November 26 2018


ROOM (17:00)

Call to Order: Frost Student Association Meeting

Roll Call of Members Present: Amanda Moore, President Shivam Parikh, Vice President

Patrick Santos, Director of Athletes Adam Alaimo, Director of Sustainability Victoria Hynes,

Director of Student Life Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A. Approval of Agenda: All


Approval of Previous Minutes: All approved. Meeting Agenda:

Guests: N/A

Sherry Polley, Office Manager

Send regrets: N/A

I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call of Members Present

1) Declaration of Conflict of Interest

2) Announcement

3) Call for New Business

III. Approval of Agenda

IV. Approval of Previous Minutes

V. Round Table Discussion

1) FSA Insurance (Sherry)

2) FSA Chilli (Amanda)

3) Town Hall (Amanda)

4) Air Hockey (Amanda)

5) Special Resolution (Amanda)

6) Christmas Party (Amanda)

7) Shuttle Bus Update (Adam)

8) Shuttle Bus/Town Hall conflict (Adam)

9) Hockey Update (Patrick)

10) Fitness Facility Update (Patrick)

11) Snowfest (Victoria)

VI. Business

1) PlayStation

VII. Motion to Adjourned

Meeting Discussion:

Amanda raised concern regarding an error in the 12.11.18 meeting minute. This has now been


1) FSA Insurance (Sherry)

Sherry briefed the FSA liability insurance, which covers the FSA building, including the Auk's

Lodge and all of its contents.

Sherry reported the Statement of Value is underrepresented; the replacement value currently listed


$555K for contents and $30K for computers.

Sherry suggested increasing the total amount of $585K due to the property value possessed by the

FSA; this includes all Auk's Lodge equipment (cooler, dishwasher, furniture, etc.) as well as

equipment in the DJ booth, except for the RX music equipment and the computers.

Sherry confirmed there would be no extra charges should the insurance value be increased.

Discussions made and all approved to increase insurance value to $1M.

Motion: Amanda motioned to increase the FSA Statement of Value to $1M. Vote: All 5 for, 0 opposed.

2) FSA Chilli (Amanda)

Amanda updated on the United Way Chilli event and apologised, as the chilli crockpot prepared by

the FSA did not arrive at the event due to miscommunication.

3) Town Hall (Amanda)

Amanda confirmed the Town Hall Meeting would begin at 17:00 and welcomed ideas for the slideshow


Amanda briefed the Town Hall Meeting agenda; Amanda will be introducing the FSA Board members,

Adam will be discussing the Shuttle Bus issue, and Patrick will be presenting the Fitness Facility.

Finally, Amanda will be thanking the attendees for participating and informing them of the

referendum procedure as well as the AGM Meeting due to be held in January. The FSA Board members

will be answering questions at the end of the meeting.

Amanda to share the slideshow presentation with Board members for information to be added


4) Air Hockey (Amanda)

Discussions made regarding issues with the Air Hockey table and whether it could be fixed. Sarah to

look into quotes should she decides the Auk's Lodge require a new Air Hockey table.

Suggestions of gathering students’ opinion for the Auk’s Lodge entertainment at the Town Hall

Meeting were approved by all members.

5) Special Resolution (Amanda)

Amanda raised concern regarding the Special Resolution agreement that was signed by all members

except for Scott, who is no longer working with the FSA.

Amanda confirmed the document now sent to the lawyers and waiting to receive further instruction on

any required changes.

Amanda requested to disregard Special Resolution discussion until received further instruction.

6) Christmas Party (Amanda)

Amanda reminded all members that the Christmas Party would be starting at 18:00 on Friday, November

30th. All members confirmed their presence.

7) Shuttle Bus Update (Adam)

Adam updated on the Shuttle Bus and confirmed no quote was received.

Adam expressed difficulty in obtaining ridership number, as the information shows the number of

times the cards were used per day but does not account for each individual.

8) Shuttle Bus/Town Hall conflict (Adam)

Adam is aware that the Town Hall Meeting will clash with the departure time of the last shuttle

bus, which creates the issue for students who will be attending the Town Hall Meeting to likely be

missing the last bus. Adam considered presenting the Shuttle Bus discussion at the start of the

meeting to accommodate students that are unable to attend until the end, as well as distributing

the Shuttle Bus report at 17:00 the next day at the bus stop.

Adam recommended the slideshow presentation to be sent to all students the following day should

they have missed the meeting.

9) Hockey Update (Patrick)

Patrick received 1st shipment of merchandise.

Patrick to create a poster and a checklist and present to the Board before the event.

Adam to arrive at 5 pm to help set up the event.

Amanda suggested all FSA Directors to present at the event.

Discussions made regarding food service at the event and whether to keep the Kawartha Grill Open.

Amanda confirmed snacks, such as popcorn or sweets, might be provided.

Patrick confirmed the college spent $700 on hockey pucks.

10) Fitness Facility Update (Patrick)

Patrick confirmed the gym membership fees would be increased by $10.

Patrick raised concern regarding the swipe card replacement cost. Ken Louie, the Spectrum gym

owner, suggested a $20 deposit fee or $10 charge for each gym card, which is also an activation


Amanda confirmed the initial fee amount to be $40 + tax and would increase to $50 + tax.

Patrick confirmed no other gym contractor is taken into consideration but may present to students

the option of Planet Fitness.

Comparisons made between Spectrum Gym and REX Centre in relates to distance, equipment, and opening


Patrick reiterated the main reason for changing from REX Centre to Spectrum Gym was due to space

limitation and restricted opening hours, which leads to overcrowd at peak hours.

Patrick to discuss the matter with students in the Town Hall Meeting.

11) Snowfest, January 9th - 11th (Victoria) Victoria updated on upcoming Clubs and Events

• Tuesday (27/11): Diwali Celebration

• Wednesday (28/11): Town Hall Meeting & Fleming College Outdoor Club to host Karaoke and Pool

• Thursday (29/11): Health & Safety Compliance

• Friday (30/11): FSA Staff Christmas Party

• Tuesday (04/12): Pep Rally Fleming Hockey Game

• Wednesday (05/12): Ducks Unlimited Pub Night

• Thursday (06/12) from 11 am - 3 pm: Christmas Craft Show

• Thursday (06/12) evening: Forestry Ugly Sweater Party

Victoria proposed ideas for Snowfest and reiterating on inviting Connor Morand guest speaker.

Victoria confirmed the total budget for Snowfest is $10k.

Discussions made regarding the costs and the time the guest speaker to present.

Victoria proposed for Connor Morand to present on Wednesday evening and reiterated that the guest

speaker would be speaking about mental health/leadership skills.

Adam suggested focussing on mental health and seasonal affected disorder. Adam proposed $1500

all-inclusive. All members approved.

Amanda suggested Welcome Back BBQ on Thursday during common hour.

Adam presented the idea of maple taffy during the event and partnered with aboriginal services for

night time events, including star gazing, elders talk etc.

Discussions on storytelling/campfire to take place on Friday evening.

Victoria to consider all ideas, finalising the schedule and provide updates in a future meeting.


1) PlayStation

Meeting Adjourned at 18:00.

Date for next meeting: Monday, December 3rd, 2018 @ 17:00.