December 10 2018


ROOM (17:04)

Call to Order: Frost Student Association Meeting

Roll Call of Members Present: Amanda Moore, President Shivam Parikh, Vice President

Patrick Santos, Director of Athletes Adam Alaimo, Director of Sustainability Victoria Hynes,

Director of Student Life Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A. Approval of Agenda: All


Approval of Previous Minutes: Postponed. Meeting Agenda:


Kristi Kerford

Send regrets: N/A

I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call of Members Present

1) Declaration of Conflict of Interest

2) Announcement

3) Call for New Business

III. Approval of Agenda

IV. Approval of Previous Minutes

V. Round Table Discussion

1) Kristi Kerford

2) Hockey Game (Patrick)

3) Snowfest (Victoria)

4) Shuttle Bus/Ridershare app (Adam)

5) This week's nice things (Amanda)

VI. Business

1) Employees gift

VII. Motion to Adjourned

Meeting Discussion:

1) Kristi Kerford

• Recognised and congratulated FSA members for all of their work.

• Thanked the FSA for their time and started presenting Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

• Explained the KPI survey conducted by the Ministry of ON that asks all college students in the

Winter semester about their satisfaction while at college. The result of this survey is made public

and is partly used to allocate funding to each of the colleges.

• Confirmed the survey results became available in November and are publicised later than usual due

to the strike from last year.

• Acknowledged Fleming College results are not satisfactory. However, upon further inspection, the

results showed Frost campus performs better than other Fleming College campuses.

• Explained that KPI assesses graduate rate, employer satisfaction rate, graduate satisfaction

rate, etc. and emphasised on discussing current student satisfaction rate over the course of three

years, from 2015 to 2018.

• Identified and evaluated four capstone questions:

Ø Do you think your time at college has contributed to your knowledge and skills to your future


- Conclusion: Frost results remained consistent at 91% over the years.

Ø Overall, were you happy with the learning experience?

- Conclusion: Frost results remained fairly consistent at 86% over the years while Sutherland had a

significant slump.

Ø Quality of services?

- Conclusion: Frost results fluctuate. In particular, 2015-2016 at 71%, 2016-2017 at 79%, and

2017-2018 at 69%.

Ø Quality of facilities and resources?

- Conclusion: Frost results remained consistent at 85% over the years.

• Kristi revealed services decreased in the satisfactory rate of more than 5% when compared to

previous years. This includes the Library and Resource Centre (5%), Food Services (7%), Social

Spaces and Lounge areas (5%), and Recreation and Athletic (15%).

• Speculated the reason for the significant drop of the satisfactory rate in Recreation and

Athletic services and welcomed ideas for improvement.

• Amanda believed the changes from REX Centre to Spectrum Gym contributed to the result.

• Patrick reiterated the issues regarding distance and space when comparing the two fitness


• Victoria suggested creating a survey for fitness facility preferences.

• Adam requested data on the number of students who signed up at Spectrum.

• Patrick to contact Spectrum and create the survey.

• Kristi to distribute the KPI surveyed data.

• Kristi identified one out of five questions that are Fleming specific:

Ø How satisfied are you with your student administrative council services?

- Conclusion: Frost campus remained consistent over the years at 80%. Sutherland campus dropped

below 80% over the last year.

• Overall, Fleming College performed relatively well according to the KPI report. However, in the

satisfaction survey, Fleming College remained last on the list of colleges in the province. Kristi

confirmed Sutherland campus had a major impact on the result.

• Kristi thanked the FSA for their time and left the meeting.

2) Hockey Game (Patrick)

Amanda and all Board members congratulated Patrick for contributed in the successful event. Patrick

confirmed the hats were most desires amongst all prizes.

3) Snowfest (Victoria)

Amanda stated Snowfest was discussed and approved at the managers meeting. Victoria confirmed

Connor Morand to be the guest speaker at Snowfest.

Adam announced Tommy Akulukjuk departure and contacted Kylie Fox regarding campfire night. To be


Adam contacted a Farmer's Market vendor to help with maple taffy. To be updated.

Victoria recommended two indigenous instructors and to provide Adam with their contact emails.

Victoria briefed the Connor Morand Speaker Agreement and requested consent for signing the

contract. The invoice of $1500 + HST has been sent to Sherry, and the deposit payment is required

by December 22nd. The keynote would last 60 minutes and mainly focuses on how to deal with stress

and loss.

Victoria confirmed the event would begin at 6 pm.

4) Shuttle Bus/Ridershare app (Adam)

Adam received three proposals from shuttle bus companies, starting from under $500 to $850. Adam to

update once received the final proposal.

Adam briefed the Ridershare app. Adam to send to Board members.

5) This week's nice things (Amanda)

Amanda proposed free snacks for students during the final week of the semester. Discussions made

and all approved for snacks, pizzas, and fruit.

Motion: Amanda motioned to approve $400 budget for pizzas, snacks, and fruit. Vote: All 5 for, 0


The confirmed date is Wednesday (12/12) at noon. All Directors to present, except for Victoria.


1) Employees gift (Amanda)

Amanda announced the cost for Sherry's gift of $100 and proposed $200 gift for staff.

Motion: Victoria motioned to approve $200 Christmas gift for staff. Vote: All 5 for, 0 opposed.

Amanda confirmed FSA to provide gift baskets to Physical Resources and IT departments.

Meeting Adjourned at 17:53.

Date for next meeting: Tuesday, January 8th, 2019.