October 9 2018




Call to Order: Frost Student Association Meeting

Roll Call of Members Present: Amanda Moore, President Shivam Parikh, Vice President

Victoria Hynes, Director of Student Life Adam Alaimo, Director of Sustainability Absent:

Scott Robertson, Director of Communications George Maziec, Director of Finance

Patrick Santos, Director of Athletes

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A Approval of Agenda: All members approved.

Approval of Previous Minutes: All members approved.

Meeting Agenda:

• Call to Order

• Roll Call of Members Present

• Declaration of Conflict of Interest

• Announcement

• Call for New Business

• Approval of Agenda

• Approval of Previous Minutes

• Round Table Discussion

• Stomp Out Stigma (Amanda)

• Patio Furniture (Amanda)

• Office Hours (Amanda)

• Halloween (Victoria)

• Upcoming Program Pub Nights (Victoria)

• Remembrance Day (Victoria)

• Bob Ross Paint Night (Victoria)

• Tuesday Trivia (Amanda)

• Business

• Magic the Gathering Club Approval

• Motion to Adjourned

Meeting Discussion:

Stomp Out Stigma (Amanda)

• Amanda briefed Board members about the positive feedback from the event. There were a few

comments about the bar being closed and there will be considerations to keep the bar open for next

year event.

• On behalf of everyone, Amanda thanked Victoria for the volunteered of wearing the mascot costume.

Patio Furniture (Amanda)

• Amanda confirmed that the patio furniture is to be removed and requested Board members to

dedicate a time this week to help replace the old furniture with new ones.

Office Hours (Amanda)

• Amanda informed that the office hours were low in the past week and reminded Board members to

keep it persistent.

Halloween (Victoria)

• Victoria confirmed that Jason (GSN) is hosting the Pub Night and expressed concerns about the

Halloween walk participation. Discussions were made to attract participants including offering free

pizzas and make the task mandatory for Program Presidents.

• Other activities were also considered to be doing during the day, including pumpkin carving,

wearing mummy costumes, or face painting.

Upcoming Program Pub Nights (Victoria)

• October 19th: Garba Night (International Students' Club).

• October 31st: Halloween event begins at 8pm. Activities including toonie toss, guessing game, and

Best Costumes Contest. A raffle is to be considered depending on donations.

• November 15th: Buck and Doe event (EMX). Victoria briefed board members about the event and

commented that date auction is being held on the day. Games will also be included.

• December 6th: Craft Show (Bonnie) will be held from 11am-3pm.

• December 6th: Forestry Pub Night will be held from 6pm-11pm. Ugly Christmas Sweater party or

Winter Beech Party is to be considered.

Remembrance Day (Victoria)

• Victoria raised concerns about the small scope of the event and suggested not to do a full

ceremony but instead, giving out poppies on Friday before the event occurs.

• All present Board members approved.

Bob Ross Paint Night (Victoria)

• Victoria explained about Paint Night and Bob Ross and suggested to host a Bob Ross Paint Night.

There may be considerations for a future event that includes an instructor should it be successful.

• Victoria proposed to show a Bob Ross painting during the event to inspire and attract students.

• Materials will be provided by the FSA for approximately 100 people.

• No date has been confirmed but mid-November was put forward. The event is planned for 7pm.

• There were discussions about video licensing. Amanda to look into this issue.

• Victoria to choose one video for the event.

• The event may be hosted monthly should there be interests. Tuesday Trivia (Amanda)

• Amanda proposed for a bi-weekly Trivia and Bingo and suggested for shift rotation between Board

members every week.

• All present Board members approved.

Other queries:

• Adam reported that the Farmer's Market event is now moved to early or mid- November. Further

information will be updated.

• Victoria will continue to work with Program President on the Halloween event. Further information

will be updated.


• Victoria presented the Magic the Gathering Club and explained the club's purpose of socialising

via magic and card games.

• Motion: Victoria motioned to approve the Magic the Gathering Club. Vote: All 4 for, 0 opposed.

• Victoria updated Board members on approved clubs:

Ø Adventure Time at Frost

Ø Rock N' Auks

Ø South Africa Semester Abroad - Victoria to meet with team members to decide a theme and organise

a date.

Ø Magic the Gathering

Ø International Students Club Other potential clubs including:

Ø French Club

Ø Outdoor Camping Trip club

Meeting adjourned at 18:50.

Date for next meeting: Monday, October 15th, 2018