October 1 2018



Call to Order: Frost Student Association Meeting

Roll Call of Members Present: Amanda Moore, President Shivam Parikh, Vice President

Bonnie Manintveld, Support Coordinator Patrick Santos, Director of Athletes Victoria Hynes,

Director of Student Life Adam Alaimo, Director of Sustainability Absent:

Scott Robertson, Director of Communications

George Maziec, Director of Finance

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A Approval of Agenda: All members approved.

Approval of Previous Minutes: All members approved.

Meeting Agenda:

1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call of Members Present

• Declaration of Conflicts of Interest

• Announcements

• Call for New Business

3. Approval of Agenda

4. Approval of Previous Minutes

5. Round Table Discussion

• Fleming Farmer's Market (Adam)

• Upcoming event dates (Shivam)

• Navaratri Festival Celebration (Shivam)

• Halloween Pub Night (Amanda)

• Stomp Out Stigma Follow Up (Amanda)

• Cannabis Policy (Amanda)

• Board Retreat

6. Business

7. Motion to Adjourned

Meeting Discussion:

Amanda introduced new FSA members, Patrick Santos as Director Athletic and Linh Bui as Scribe.

Health and Safety (H&S) Presentation to be added to the agenda. All members motioned. Shivam and

Scott to send Amanda minutes from previous meeting.

Bonnie explained the requirement of an Occupational H&S Representative by law and began the


Bonnie explained the necessity and responsibility of employers to provide a safe working

environment to employees, and recommended all FSA members to take the basic Occupational H&S

Awareness Training Program. Further information posted on H&S Board.

Bonnie main responsibilities as H&S Representative including:

• Must be certified

• Identify actual and potential hazards in the workplace

• Obtaining information from the employer relating to H&S in the workplace

• Inspecting the workplace on a regular basis

• Being consulted about having a member representing the workers

• Being presented at the beginning of any H&S test in the workplace

• Recommending H&S

Bonnie confirmed the book has been updated, the bulletin board has been changed and is now up to

date, and 1st Aid Training is booked for November.

Bonnie brought up several H&S issues:

• The loosen magnet on the wall which could be a hazard when the fire alarm goes off, and suggested

the problem to be looked at by Facilities department.

• Instead of hiding the keys on the stairs, it should be located at the top of the stairs.

• The watering cans are too high to access.

• The bicycle in the Director's room blocking the entrance.

• The ceiling has significant water damage, which could cause mould and fallen tiles.

• A step stool is now available to use for reaching items on the top shelf.

• The disable sign is broken and should be replaced.

• The Vice President's Room: a missing receptacle and a broken receptacle to be looked at.

• Extension cord should not be used for a long period of time. If in use, ensure it is being tucked

along the wall. Direct outlet is preferable.

• The President's Room: Amanda confirmed yoga mat has been removed.

• The Elevator: the mat was ripped up and has been noted. The lift has not been inspected for

over 12 months according to the guidelines, and the Dean suggested a disabled

button to keep the doors open. These issues are ongoing.

• The light switches are now properly labeled.

• The dollies are a trip hazard for blocking walkways.

• Accessibility to the track board is limited. A step stool is recommended when using it.

• Many trip hazards were identified in the Storage Room and in the Auk's Lodge.

• The DJ Booth: the chairs were blocking the fuse block and the cables were untidy. IT department

to resolve this issue.

• A new sound system is to be installed the next day.

• The walk-in fridge has unstable glasses and rust was identified. Recommendation of a replacement

or the glasses is to be cleaned and repaint with a non-chemical paint.

• The heavy bottles on the high-shelf should be brought down to avoid any falling incident.

• The Bar should have written instructions for equipment used, e.g. hot water, soap. Training for

staff is recommended.

• The coffee maker cord is frayed and requires attention to avoid any fire hazard.

• Cleaning bleach was located next to the coffee. These items should be stored separately to avoid

any cross contamination.

• Warm jacket to be provided when necessary.

• 1st Aid has been labeled and changed.

• The Pool table was ripped and has been fixed.

• Glass display was not secured on the wall and could be a potential risk. Requires attention.

• The compressed gas has been fixed.

• Stacking kegs is not allowed and has been addressed.

• The Auks Lodge light was hanging and should be put up.

Bonnie made a comment that work inspection report has been given to Amanda and the MC manager. A

meeting is to be following up to delegate tasks to the parties involve and signatures will be

requiring upon completion.

Bonnie is to be given the inspection report to the FSA office. Bonnie finalised the presentation

and left.

Amanda questioned board members for their preference of a monthly H&S presentation by Bonnie, or

for Shivam and Amanda to represent FSA in bi-weekly manager's meeting.

Victoria and Adam agreed to the latter option.

Amanda raised a question of whether a second person should do the H&S inspection with Bonnie the

next time it occurs.

Adam and Victoria approved.

Fleming Farmer's Market

Adam explained about the Farmer's Market idea and the actions that has been taken to organised this


• 15-20 vendors were contacted. 6 have responded and the rest are unable to attend.

• Contacted Farmer's Market including ones in Peterborough, Lindsay, Fenelon Falls, Bobcaygeon,

Norwood, and other small towns and individuals.

• Fleming Farmer's Market is to be held on Wednesday, Oct 17th.

• Scott King is the only confirmed participant. Therefore, event may be terminated if there is no

other confirmation from vendors.

• Adam to contact more businesses and will confirm the planning process at a later date.

Victoria volunteered to visit other farmer's market and calling for vendors participation.

Upcoming event dates

Shivam updated board members of upcoming events.

Valentine's Day

Motion: Victoria motioned Dirty Bingo and Drag Show on Valentines day. Vote: All 5 for, 0 opposed.


Amanda confirmed the date of Christmas Party to be Friday, November 30th.

Amanda continued:

• FSA members only.

• 2 drink tickets per person.

• Each individual may accompany a non-FSA member.

• A total of 30-35 people

Navaratri Festival Celebration

Victoria explained to members about the cultural event to be hosted by the International Student

Club in the Field House. The Club requires approval from the FSA Board, and the event needs

approval from Bonnie and Victoria. The proposed date is November 19th.

Security issue was discussed, and Shivam is to contact John Gallen, Head of Parking Security, for

location approval.

Motion: Victoria motioned to postpone the vote for International Student Club due to the missing

information on the request form. Shivam to complete the form and send to all board members for

approval via email.

Vote: All 5 for, 0 opposed.


Amanda informed board members about the Halloween walk.

Victoria discussed the ongoing process of electing Program President to participate in the event

where each will set up a station for the walk along the trail. More information will be updated.

Amanda brought up Security issue. Amanda to handle administrative duties for the Halloween walk.

Hot chocolate and cider for Halloween pub night was discussed. Budget for the event to be confirmed

in next week meeting.

Stomp Out Stigma

The event will be held on Thursday, Oct 4th, from 11:30 - 14:30. The bar will be closed and no

alcohol is to be served. FSA will be donating 200 mocktails and the Auk's Lodge space. Mascot

costume person is to be confirmed.

Amanda to give a speech during the event.

Cannabis policy

Amanda explained about cannabis policy on campus. Students are allowed to smoke within their

residence. However, due to the college being a shared communal space, smoking cannabis is

prohibited on campus. Further details will be updated.

Amanda proposed training date for new board members, Patrick and Linh, on October 15th. Specific

time is to be confirmed.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm.

Date for next meeting: Tuesday, Oct 9th @ 18:00.