November 19 2018


Call to Order: Frost Student Association Meeting

Roll Call of Members Present: Amanda Moore, President Shivam Parikh, Vice President

Patrick Santos, Director of Athletes Adam Alaimo, Director of Sustainability

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A. Approval of Agenda: All approved.

Approval of Previous Minutes: Postponed. Meeting Agenda:


Roger Fitch, IT

Send regrets:

Victoria Hynes, Director of Student Life

I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call of Members Present

1) Declaration of Conflict of Interest

2) Announcement

3) Call for New Business

III. Approval of Agenda

IV. Approval of Previous Minutes

V. Round Table Discussion

1) Roger Fitch, IT

2) Town Hall Meeting, November 28th, 2018 (Amanda)

3) Managers Meeting (Amanda)

4) Shuttle Bus (Adam)

5) Farmer's Market (Adam)

6) Managers Meeting (Adam)

7) FSCI Meeting recap (Adam)

8) Free Speech Policy (Amanda)

9) Mental Health Funds (Amanda)

VI. Business

1) Town Hall Budget

VII. Motion to Adjourned

Meeting Discussion:

Motioned: Amanda motioned to postpone Meeting Minutes 12.11.18 approval until next meeting. Vote:

All 4 for, 0 opposed.

1) Roger Fitch, IT

Roger sent an apology for his absent at the previous ancillary fee meeting. Roger confirmed there

is approximately $80k in the Frost budget.

Roger began the IT fees presentation by providing a brief update on Tech fee and its operation.

• A shared model got adopted in 2015.

• Tech fee pays for non-academic deliverables including browsing service for Youtube, Netflix, and


• $6 of every Tech fee is being funded for PCs in the LRC, Learning Recreation Common.

• IT ancillary fee is $90/semester.

• Salaries (25%) - staff at the service desk.

• Network (24%) - licensing and running cost.

• Internet (10%) - bandwidth.

• Accounts (13%) - student accounts are being kept after graduation and the cost is for keeping

them activated.

• Portal (9%) - Student Communication app is expected to launch in January where students would

have access to Fleming College portal via their mobile.

• Software (19%)

• The virtual classroom would account for approximately $50k out of $80k, plus licensing fees.

Roger confirmed Sutherland campus had adopted the program.

Roger suggested for trial before purchasing.

Roger proposed ideas for purchasing with the remaining $30k, including PC stations, PCs update,

outdoors wireless, etc.

Roger briefed on IT achievements:

• New portal upgrade

• Improved wireless coverage - better capacity, coverage & security. Internet is 10GBs.

• Improved collaboration hubs

• Added student photocopiers to college fleet

• BYOD support - small format devices smartphones etc. Future ideas including:

• Flexible lab spaces

• BYOD & virtual LRC

• Student Communication app

Roger briefly explained cyber insurance and raised the question of cyber insurance purchasing.

Roger suggested FSA to communicate with Chris Smith from SAC regarding cyber attack purchase.

Amanda thanked Roger for the presentation. Roger left the meeting.

2) Town Hall Meeting, November 28th, 2018 at 5pm (Amanda) Motioned: Amanda motioned $200 budget

for pizzas at Town Hall Meeting. Vote: All 4 for, 0 opposed.

3) Managers Meeting (Amanda)

Amanda briefed managers meeting regarding Health & Safety concerns. Amanda is waiting to receive

quotes from Fresh Fuel smoothies.

Amanda confirmed Christmas Party RSVP is received.

4) Shuttle Bus (Adam)

Adam confirmed the meeting with the Dean went well.

Adam had requested quotes from several transportation companies and once they are received, the

next step is to be considered.

Adam confirmed the quotes would not be available before Town Hall Meeting.

Adam mentioned the bus cancellation on Friday last week due to the snowstorm and had caused

inconvenience to the students.

Adam confirmed spending $100 cab fare for one student with Sherry's approval.

5) Farmer's Market (Adam)

Adam confirmed Farmer's Market went well and praised Bonnie for her support.

6) Managers Meeting (Adam)

Adam questioned if the Office Manager and the Bar Manager should be attending weekly Board Meetings

to keep up to date.

Discussions made and all agreed for an Open Door Policy where managers may join Board Meetings

should they wish to do so.

Shivam to take notes and delegate any tasks requiring managers attention.

7) FSCI Meeting recap (Adam)

Adam briefed FSCI meeting regarding focus on the sustainable initiative at Frost campus i.e., waste

management, shuttle bus, etc.,

8) Free Speech Policy (Amanda)

Amanda briefed the Fleming College Free Speech Policy, which will be taking place in January.

9) Mental Health Funds (Amanda)

Amanda confirmed the fund is now approved and available for Connor Morrand, art board, and smoothie



1) Town Hall Budget

Meeting Adjourned at 19:01.

Date for next meeting: Monday, November 26th, 2018 @ 18:00.