January 8 2019


BOARD ROOM (17:04)

Call to Order: Frost Student Association Meeting

Roll Call of Members Present: Amanda Moore, President Shivam Parikh, Vice President

Patrick Santos, Director of Athletes Adam Alaimo, Director of Sustainability Victoria Hynes,

Director of Student Life Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A. Approval of Agenda: All


Approval of Previous Minutes: Postponed. Meeting Agenda:


Sherry Polley

Send regrets: N/A

I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call of Members Present

1) Declaration of Conflict of Interest

2) Announcement

3) Call for New Business

III. Approval of Agenda

IV. Approval of Previous Minutes

V. Round Table Discussion

1) Administrative Update (Sherry)

2) Snowfest (Victoria)

3) AGM (Amanda)

4) CRO (Amanda)

5) Compliment Crew

6) Rez Cup (Patrick)

7) Snow Day Event (Patrick)

8) Street Team Revamp (Victoria)

9) Schedules (All)

VI. Business

VII. Motion to Adjourned

Meeting Discussion:

1) Administrative Update (Sherry)

Sherry adjusted Request For Payment Form to make it more presentable and practical; added the

"Online/E-Transfer" option for online events booking but mainly for Sherry to pay the bills, added

the "Bill Payment" option into "Funding For", and added "Director of Finance or Authorised

Signatory" into "Authorised By", which was clarified that not all Directors can authorise. If the

matter is regarding banking, Shivam, Amanda, Director of Finance, or Sherry may sign. Shivam and

Amanda may authorise for contract purposes.

All changes are to be implemented by next week.

Sherry confirmed the FSA Summary of Accounts is in good standing and congratulated the FSA

Directors on their performance.

2) Snowfest, January 9th - 11th (Victoria)

Amanda announced Connor Morand has confirmed for Wednesday performance, Karaoke Open Mic to follow

and will be hosted by Victoria.

Victoria raised concern regarding the lack of bartenders after 8 pm. Bonnie has been informed.

Amanda confirmed Axe Throwing activity on Wednesday is no longer available due to damaged axe

throwing board. Alternatively, hot chocolate, coffee, pastries, and games would be provided in the

Auk's Lodge.

Amanda announces Victoria has acquired foosball, and Bonnie and Sherry have purchased a Ping-Pong


Victoria informs that the game corner has been reorganised.

Amanda confirmed the Glow Party and BBQ on Thursday. Amanda and Victoria to promote intramurals of


Victoria mentioned Bar Rules station to include a Trivia wheel and briefed the rule of the game.

Amanda announces a new diversity worker will be replacing Dave Cavana.

Adam confirms Maple Taffy will be cancelled on Thursday.

Victoria proposed to set up a swag-bag-giveaway table during Wednesday and Thursday. All approved.

Adam expressed uncertainty regarding the storyteller and confirms campfire night will be proceeding

as planned.

Suggestions for printing and reading stories, telling stories about Fleming College land, and

requesting stories from the storyteller to share with students in their absence, are to be


All Directors are expected to be at each event unless specified.

• Wednesday swag bags and refreshment giveaway does not require all Directors attendance. However,

Amanda requested all members to present at the Connor Morand event from 6 pm.

• Thursday swag bags giveaway:

- Victoria: 11 am - 1pm

- Adam, Shivam, Patrick: 12 pm - 1pm

- Amanda: 11 am - 2 pm

- All Board members including Sherry will be available on Thursday at 5 pm to clear the space for

the event in the Auk's Lodge.

- Glow Party is due from 8 pm - 12 am.

• Friday Make-a-plant is due at noon and requires 2 to 3 volunteers at the station.

- Shivam and Victoria: 12 pm - 1 pm

- Adam: After 1 pm

- Campfire is due from 5 pm.

Discussions made regarding the fridge giveaway as a prize for the raffle draw. All approved.

3) AGM, January 29th (Amanda)

Amanda confirmed AGM is due on Tuesday, January 29th at 5 pm.

Amanda briefed the AGM presentation and requested all Directors add topics discussion.

Amanda announced the meeting with Rob Marsh on Thursday to discuss the questions for the referendum

from Research Services.

Amanda briefed regarding Role Change, e.g., Finance Director; stated that the FSA lacks a Community

Outreach position who main duty is to communicate with the Indigenous, LGBT, mature students, etc.,

to represents the FSA and coordinate events with these minorities, as well as supporting Student


Victoria welcomed extra support in attending events.

Job description for Community Outreach position to be discussed.

4) CRO - Chief Recruiting Officer (Amanda)

Amanda informed the upcoming election and briefed the history of the last election. Sherry

confirmed the budget for the election is $1000.

Amanda understood the payment for CRO is minimum wage and an additional of 25%.

Amanda reiterated the recommendation from the President and the Vice President of recruiting a non-

student CRO.

All approved to contract Elections Ontario. Sherry to contact.

5) Compliment Crew (Amanda)

Amanda explained the tradition of complementing employees and co-worker by distributing sweets and

requested a budget of $300 per month.

All approved.

6) Rez Cup (Patrick)

Patrick briefed the Rez Cup competition, targeting at 1st-year students in the Residence. The teams

are to be divided by the floors with a sign-up sheet on each floor. Each team consists of 10 to 12

individuals and is also an intramural team. The intramural teams earn points for games completion

and participation. A bristle board with team names and point bars to be set up within a visible

area in the Residence building.

There are prizes available, e.g., shirts for the volleyball game, and the team with the highest

point would be award the Pizza Party grand prize.

Patrick confirmed the Athletics would be funding for other prizes and proposed the FSA for the

Pizza Party grand prize funding. There are approximately 10 to 20 students per floor, which

requires 6 to 8 boxes of pizzas.

Motion: Patrick motioned for $300 approval to spend on Rez Cup Grand Prize.

Vote: all 5 for. 0 opposed.

7) Snow Day Event (Patrick)

Patrick briefed the Snow Day themed sports event, which includes activities such as snowshoeing,

skiing, etc. The proposing date is February 13th, 2019.

Patrick inquired the FSA for a prize for the winning team; medals were suggested.

Patrick confirmed the event would last approximately 2 to 3 hours and welcomed ideas for this


8) Street Team Revamp (Victoria)

Victoria raised concerns regarding the Street Team; there is inconsistent work for the available

volunteers and suggested renaming the team to Social Committee. This team of students would serve

the following purposes:

• Bring more communication from the students to the FSA through increasing FSA volunteer activities

around the campus, i.e., collecting feedback from students about events.

• Provide support to the FSA in advance or during events.

• Plan and execute events on a monthly basis through the FSA funding.

Victoria proposed to provide the Social Committee with a certain amount of funds and the volunteers

are responsible for planning events each month. Victoria and Bonnie would be holding weekly

meetings to approve or make amendments to these events planning.

Victoria summarised the purpose of this proposal; providing students with the opportunity to take

ownership of their work, e.g., planning events for the FSA, and to display their experience on the

resumes. Victoria confirmed the Social Committee would not be involved in operating pub nights but

assisting other purposes which programs and clubs would not undertake, e.g., inviting guest

speakers, outdoor activities, etc.

Victoria acknowledged each club is entitled to $50 fund per academic year and must receive approval

by the Board, and programs do not receive any funding.

Amanda expressed interest in the proposal. However, concerns regarding finances and multiple event

planners may lead to planning disagreement, were brought up.

Discussions of allowing the Social Committee for budget planning and get approval from the FSA, the

duties of the Social Committee, e.g., promoting events for the FSA, the number of members in the

Social Committee, interviewing volunteers, a minimum/maximum number of events per semester, etc.

All approved for Amanda, Adam, and Victoria to lead the Social Committee.

9) Schedules

Discussions made regarding the hours of the weekly Board meetings and all approved for Tuesday, 1



Meeting Adjourned at 18:24.

Date for next meeting: Tuesday, January 15th, 2019.