Suggestions for video recording and or/live streaming the AGM to facilitate students who are unable to

attend the AGM.

Amanda confirmed the online referendum would apply to both Shuttle Bus and Fitness Facility.

The online voting time was discussed to be after the meeting. Other considerations including online

voting to be opened during the meeting and laptop voting stations to be set up.


Meeting Adjourned at 14:00.

Date for next meeting: Tuesday, January 29th, 2019 @ 13:00.