October 29 2018




Call to Order: Frost Student Association Meeting

Roll Call of Members Present: Amanda Moore, President Shivam Parikh, Vice President

Patrick Santos, Director of Athletes Victoria Hynes, Director of Student Life Adam Alaimo, Director

of Sustainability

Scott Robertson, Director of Communications Sherry Polley, Office Manager

Red, Guest

Absent: N/A

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: Business Director of Finance Approval of Agenda: All members


Approval of Previous Minutes: All members approved.

Meeting Agenda:

I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call of Members Present

1) Declaration of Conflict of Interest

2) Announcement

3) Call for New Business

III. Approval of Agenda

IV. Approval of Previous Minutes

V. Round Table Discussion

1) Metal Health Ancillary Fee (Red)

2) Shuttle Contract (Sherry)

3) Fitness Facility Contract (Sherry)

4) Purchasing Procedure (Sherry)

5) Disc Golf Course (Amanda)

6) United Way Chilli (Amanda)

7) Halloween (Victoria)

8) Hockey Game (Amanda)

9) Director of Finance (Amanda) 10)Resolutions of the Directors Policy


11)Frost Diversity Worker (Amanda) 12)Cook Book (Amanda)

13)Club Fair (Victoria)

14)Logger Sports Volunteers (Victoria) 15)Bob Ross Paint Night (Victoria) 16)Monday Pool & Games -



17)Air Hockey - Free (Victoria) 18)Mental Health Colouring Board


19)Upcoming Student Events (Victoria) 20)Connor Morand (Victoria)

VI. Business

1) Director of Finance

2) Purchasing Procedure

3) Disc Golf Donation

4) United Way Chilli

5) French Club

6) Delta Waterfowl Club

VII. Motion to Adjourned

Meeting Discussion:

1) Metal Health Ancillary Fee (Red)

Red informed Board members of approximately $20k unused ancillary funds from the previous year and

enquired about the fund's distribution.

Adam questioned if the fund was from Frost & Haliburton and why was there a large amount remained.

Red responded that it was due to last year strike and explained about staff hiring and budgeting.

Discussions were made. Suggestions including pub night, art night, praying room, events or

investments, and mental health guest speaker.

Red suggested creating an emergency fund for mental health students, financing houses, training for

RA and SRA.

Amanda to contact Scott from Haliburton regarding potential use for the sum. Further information to

be discussed on Monday's meeting next week.

Red left the meeting.

2) Shuttle Contract (Sherry)

The current contract will be expiring in April 2019.

Amanda and Patrick considered conducting a survey. Sherry welcomed the idea.

Sherry stressed that the shuttle bus fees will be doubling per month with a new contractor, which

would lead to ancillary fees increase. Currently, each student is paying approximately $40 and only

20% of the total students use the shuttle bus; the remaining 80% contribute to the service despite

using it.

3) Fitness Facility Contract (Sherry)

The current contract will be expiring in August 2019.

Sherry understood many students do not use the Spectrum gym and suggested conducting a survey.

Discussions made in regards to the causes and other gym contractors.

Amanda mentioned the negotiation with LRC has been made last December but there is no further


Linh questioned the price per student and the option for opt-out.

Sherry approximated $45 gym membership for each student per semester and declined the option for


Patrick raised the concern regarding travelling distance from the campus to the Spectrum gym.

Sherry explained the shuttle bus route that stops at the Spectrum gym.

Adam compared the Spectrum gym with Lindsay Recreation Complex (LRC) in regards to space,

distances, and available equipment.

Victoria expressed the importance of the gym location and equipment access to students. Adam

suggested remaining with Spectrum gym while negotiating a price for a specific service including

pool or squash etc. with the LRC.

Amanda confirmed the students are getting discounts for the pool service at LRC.

Due to the unknown number of students who are currently using the gym facilities, the pool service

has yet to be advertised.

Sherry finalised with reminders and suggestions for conducting surveys of both shuttle bus and gym

memberships at the AGM meeting.

Amanda confirmed the AGM is rescheduling for November 28th, 2018.

4) Purchasing Procedure (Sherry)

Sherry explained the Purchasing Procedure of filling out the Request for Payment form and submits

to the Director of Finance. The form should then gets approval by the Board members and returned to

Sherry for processing. If a request arises during a Board meeting and is approves at that meeting,

the Request for Payment form will be completed and send to the Office Manager, along with the copy

of the minute for processing.

Sherry briefed the Employee Payroll Procedure.

Sherry explained the Cash Count Reconciliation Procedure, which includes petty cash for pub-

purchasing and $500 change for the bar. Copies of the forms are obtainable from Sherry and receipts

will be provided upon cash retrieval.

Sherry stressed the procedures are to be put in place and better organised. Sherry to send all

procedures to all Board members for review.

Sherry announced the budget of $2288 over on the summer activities. The remaining balance of

$116,000 shares between the FSA, the Auk's Lodge, etc. One orientation expense was over by $6,917

but remained within the $35,000 budget. Overall, $34,477.05 has been spent on the orientation this

Fall semester.

Sherry left the meeting.

5) Disc Golf Course (Amanda)

Amanda confirmed Student Life would not contribute $1k and the Athletics will be contributing $500.

The FSA will be negotiating further for students’ discounts; discussions of whether $500 is to


Motion: Adam motioned to contribute $500 to the Disc Golf Course. Vote: All 6 for, 0 opposed.

6) United Way Chilli (Amanda)

Amanda briefed about United Way and proposed chilli pots contribution. Scott acknowledged and will

be making two chilli’s crock-pots.

The event will be in Room 252 on Thursday, November 22nd.

7) Halloween (Victoria)

Victoria confirmed the poster for Halloween went up today and briefed about clubs activities before

the event.

On the day of the event:

• 09:00 - 16:00: Pumpkin carving. At 9am, Victoria will be setting up the pumpkin carving. There

are 45 pumpkins and carving equipment. A table will be set up for the pumpkin-carving contest. The

top prize is a 1-night stay at the Day's Inn. The runner's up will be receiving $25 discounts at

McDonald's. The 3rd place is $5 discounts at Wild Wing and a free pizza at Pizza Pizza.

• 14:00: Deadline for contest entering.

• 14:30: Winners Announcement.

• In the afternoon, Victoria will be setting up for the Haunted Walk.

• 19:70: An estimate of 25 volunteers will arrive and set up stations. A table with flash flights

and hot chocolate and cider will be set up.

• 20:00 - 11:00: Pub night with $2 per entries. There will be costumes contest and games.

• 21:30 - 22:00: Haunted Walk end and clean up.

Victoria reiterated Board members volunteers to meet at the FSA office at 18:00 - 18:30. Patrick

will arrive at 7pm.

8) Hockey Game (Amanda)

Amanda emphasised the hockey game discussion from the previous meeting and reiterate the event-

hosting enquiry. Amanda confirmed there would be approximately 30 people from the Sutherland

campus. All members approved.

Amanda to contact Sutherland campus.

9) Director of Finance (Amanda)

Shivam, Victoria, and Linh left the room due to Conflict of Interest.

Adam raised the question of reopening the job post or decides between the three candidates, Linh,

Kieran, or Kigio.

Discussions made in regards to the Director of Finance position and finding Linh's replacement for

the Scribe position. The final decision made that the minutes' duty to be included in a Director's

obligation. The Director of Finance position offered to Linh. Linh to consider the offer and

response to Board members ASAP.

Shivam, Victoria, and Linh returned to the meeting.

10) Resolutions of the Directors Policy (Amanda)

Amanda briefed Board members about the Resolutions of the Directors Policy discussed and approved

in the previous AGM. All Directors except Scott signed the bylaws document.

11) Frost Diversity Worker (Amanda)

Amanda described the position of working with mature and aboriginal students. Job description is in

progress. Amanda to follow up in the next meeting.

12) Cook Book (Amanda)

Adam confirmed the SFS is taking on the project. Calvin is leading the group amongst four

volunteers. General plan to be finalised and students to contribute easy recipes.

Victoria recommended a substitution list/conversion chart.

13) Club Fair (Victoria)

Victoria reported Clubs Form sent to all clubs via email.

The Club Fair will be on Thursday, November 1st from 11:00 - 13:00 at the Auk's Lodge. Victoria

stressed the importance of clubs opened to all joiners and cannot reject any joining application.

14) Logger Sports Volunteers (Victoria)

Victoria stated Mitchlyn was looking for volunteers and two will be available.

15) Bob Ross Paint Night (Victoria)

Urban Forestry requested November 8th for hosting pub night, which initially planned for Bob Ross

Paint Night. Victoria decided to change Bob Ross Paint Night to Tuesday, December 4th.

16) Monday Pool & Games - Free (Victoria)

Victoria raised concern regarding board games not often used and mentioned students requested free

pool night.

Victoria and Amanda suggested free pool games during the hours of 18:00 - 21:00 on Mondays; board

games to be incorporated with pool game, and the bartender would be responsible for opening the

pool table.

17) Air Hockey - Free (Victoria)

Victoria announced $9 profit was made on air hockey since September and suggested to stop charging

but making it free. The machine will be fixed to stop accepting change.

18) Mental Health Colouring Board (Victoria)

Victoria expressed the idea of presenting a corkboard with mental health slogans where students can

hang their colouring pictures to promote mental health and self-care. Once the board is fully

cover, students will be voting for ones they considered best; a prize would then be award to the

winner. The board may locate on the wall of the game room. Proposed quotes for the corkboard from

Brant Basics are as follow:

• 40x72inch Wooden Frame: $126.76.

• 40x72inch Euro Plastic Frame: $174.

• 48x96inch Oak Frame: $330.

Budget approved for $300. Amanda to contact Red in regards to funding.

Motion: Adam motioned to approve $300 for the Mental Health Colouring Corkboard. Vote: All 6 for. 0


Shivam left the meeting.

19) Upcoming Student Events (Victoria) 03/11/18 - Logger Sports and Pub Night.

06/11/18 - Victoria will be hosting 1st Trivia Night and rotations will take place for following


08/11/18 - Urban Forestry Canadiana Pub Night to be signed by Victoria and Bonnie. 09/11/18 -

Poppies handout for Remembrance Day. All Directors to participate.

13/11/18 - Amanda will be hosting Bingo Night. 14/11/18 - Day: Farmer's Market. Evening: Open Mic.

15/11/18 - EMX Buck & Doe Pub Night and Date Auction. 20/11/18 - Shivam will be hosting Trivia


21/11/18 - Open Mic.

22/11/18 - Day: Chilli in Room 252. Evening: SASA Pub Night Movember. 27/11/18 - Delta Water Fowl

Pub Night or International Student Club Diwali Event. 28/11/18 - During the day - AGM. In the

evening - Open Mic.

29/11/18 - Delta Water Fowl Pub Night or International Student Club Diwali Event. 30/11/18 - FSA

Staff Party.

04/12/18 - Sutherland vs. Frost Hockey Game. 05/12/18 - Open Mic.

06/12/18 - Day: Christmas Craft Show. Evening: Forestry Ugly Sweater Pub Night. 11/12/18 - Patrick

will be hosting Bingo Night.

12/12/18 - Open Mic.

14/12/18 - Last day of semester. NEXT SEMESTER:

17/01/18 - ET Winter Wonderland Fashion Show.

20) Connor Morand (Victoria)

Victoria described Connor Morand as a motivational speaker and musician who promotes mental health

awareness and raised the question of inviting the guest speaker for the event. Each keynote's

duration is between 45 - 60 minutes talk. The quote received is $1500 + VAT + Travel expenses from

London. May open for negotiation but would not accept below $500.

Discussions made on time, date and price. Decision postponed for upcoming Monday meeting.

Other Comments:

1) Farmer's Market (Adam)

Farmer's Market is confirmed for November 14th including five participate vendors. Once the

paperwork has gone through, more vendors are to be contact and approximate participants to be eight


Current vendors including honey & beeswax, leftover season's produce, preserves and jams, and

essential oils, etc.

2) Composting (Adam)

Adam identified the issue with the composting unit from the Residence and is currently working with

Marcy, Calvin, and volunteers to clean up. Upon completion, a workshop is to organise with the

residence students and the students on campus as Winter semester begins. Local farmers are donating

the worms, and a guide for looking after the worms is in the process of completion for future

Director of Sustainability. The job description of Director of Sustainability and educational

events to be discussed in November.


1) Director of Finance

2) Purchasing Procedure

3) Disc Golf Donation

4) United Way Chilli

5) French Club

Victoria briefed on the club objectives. Seven people have signed up. Victoria raised concern about

the club's lack of volunteers.

Motion: Amanda motioned to approve. Vote: All 6 for. 0 opposed.

6) Delta Waterfowl Club

Victoria described the club objectives, including cleaning up Scugog River, hen house built, etc.

The club is aiming to host two events per semester.

Victoria mentioned the signature form was missing.

Motion: Victoria motioned to postpone club's approval. Vote: All 6 for. 0 opposed.

Meeting Adjourned at 20:22.

Date for next meeting: Monday, 5th November 2018 @ 18:00.