October 15 2018



Call to Order: Frost Student Association Meeting

Roll Call of Members Present: Amanda Moore, President Shivam Parikh, Vice President

Patrick Santos, Director of Athletes Victoria Hynes, Director of Student Life Adam Alaimo, Director

of Sustainability

Scott Robertson, Director of Communications

Absent: N/A Declaration of Conflict of

Interest: N/A

Approval of Agenda: All members approved.

Approval of Previous Minutes: All members approved. Meeting Agenda:

1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call of Members Present

• Declaration of Conflict of Interest

• Announcement

• Call for New Business

3. Approval of Agenda

4. Approval of Previous Minutes

5. Round Table Discussion

• Disc Golf Course (Amanda)

• Logger Sports (Amanda)

• Free Skate (Victoria)

• Farmer's Market (Adam)

• Composting Workshop (Adam)

• AGM (Amanda)

• Cook Book (Amanda)

• Director of Finance (Amanda)

• Halloween (Amanda)

6. Business

• Hosting Logger Sports Ceremony

• Providing pizzas for Logger Sports

• Sponsor Logger Sports plaques ($200)

• Host Logger Sports Pub Night

7. Motion to Adjourned

Meeting Discussion:

Motion: Amanda motioned to approve Meeting Minutes on May 16th, 2018. Vote: All 6 for, 0 opposed.

Motion: Amanda motioned to approve Meeting Minutes on June 5th, 2018. Vote: All 6 for, 0 opposed.

Motion: Amanda motioned to approve Meeting Minutes on June 14th, 2018.

Vote: All 6 for, 0 opposed.

Motion: Amanda motioned to approve Meeting Minutes on June 27th, 2018.

Vote: All 6 for, 0 opposed.

Motion: Amanda motioned to approve Meeting Minutes on July 5th, 2018.

Vote: All 6 for, 0 opposed.

Motion: Amanda motioned to approve Meeting Minutes on July 11th, 2018.

Vote: All 6 for, 0 opposed.

Motion: Amanda motioned to approve Meeting Minutes on July 19th, 2018.

Vote: All 6 for, 0 opposed.

Disc Golf Course (Amanda)

Amanda briefed about the Disc Golf Course in Memorial Park. It is near completion and will be at

public service for recreational purpose.

Discussions were made on whether to donate. Questions were raised about site access for students or

event hosting.

Amanda to confirm and final decision to be discussed in the next meeting.

Logger Sports (Amanda)

To be held on Saturday, Nov 3rd.

Amanda questioned if the FSA will be hosting the Logger Sports Ceremony at the Auk's Lodge, and if

so, would the bar be closed.

Discussions were made and all approved to keep the bar closed during the ceremony. All FSA board

members to be presented on Saturday Nov 3rd, excluding Adam.

Motion: Amanda motioned to host the Logger Sports Ceremony at the Auk's Lodge and to close the bar

during the ceremony.

Vote: All 6 for, 0 opposed.

Amanda proposed if the FSA would be helping to sell Logger Sports T-shirt. All approved. Amanda to

confirm on working hours.

Amanda requested for approval of $200 to sponsor the award. All approved.

Motion: Amanda motioned to sponsor $200 for the award. Vote: All 6 for, 0 opposed.

Amanda continued stating that the organiser of the Logger Sports Ceremony had requested the FSA to

make a speech and for the Director of Athletics (Patrick) to cut the cookie with the mascot.

Patrick approved.

Amanda proposed for the FSA to provide pizzas. Discussions were made and all approved for a charge

of $1 per slice. Amanda to order 10 boxes.

Amanda raised the question of the FSA hosting a pub night after the ceremony. All approved. Amanda

and Victoria to organise.

Free Skate (Victoria)

Victoria explained about the previous Fleming's Skate Night and proposed FSA to sponsor for the

event. Suggested date to be in November.

Venue costs:

• $112/h + tax between 10:00-17:00 Weekdays.

• $185/h + tax after 17:00 Weekdays or throughout the Weekends.

Victoria to send Sherry the skating schedule. Motion is postponed for next meeting.

Farmer's Market (Adam)

Adam briefed about the progress and explained the insurance issue. Participating vendors are

required to have a Certificate of Insurance that covers $5M or more, which many do not have. Adam

welcomed opinions on the next step.

Discussions were made and all approved to change current vendors.

Amanda thanked Adam for his effort and suggested Adam to communicate with Bonnie about SAC.

The proposed date is November 7th.

Adam to contact Sarah and Bonnie. Any further details will be updated in future meetings.

Composting Workshop (Adam)

Adam has received many requests for the Composting Workshop to continue from last year. The SFS and

the FSA will be working together to reintroduce the workshop towards mid or end of November during

Common Hours. There will be no cost due to unused resources from the previous year and buckets were

donated from Aramark. Further progress to be updated.

AGM (Amanda) Annual General Meeting

Amanda requested a date to be chosen for the AGM and suggested to host the meeting in the Auk's

Lodge. Several issues to be discussed, including the fitness facility, the shuttle bus, the FSA

constitution to be approved by members, and the director's position.

Amanda to present the financial report.

Discussions were made and the date was finalised to be November 14th at 5pm. Pizzas to be offered

at the meeting.

Cook Book (Amanda)

Amanda received a request about Fleming's College Cookbook.

Victoria mentioned this would be a good opportunity for programs to fundraising by selling


Adam informed members about the recipe videos created by the SFS volunteers and presented the idea

of a website for cooking recipes.

Victoria object and suggested proposing the idea to the programs for their fundraising. Adam

recommended the FSA to cooperate with the SFS due to resource availability.

Adam to communicate with the SFS and update board members on further progress. Amanda will inform

all programs once progress has been made.

Director of Finance (Amanda)

Victoria informed board members that the Director of Finance has left Fleming College and is no

longer with the FSA.

Amanda agreed to fire the Director of Finance. Discussions were made on filling the position.

Amanda to contact previous candidates should they be interested. Further details to be updated.

Halloween (Amanda)

Victoria updated on the current situation and it has been decided that pizzas will be offered to


Victoria to send out emails to program coordinators requesting for program presidents information,

and to students requesting for volunteers.

Victoria to make a doodle.

Victoria presented the idea of pumpkin decoration contest and decided 75 pumpkins are to be

purchased for the event.

Amanda suggested starting time for the walk to be at 19:30. All approved.

Victoria reiterated and questioned the number of pizzas to order for volunteer. Victoria to decide

and communicate with Bonnie.

Victoria raised the question of an approximate budget for the evening. Amanda suggested $1000

all-inclusive. All approved.


Hosting Logger Sports Ceremony: As above. Providing pizzas for Logger Sports: As above. Sponsor

Logger Sports plaques ($200): As above. Host Logger Sports Pub Night: As above.

Club Approval (Victoria)

Bob Ross Paint Night

Victoria reported the quote for paint goods.

Amanda suggested a budget of $600. Discussions were made and the final decision has been agreed for

a budget of $800.

Motion: Adam motioned to approve $800 budget for Bob Ross Pain Night. Vote: All 6 for, 0 opposed.


South Africa Semester Abroad club planned Movember event for November 22nd.

The club is looking to fundraise by decorating moustaches and beard, taking photos in a photo

booth, and hosting mini games.

Victoria mentioned the FSA would be lending the club a photo booth.

Fleming College Outdoor club:

• Had gathered 18 signatures.

• The club planned to have 26 meetings per academic year.

• Luke and Caitlin are the heads of the club and are both in Common First Semester.

• Activities include: Weekend trips - camping trips, ski trips, canoeing, etc; Day trips - fishing,

hiking, pub night, skateboarding etc.

• The club's goal this semester is to increased membership for the first semester and to find a

place to store gear and paperwork.

• The club will fundraise for equipment. This includes 5 to 30 backpacks, 2 to 3 tents etc.

Adam suggested storage space area and raised concerns about insurance.

Victoria declared waivers are to be signed and each member is to be responsible for their own


Victoria speculated if waiver forms should be brought to lawyer's attention. Adam agreed. Victoria

mentioned the club will be acquiring First Aid person once it has been approved, and will be

requesting $15 membership fees for gears spending.

Victoria highly praised the club.

Adam and Patrick would be willing to help acquiring gears.

Further discussions were made about the club's First Aid and it has been agreed that once the

waiver form returned, Amanda will bring to the FSA lawyer's attention.

Motion: Amanda motioned to approve the Fleming College Outdoor club. Vote: All 6 for, 0 opposed.

Club Fair will be held on Thursday, Nov 1st during Common Hour of 12:00 - 13:00. Other comments

Patrick briefed about the Frost and Sutherland hockey game on December 4th, and would like to

discuss about security issue, food, and mascot at the next meeting.

Discussions were made regarding the raffle's prize. All agreed the prize to be the Fleming Knight

hockey jersey.

Meeting adjourned at 7:42pm.

Date for next meeting: Monday, 29th October, 2018 @ 18:00.